feel alive when you're living after resting in peace, who knows? That is undefined !

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  • leikijomba 6w


    fuck it!
    but, this is an ongoing shit.
    Lockdown extentions which equals mental illusions.
    Be it, colourless as jargoon
    Get over soon!

  • leikijomba 8w

    Know your path, before taking the footsteps..

  • leikijomba 12w

    On some faded stories...

    Our love, I don't know about that,
    but yes, I was in love with the emotions, your commitments and your loyalty,
    Still, somehow it got faded away...

  • leikijomba 13w

    furthermore pale, if y'all taking it 'cause of betrayal!

    Drinking liquor isn't problematic,
    its your life, your way and that's okay!
    Yet, shouldn't be taking it cause of breakaway..

  • leikijomba 13w


    People could perhaps depart & yes, let them,
    it's their choice,
    You can't tag, eachone as "special".

  • leikijomba 13w

    It's you!

    let yourself be untied & bloom in a superb vibe,
    since, it's you and only you to create your life...

  • leikijomba 14w

    Hidden tells...

    Zindagi toh yaha eek natak haii..
    Sach ka "reality" toh kaha kis ko pata haii??
    Insaan toh success or paise ke pichay,
    Bhulgaye haii "peace" ka matlab aise bhi inhonay.

  • leikijomba 14w

    each breath counts...

    Feel alive, when you're living after resting in peace,
    who knows??
    That is undefined !

  • leikijomba 14w

    Who knows??

    People be into some mission,
    here tryna show a vision,
    may can turn into innovation..

  • leikijomba 14w


    wanna find a space for yourself?
    Hook up and make a place
    for a
    "Trippy" phase...