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  • layomi 18w

    A poem begins with a wounded heart whose pain is as the size of a fist and then gets relieved after the healing balm of writing is being applied.

  • layomi 18w

    If I had been blind all my life, I'd still know the path to seek you my love.

  • layomi 18w

    I have stayed in the heavy rain of your love!
    I'd rather take shelter than get killed by the cold love you showed!

  • layomi 20w


    Flipping through the pages of life
    And glancing at the epic moments
    Climbing the ladder of adolescence
    With my mum giving me the pill of sense .

    She couldn't stand the peel of my Innocence
    She said having a low self esteem is nonsense
    And the sophisticated perfume I can ever wear is Abstinence.
    Advising to alert my five sense of organ
    So that my boobs will not become an organ in the untrained hands of an unfortunate amateur.

    I became the epitome of beauty they beckoned,
    " Hey! Fine girl! I'm talking to you, look here"
    I need not to preach how spoilt some guys can be,
    I alerted my sense of smell and hearing, doubled my paces.

    I became a fierce tiger in feminine shade.
    I believe no boy- child can offer me any aid
    Because most are full of lies and facade.
    So I roar with all the power I've acquired.

    I took my dose of sense everyday.
    And I build immunity day by day
    Because I couldn't settle for the subtle heart
    Coated and garnished with little or no sense of humor.

    Whose aim is to wage war against the walls of my purity
    With the unbiased authority bestowed in his entity.
    By the Almighty who doesn't give room
    For partiality in his majesty.

    So, I put on the whole armour of decency
    And the breastplate of sincerity
    Coupled with the shield of security
    Because I'm wrestling against flesh and blood

  • layomi 52w

    By unknown writer

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    His love

    Grinning at my phone
    Why have you been all these while
    That you could not find me
    Your love soothes me
    I feel alive
    Like someone that took water
    In the hot harmattan
    Your picture is in my head
    How can I forget memories with you
    Let's live hundred years together
    And we will share our love story in heaven
    With Abraham and Sarah
    Because you were sent from heaven
    And I am made for you my love

  • layomi 52w

    Till the end of time

    Countless times decisions have been made
    Responded to call to service
    Is it that we are not capable
    Or we are just stuck in the middle
    Like a bone stuck in the throat
    We know our sins must have separated us
    But you said if we are called by your name
    And humble ourselves
    You gave us a condition
    Is it pride or disobedience
    That is overwhelming us
    Where do we still linger on the ground
    When you gave us wings as eagles
    And you told us to soar
    But we keep limiting ourselves
    We are too blind to see
    We are as blind as those we are trying to give us sight
    Help us to be ready
    Till the end of time
    That we may look into your eyes
    And say we made it

  • layomi 53w


    Let's talk about love
    He told me he is not interested
    That we should talk about something else
    I told told him I will try to away from love
    I know deep down that I can stay away from it
    Because God is love

  • layomi 53w

    As much as we with much agitation
    We tend to plan
    Not writing down the quotation
    Because we have received the lashes of failure
    Wherein we conclude
    That this not going to happen to me again
    The pain we experienced
    Is nothing to be compared
    With the vision we saw in our television
    Even without power supply
    The power of knowledge was supplied
    The vision was fuelled with determination
    Little did we know that we need to refill
    Before it eventually stopped
    Little did we know that we need not go to the filling station
    But by being close with like minds
    We stopped fueling
    We exchanged self control which is supposed to be our petrol
    For the control of keypads and game pads
    We played life like a tournament
    And obviously played like Manchester united
    We need to use the zeal in planning to make it to the end
    So that we will not watch our dreamed in our television
    And say "if I had known better"


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  • layomi 58w

    His mistake, my escape

    All of those years
    I have silently longed for us to be together
    Talking to you those nights
    Triggers my legs up in the air
    Dancing to the unsound music

    My hopes were high for you
    Thinking you won't behave like them
    Thinking I have gotten to my last bus-stop
    Oh! You don't know!
    How I cherished you in my heart

    I can't even get to look into your eyes
    Because my heart pounds at the sight of you
    What more am I looking for?
    You made me feel that I don't need to travel far
    Because you won't be far from me

    I waited for the day we would fly up to the moon
    For our honeymoon
    But you don't want to be patient
    Your impatience shattered me
    Like a broken glass beyond correction
    It shouldn't be you

    You shouldn't be like them
    They are snakes
    Pretending and changing skins
    Looking for a prey
    And to go unnoticed

  • layomi 60w

    Spoken word

    I do spoken word
    Because I am the spoken word
    If you have heard me speak
    The spoken word
    Then you have become the spoken word
    Because we have a word spoken
    In the beginning
    By the Word
    Which transformed us into the spoken word