Do din ki Zindagi hai, Do din Ka Mela.

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  • lethological_thoughts 4d

    दुआ करो नाकामी की,
    नाकामी सवाल देती है,
    सवाल जवाब देते हैं|
    अपनी जगह खुद बनाओ|
    अपना सामान खुद जुटाओ|
    फिर एक दिन सब छोड़ दो|
    उसी में मिलकियत है|
    - बिन बुलाये.


  • lethological_thoughts 4d

    The mind said,"Do not choose the path of attachment. It ends with the grieving soul."

    The heart argued,"Let it be grief, let it be sorrow. For these are the foundation of my existence."

  • lethological_thoughts 1w

    हताशा होती ही है ऐसी,
    जिन चीज़ों के आम ज़िन्दगी में मायने रत्ती भर भी नहीं होते, हताशसे हम,
    उनमे भी खुदको ढूंढ़ने लगते हैं|


  • lethological_thoughts 2w

    Strange emotions are hitting me from all dimensions. It's getting harder to find out a way out, to free myself from this vortex.
    For my mind, it's tough now to concentrate in anything.
    My body is surrounded by the deberies of crushed feelings. Their sharp pieces are piercing my soul. Wounded I am intensely.
    I need healing. I'm not sure if i have any strength left now to fight my odds.
    But i won't give up.
    Like I never did.
    Like I never do.

  • lethological_thoughts 2w

    That Face:
    Kuch chehre itne ziddi hote hain ki,
    Samaye chaahe kitna badal jae,
    magar ye hamesha utne hi azeez bane rehte hain.

    Jab bhi yaad karo,
    halki si bechaini,
    halka sa dard
    aur halka sa nasha
    paros jate hain.

  • lethological_thoughts 5w

    ‌The love i carry for you is getting heavier as time passes by. Sometimes this feeling paralyses me. I fail to move away from it. All my feelings get concentrated at a single spot. And you stand at that very spot.
    My centre of gravity., where my entire world balances itself. And the imperfectly perfect company of yours brings light to my planet, so that, my best thoughts could survive with it's warmth that makes my flowers bloom every morning.
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #mirakeeworld

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  • lethological_thoughts 6w

    Rhythmic tones-An infant ,when cry, laugh, shout, chuckles, his tones sounds so beautiful

    Filler bones-As he grows, his bones begins to fill with muscles.

    Manic side-gradually, as he reaches his puberty, it becomes hard for him to cope up with mood swings and hormone changes that drives him crazy.

    That you hide- But he can't show what he feel with transparency coz nobody understands what he's trying to convey.

    Shady face- in the end reaches elderly age, his skin gets dull and wrinkled.

    Flesh decays,
    Underground- and finally when he dies, his body decays underneath the ground.

    You are bound- and his soul is left with no other choice than to just,

    Lay Steady- lay there and

    And be ready- be prepared,

    For new life- for a new beginning, a fresh life.

    That Fate decide- that Fate has decided for it.
    .@mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Rhythmic Tones.
    Filler bones.
    Manic side,
    That you hide.
    Shady Face.
    Flesh Decays,
    Under Ground.
    You are Bound,
    To lay Steady,
    And be Ready.
    For new Life,
    That Fate Decide.

  • lethological_thoughts 7w

    Voice of the dead art:

    When a poet dies
    His Poems are buried.
    All the letters sigh,
    When the body is carried.
    But the art stays,
    As legendary lore.
    Hunting young preys,
    Seeking for more.


  • lethological_thoughts 8w

    We often get bored with things quiet soon. But there are few things that always makes you feel the same each time. Do you know why? Because they are real............. And reality, when brings along memories, it always catches your attention.

  • lethological_thoughts 8w

    Kya Kuch cheezain hamesha wahan Nahi reh Sakti jahan vo theen!