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  • lavikadadhich 5w

    I Want To Know

    The way you walk, the way you talk,
    The way you laugh, the way you smile,
    The way you fidget, the way you are legit,
    The way you sit, the way you eat,
    The way you drink, the way you kink,
    The way you look at me, the way you look into your eyes,
    The way you look when your soul cries,

    I want to know you inside out because I guess that's what'll make me proud.


  • lavikadadhich 7w


    When something doesn't go your way
    You know there is something better for you in reserve
    But the shattering felt in that very moment is not enough to be filled by the void hope


  • lavikadadhich 12w

    Never disrespect you goals.
    If you do so, it won't just disrespect you in return ,
    But even make the people around you disrespect you
    Because as it is said-
    'Jo khud ka saga nahi wo kisi ka saga nahi'


  • lavikadadhich 13w


    I wake up with a hope of seeing you
    And set with a satisfaction of not adoring your physical appearance but the real you


  • lavikadadhich 15w

    Landed into A Sensitive World
    Surrounded by Insensitive People!


  • lavikadadhich 19w


    Why am I so bad in expressing myself
    To those who love me the most
    To whom I love the most
    I value the most
    Why does it make me awkward when I want to appreciate the efforts but have no words in my mouth when instead I blabber the most


  • lavikadadhich 19w

    Happy Teacher's Day

    Teachers aren't merely the ones who teach us in Schools or Colleges,
    Also the one's who come and guide us
    Especially in the difficult times when we even start doubting our ourselves and our self belief.



  • lavikadadhich 24w

    I've Been Blessed with World's Best Things
    And one of them is Having a Brother like You!
    Gratitude for loving me with all my Flaws and Standing with me in any and every situation
    A Very Happy Rakshabandhan Bhai♥️


  • lavikadadhich 28w

    Happy Guru Pornima

    Guru is someone who teaches you something knowingly or unknowingly may it be in the form of a Teacher, Parent, Friend, Family Member or even as a Stranger.
    I wish a Happy Guru Pornima to each and every person who has taught me something as some point of time and has been making me who I am today.

  • lavikadadhich 36w

    Ab sirf baat hoti hai, baatein nai,
    Ab sirf raat hoti hai raatein nai,
    Na jaane un raina kya hua ke
    Jaisa pehle tha waise kuch ab nai