Only you and you alone can change your situation in life

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  • le_parrain 7w

    Poetry is an in the moment art, inspired by a spark from deep within

  • le_parrain 11w

    How do I do it
    For the first in a while, I found myself asking myself that question
    How do I go around acting as if everything is perfectly fine
    When in reality I'm a wreck inside
    Almost lost my life today on my way to work
    Yet still here at work no one can tell the mixed emotions I feel inside
    I guess it's a mastery of the of what they say
    You need to separate you personally emotions and life from work when you're at work
    But is it wise to do especially when having to deal with real life persons with multiple issue
    To truly be human is so rare to me
    Sometimes I thinks I've forgotten how to even feel and act like one
    I've been through so many emotional and mental situations in life
    My mind just doesn't react the same any more
    Going through the day as if nothing had happened yet still
    I can't completely know how to feel
    But then again it's probably due to the fact
    I only have a few persons I can be emotional around
    How do I face possible death and then act as if everything is fine minutes later
    Is it truly being emotionally strong mentally or
    Am I really emotionless in life

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    Comment fait-on ça


  • le_parrain 15w

    Complicated isn't it 

    To have someone who means so much more to you

    Than just a mere friend but not able to really be together as one 

    You laugh together, cry together and are always there to support each other 

    You're almost inseparable if you both had things your way 

    But there is always that one obstacle 

    One that has always been there before you met 

    To be more than just friends takes a new height 

    When you two admit that you don't just like each other 

    But crave the taste of each other just the same 

    But are too disciplined to act upon those urges surging through each other's veins 

    Only if you two could escape reality for a mere day and let time stand still 

    Who know what would happen then

    Once there would be no penalty for the unspeakable 

    But that's just a dream to remain in each other's mind for all times

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    Plus que de simples amis


  • le_parrain 20w

    You don't know what it's like to be loved by me
    Nor do I know what it's like to be loved by you
    But I do know one thing for sure
    I don't just want to love you physically
    But rather mentally and spiritually deep to your soul
    I see in you more than just a mere girl
    But a beautiful woman filled with so much potential
    To be loved by my me I know it won't always be paradise
    But one thing is for sure the potential I see in us is worth the trouble
    I'm not just looking for a one night fix
    Or an on and off friend with benefits
    Once you caught my attention I want to see what the years ahead can bring
    Someone to nature and grow with
    I'm never looking for the perfect relationship
    But one that has love and trust to persevere troubled times as they arise
    We'll start at the bottom and work our way to the top
    From strangers to friends to a point words can no longer explain the bond we share
    But through our actions the words take form
    Until those forbidden words are finally spoken to each other
    With true meaning to the words till death do us part

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    Aimé de moi

  • le_parrain 21w

    Sigh, at this stage in life sometimes I wonder 

    Am I mentally ill or just emotionally empty 

    With each event that happens in my life there's so very few things that surprises me anymore 

    Wither it be a living person, or a none living company 

    They all have become so predictable 

    To be correct almost every time some would consider it a gift 

    But for me not so much, I grow tired of knowing what the outcome will be 

    My mind at this point just needs peace 

    And a peace that can only be found in being proven wrong sometimes 

    Maybe it's just my trust issue toward others that make things so predictable 

    But who knows, all I know I'm tired of being right 

    My mind work on so many possibilities that may be 

    It just seems I can't slow down mentally 

    My body will at times but my mind runs on still never really slowing down 

    Sometimes I just wish I could take a break from everything 

    So that I could enjoy the small unpredictable moments of life

    Only if my life was that simple 

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    Mentalement fatigué


  • le_parrain 25w

    I've been told many times by others
    You're living in a fantasy world
    Just because of how I view things in life
    And as normal I'm not phased by it
    Merely because the fact is I live by my own rules
    My fantasy world ain't no fantasy
    It's just that I'm willing to sacrifice a lot more to bend things to a mutual point in life
    Eventually one learns that life isn't just about winning
    But learning to live with your failures as well
    And learning how to think ahead for the next time around
    My fantasy world hmm not so much
    If I want something it's what I will get in the time I say
    People often take the things I say for joke
    But what the heck once I am on my own it's possible as I have no one to worry about
    A strong man is strongest when he's alone
    And I've proven this in my life time before
    I live in my own world with such high expectations for myself
    Yet so little from others as I hardly expect to receive the same energy I put in
    I'm the guy who thinks of every possibility before diving in head first
    I'm the kind of guy who wants to rebuild my world on my own after losing everything
    I don't want any handouts or pity
    I want my own empire from my own sweat and blood
    I'm the kind of guy who wants a family and not someone to play games with
    A visionary who's in the game for the long run no matter how hard times may get
    To have an easy victory sometimes results in losing more than expected
    I don't want to be rich and famous
    Just humble and comfortable so I can enjoy the time spent with those I love and care about
    Time waits on no man and our destiny is not carved in stone
    I like being different and I will make my fantasy world real one step at a time

