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  • leanderzo 6w

    The Morning After

    The grass is green, the sun rises to the sky
    And the birds chirp outside
    Yet I'm still in bed
    with eyes that are red
    Not even a second goes by
    And a tear fills up my eye
    My brain half awake, getting rid of my high
    The morning kills the night as I begin to cry
    Another day in this cell
    Trapped in my endless hell

  • leanderzo 7w

    The World

    This world cannot be run by humans but the day all the humans realize that it would already be too late

  • leanderzo 8w

    The Prisoner

    I did this because I wanted an outlet so I could finally be myself and be free

    But instead I ended up being trapped in a coffin where no one can find me

  • leanderzo 13w

    The Burning House

    I'm trapped inside of a burning house 
    And I dont seem to want to get out
    My impending doom awaiting me 
    Maybe it'll set me free
    I'll sit and wait patiently 
    Couple Seconds of agony
    To forever be at peace
    No family or friends to talk me out
    This is the end what my life was all about
    No death bed just a rotten carcass 
    Satan my boss and hell is my office

  • leanderzo 14w

    The Headache

    I woke up to the worst headache of my life, my eyes feel like they're bleeding, and I can barely form a sentence. The only thing that wants to come out of my mouth is vomit yet I feel so dehydrated, and have no appetite. I feel dizzy, my bones feel brittle, and my muscles are non-existent. It's probably a hangover or alchohol poisoning, either way it's nothing new.

  • leanderzo 14w

    The Deepest Pit

    They come in with a bang
    They'll probably leave that way too
    They're phone never rang
    And their humor is cruel

    They lead others to the dark
    For just a chance at light
    Everyday they fight
    And their outlet could be a spark

    "Should I take the gun to me or to whom I hate?"
    Decisions everyday
    They can't escape their miserable fate
    But they never seem to pray

  • leanderzo 15w

    The Relapse

    It's happening again
    I say I'll quit but I never do
    But it felt so good then
    It feels even better now too

    You are my drug
    You ruin me yet keep me coming back
    Leaving you is tough
    My own purgatory falling for my trap

  • leanderzo 15w

    The Jester

    The jester makes people laugh
    They make days bright
    But the day is over alas
    And it changes at night

    The laughs are hit or miss
    Their smiles are priceless
    But when they don't they're sad
    And gets everyone mad

    They're outlet could be pain
    Or a needle their vain
    But nobody can find
    Their demons inside

  • leanderzo 15w

    The Red Rose

    I will pick you a rose
    Nevermind the thorns
    Or how deep it goes
    Your fictitious crown is worn

    You say no when I give them to you
    And I say I'm okay
    You say stay away but I never do
    While I make you a bouquet

    The pain grows deeper
    Nothing can make it better
    Thorns penetrate and make roses redder
    As I start to see the reaper