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  • leerah 2w


    Ain't you annoying enough,
    I don't get it is it just me,
    Of is there anyone out there
    But I know of course that
    It will pass, and I am me
    I am strong,I am beautiful
    And I am loved

  • leerah 7w

    So sorry sorry, i lost it for a while

    Been a whike though
    Didn't loose the passion, just the pressure
    Because of the emotions.
    With the imaginations
    Filled with infactuatuions
    You could call fantasies

  • leerah 8w


    The feeling can't be compared, the hate and anger over what you are powerless against, the tears even without crying could form an ocean, oh how sad this heart tears
    Its painful
    Very very

  • leerah 10w


    Oh there's smoke coming out of your head
    And I said, no dear its fire get me an extinguisher
    Danny funny

  • leerah 10w

    It didn't feel good how I missed it
    But the did is done
    It still hurts

  • leerah 10w

    Just here dunno how I feel
    Not blanked off, and no thoughts
    How could this be

  • leerah 10w


    To the gentle touch of the wind,
    That felt like a hand's smooch
    How lovely, not wanting me to wake
    Opening the eyes felt like it was still dark
    Only to be awoken again by the ray of sunshine
    Thrills, isn't it lovely how I forget myself in fantasy
    Over the sunrise and a New day

  • leerah 10w


    I know it not but feel it
    Oh the butterflies in my belle
    The tickles, the imagination
    And fantasy
    Isn't it weird? That am committed to what
    I know not, no images just thoughts,
    Hahahah how funny

  • leerah 10w

    I guess that's just who you are

    Thanks again

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    Thank you, how awesome I can't even explain it, now I feel and understand a bit but why?


  • leerah 10w

    Grateful I woke up alive no alarms, no tensions,got worries but not bothered about them, that's cool