rebecoming the end of an era, beginning of a life.

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  • leemarie 13w


    I don't know how to do this anymore
    And honestly I'm terrified
    But I find a smile on my face everytime your name lights up my phone.
    I know I'm not prepared.
    I'm still at war with all my demons
    But maybe there's a possibility I don't have to face them on my own?

    I need to keep my heart safe.
    But sometimes I catch myself wondering how your hands would feel touching mine. Are they soft, delicate, calloused and strong?
    I need to keep my heart safe.
    But I want to know what your lips might taste like. Maybe like sweet honey and sunlight? Or the cool morning mist and my favorite song?

    Maybe I'm just being ambitious.
    But I can't get you off of my mind.
    I wanna take a couple of my walls down,
    But a scorpions sting can be toxic and riddling kryptonite.
    Or it might just be the drug that gets me high?

    I need to keep my heart safe.
    And Honestly, I'm terrified.
    I don't know if I can trust you.
    But I really want to try

  • leemarie 14w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short tale on Endure

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    Heavy the burden, to smile
    Heavier suffering, to endure you.

  • leemarie 14w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short write-up on Constantly

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    Persisted onward
    Never looking back
    Loving you is forever

  • leemarie 14w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word micro-tale on Crave

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    Blood sizzling underneath
    Goosebumps raised
    Stomach tumbling
    Missing your taste

  • leemarie 14w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word one-liner on Survive

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    Heaven awaits you

  • leemarie 14w


    Crawling out
    Back from black, to breath
    Presumed dead, alive again

  • leemarie 50w


    Ah, the good old times!
    Eyes closed, arms grasped around your chest, and thighs holding us together. Feeling the warm glow on your shoulders in the sunshine. Hair dancing shamelessly behind you and not even close to having a worry in mind.

    I couldn’t hear a thing. A secret solace of mine. Just a steady, yet unpredictability raging, growling that silenced my mind.

    The warmest shoulder to lie on to at times. When occasionally concerned, or in a humbled reflection of things Devine.

    Appearing nothing like a Utopia, but for the past 17 years, at 85mph and I the world beneath my feet, the most unusual suspect is will be the safest place I’ve come to find.

    But as of more then 26 or so months now, my epic and rejuvenating quite, has been lost from the home I’ve made it within my mind. Forgetting the weight of the influence. Storms have been wildly growing to unsafe strengths inside of me.

    The beginning of dying to me.

    A rage down now to a purr, all I can force out from down inside of me.

    This, is what it must feel like to die to me.

    Smothered. A Cold War.
    Ah, the good old times.

    - [ ]


  • leemarie 53w


    I often find that I cannot shake the sensation of there being death on the others use of life. Decay on the other side of growth. Destruction on the other side of beauty.
    There is a heaviness to existence, and I know it well.
    Life is both immense pleasure and excruciating pain.

    I feel duality on a very intimate level.

  • leemarie 55w


    Under the revolutionized armor that defended your body, your insides capsized entirely. Leaving a shallow and pale body suit of calloused skin draping lifeless on the skeleton that still held you standing.

    I watched you feel death. I watched you feel nothing.

    Blankly gazing in my direction. I was fully naked.

    My god what a beautiful sight.

    Death for me happened as well that day. When you looked right at me and I saw death, nothing more, in your empty eyes.

  • leemarie 72w


    If you sat outside and actually looked at the stars each night, I'd bet yoy would live your life much differently. When you finally take a good look into the depths infinity, you realize there are far more important things then what people do all day.

    Suddenly, you can't seem to recollect why it ever seemed important at all.