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  • lavanya_vedula 6w

    Years are passing but memories aren’t changing.


  • lavanya_vedula 9w

    Never wondered

    I never wondered, i would meet a girl like her,
    I never wondered, i would be so close to her,
    I never wondered, we will talk whole day long,
    I never wondered, we will have n8 outs together,
    I never wondered, her parents become my patents,
    I never wondered, i will meet this crazy gal.


  • lavanya_vedula 20w

    Wild as fire
    Soft as breeze
    She is grooming herself everyday......

  • lavanya_vedula 26w


    Sab ko ek bar yad ayega ......

  • lavanya_vedula 36w

    Proud is what I feel at every moment , when I was looked with trust.
    Proud is what I feel, when I was looked with hope.
    Proud is what I feel, when I was looked brave enough.
    Proud is wat I feel, when I was looked with some kind of love.
    The moment I was looked as their son , I am the proudest daughter to my parents , and proudest sister to my brother's, and proudest friend to my friends, and a proudest relative to my relatives .. ...

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    A proudest moment for a girl is,
    When her parents look her as a son.

  • lavanya_vedula 40w

    When 'text' becomes formality ,
    And talks began to be lesser,
    And our wishes becomes simple,
    Then it's worthy enough to ,
    Full fill the gap.☺️


  • lavanya_vedula 43w

    A wind before rain brings sand,
    small insects and grains,
    In the same way it made us to
    remember the age old memories
    and a worthless joy.


  • lavanya_vedula 43w

    Somewhere texing "" and ""

    Many smiles lost their charm.

  • lavanya_vedula 43w

    Some words makes us to muse on them ......!

  • lavanya_vedula 46w

    Deeper the thoughts,
    Deeper it trenches us.