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  • lavender_ 9w


    This journey started a long ago
    Nobody knows,where does it go?

    It's a very long train
    Moving faster through the rails

    Infinite number of human beings
    And their infinite number of dreams

    Losing hope, some get down halfway
    Others move forward paving their way

    Where is this leading me?
    Far across the sea

    Through the hot dusty sands
    Through the cold ice lands

    Through the wealthy abundance
    Also through the painful scarce

    Answerless questions filled my heart
    Deep inside, it hurt me hard

    Someone among the crowd
    Came closer and whispered

    "This is life, Don't get demented".
    Those words echoed ,

    Not Letting me flee,
    Through out the whole journey.

    Life is a gift,
    So never quit.


  • lavender_ 82w


    You're my fortune
    You're my blessing
    You're my treasure
    You're my breath
    You are my heart beat
    You're my world and
    You're my entire universe
    You're my only love
    And one thing that I m sure is


  • lavender_ 83w

    Beautiful disappointments

    Each time i expect your texts
    Each time i wait for your calls
    Each time i long to meet you and
    Each time i get beautifully disappointed....
    But nowadays I'm in love
    with these beautiful disappointments... because.....
    I'm in love with you!!


  • lavender_ 84w

    He's your man

    Looking at my watch
    Counting each moment
    I was waiting for him
    Each second felt like years
    Longing for him impatiently
    Closed my eyes for a moment
    That tap on my shoulder
    As if it was an electric shock
    My eyes glowed bright
    It was my love,whose magical touch
    Rised my soul
    Awakened my body
    Strengthened my mind and
    Excited my heart!
    Smiling for no reason,
    My heartbeated rhythmic
    My soul danced in joy
    My body felt the real comfort
    And my mind slowly whispered
    "He's your man"!

  • lavender_ 84w

    Open your eyes with hope
    Rise up your body with courage
    Look ahead with determination
    And there you begin a new day!

  • lavender_ 84w

    Life needs a change
    Move forward with rage
    Close your eyes and see
    Your dreams are there with glee
    Head up and stay strong
    Pursue high, you are never wrong!