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    Mon monde fantastique


  • le_parrain 26w

    It almost a year now since I first met you
    As another ordinary person at work seeking my help
    But unforeseen to me things would have changed so much
    Once I had the courage to approach you
    Or should I say to let you in since approached me first
    At first I never really took those words you've always asked me in a playful tone
    Into taught but as I got to know you they began to hold meaning
    And at times meaning so deep I contemplated if I should act upon them
    To think you would have been able to break me
    To make me want to open up to you ways I've hidden for years now
    You've slowly but surely grown to be more than just a friend to me
    One might even say you've become an aspiring bride to be in my eyes
    Someone I still have a lot to learn about but willing to take the time nonetheless
    You at times make me nervous to act upon my natural instincts
    Or may say just confused as I still learn who you are
    To be or not to be is a question I ask myself constantly
    Or is it the fear of losing something I'm not sure I ever had speaking now
    But nonetheless I'm glad I you came into my life when you did
    And hopefully this ain't the end either

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    La connexion imprévue


  • le_parrain 26w

    You know sometimes growing up ain't easy being the first born
    So much is expected of us from the day we're born
    Sometimes it's a challenge or one might even say it's a burden
    As all expectations fall on our shoulders
    To carry on the families name and will
    It's often times our job to be the problem solver of the family
    The one who has to maintain a delicate balance
    In all affairs of the family especially the families stability
    Sometimes we wish we could be free like our younger siblings
    Sometimes I wonder why is it that so much is expected from us
    Sometimes we want to keep our families in good standing
    While on the other hand we want to enjoy life to the fullest
    As we discover who we are
    We are the ones who our parents look to for support
    The ones who a entrusted with keeping our younger siblings in line
    We are trusted with so much it's a privilege
    As every decision made of great importance we're consulted for our approval
    As the first born we not only assume the title as hire
    To our families fortune and blessings but also we inherit all the problems and downfalls
    Of our predecessors
    As a first born sometimes our lives are not our own
    But nonetheless it's our choice to forge our own future
    Even with all the challenges we inherit

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    Le premier né, le résolveur de problèmes


  • le_parrain 29w

    At a first glance I might seem like a heartless bastard
    But as you grows closer to me you realize
    It's just a show for self protection
    As at times my own emotions are too complicated and dangerous
    To expose to others even if I wanted to
    My emotions that hides behind this pretense
    Are like kryptonite as my emotions will
    Make me want to put those I care about before myself
    As they become my only weakness in life
    With these emotions exposed my plans are placed on hold
    As your dreams becomes a priority as do your happiness
    At times one would say I become less self focused or self centered
    As my main energy is diverted to replace your lost faith
    But these changes are sometimes not visible to others
    As I'll always act like the problem solver even when down on my face
    I act brave in the presence of other but deep inside I'm tearing apart
    But closing you out from these emotions I have no wish to do so
    With rise of each sun I struggle to balance my choices
    To be neutral without picking sides
    But this is probably why I chose to suppress these emotions
    The words I love you are now forbidden words
    As now at the snap of a finger my emotions can change towards anyone
    At anytime I see fit

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    Mes émotions me rendent-elles faible


  • le_parrain 30w

    At first one never really understands love
    As many times we think we've found the one
    The one to erase all pain and loneliness
    Repeatedly you ask yourself is she the one
    As you sit and think back on how she makes you feel
    The way her voice can make your day of misery turn to joy instantly
    The way you admire her smile and laughter
    Or the way you make each other nervous just by looking into each other's eyes
    You find yourself speechless or stuttering when she say hi
    I will never understand it to tell you the truth
    She makes you want to be a better man each day
    As she inspires you both with words and the actions that follows
    You find yourself gazing off at night wondering is she ok
    While she's absent from your arms
    Her pain starts to become yours
    As your joy becomes her's
    She slowly becomes your world, your joy and pride
    The center of your focus in life as you look to the future
    Of creating a family in paradise together
    And not a one night stand
    She not only becomes a close friend but also apart of your soul
    Someone whom you can never hide your pain or fair from
    As you become connected in a way beyond physical understanding
    But rather through each others souls
    But in times like these who really knows if she's the one
    Or even if the one really exist

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    Est-elle la seule