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  • lets_all_laugh_at_me 7h


    I will never stop loving you
    It's not a responsibility for me
    It's a blessing for me
    And I am happy to have it

  • lets_all_laugh_at_me 7h


    Love is not the way you propose her or impress her
    It's the way you take care of her after she accepts you

  • lets_all_laugh_at_me 1w

    Just remember

    People say "lol" Without laughing
    So they can even say "I love you" Without loving

  • lets_all_laugh_at_me 1w

    Nowadays relationship

    Now a days relationship is all about "being physical" "sharing nudes" "sex chats" "Phone sex" and many more cheap things!
    I'm not saying 'every relationship but most of them. Girls are suffering from these problems..

    "Baby protection use kr lenge please naa"
    well! I will say one thing "

    "Kash aapke baap ne protection use kiya hota us din"

    I mean you love her then how can you demand for a physical relationship?
    Forcing it emotionally on your partner?

    "Baby aapko mujhpe trust nahi hai"
    ''u don't love me''

    Oh Come on .. You're demanding for sex before marriage & amp; her virginity and if she doesn't Agree .. You're like "You don't love me you don't have trust on me.. Blah blah blah !

    Before doing this .. Think about your sister atleast.
    Someone may force her too?
    Us waqt to puri mardangi dikhate ho... Wo bhi kisi ki behen hogi?. :')
    Bhai soch badal dalo shayad zindagi badal jaye! :')

    Aur Ab Baat Karta Hu Un Kamm-Akal Ladkiyo Ki Jinhe Lagta Hai Ki Ese Ladke Unhe Pyar Karte Hai
    Use Karke Chodh Dega Bahen Aur Keh Dega Tum Mere Saath Kar Sakti Ho Kisi Ke Saath Bhi Kar Sakti Ho

    Uska Pyar Tumhe Jaan/Babu Se Kab Bazaru Bana Dega Tumhe Bhi Nahi Pata Chalega
    Esa Ladka Na Tumse Kabhi Shadi Karega Na Kabhi Apnayega Usko Sirf Aur Sirf Tumhare Jism Se Matlab Hai

    Agar Koi Tumse Tumhari Mohhabat Ka Saboot Mangta Hai Toh Usko Life Se Dafa Karo ❤️
    Moral : Mohhabat Kabhi Bhi Mil Sakti Hai Par Izzat Wapas Nahi Aati


  • lets_all_laugh_at_me 2w

    To my best friend's lover

    To my bestfriend’s lover,

    I want to say how lucky you are to be in love with this girl, to be the reason behind her smile. I am very happy for you both, for the way you complete one another.

    I know you are her lover, but be her friend first, don’t be the guy she just romances with, be the guy she can go for a shoulder to cry.

    She is a shy one, she will never tell you that she is not alright, but if you look closely in those deep black eyes of her, you will see the whole story, just learn to read it correctly, listen to her words that never leave her lips, understand her pain in the silence.

    She is crazy and innocent, pure as a child, she will laugh at the smallest of things and will get annoyed for no mortal reasons; don’t judge her on that, her innocence is the best thing about her. Don’t you ever let the child within her heart die.

    Don’t buy her expensive gifts, she hates it. Just give her your time and love, trust me, she will love it more than any gift you can ever buy.

    Sometimes she will call you up at 3am to tell you about her nightmare, or the reason she cannot sleep, don’t get irritated, listen to her and sing her a song, no matter how bad a singer you might be. Your voice will be enough to make her forget everything and fall asleep.

    I have known her for years and her smile is the most beautiful sight of the world, the way her lips curve, the way her eyes brighten, the way pure happiness resides on her lips for a moment. Be the reason she keeps doing it, don’t ever let her feel alone, don’t let her cry, trust me because if she does, I will be your worst nightmare.

    You are her world now, her everything. She owes you her happiness and her smile, don’t you dare change it. Love her, make her your life, let her smile, let her live, with you, forever.

    I have done my part, it’s time for you to do yours.

    The Guy who has loved her since forever.

  • lets_all_laugh_at_me 2w

    If sex is the final destination of love then all the prostitutes are the most loved ones

  • lets_all_laugh_at_me 2w

    It's ok

    Even if we don't meet everyday
    I still feel you by my side
    I still feel your voice ringing on my ears
    I still feel the softness of your hand
    I still feel the warmth of your hug
    I miss you in my every moment of my life

  • lets_all_laugh_at_me 3w


    I can be your temporary happiness
    You can leave me when the right person comes

  • lets_all_laugh_at_me 3w

    i want you, and the thought of anyone else having you is like a knife twisting in my dark soul
    -Christian Grey

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  • lets_all_laugh_at_me 3w

    A break up story

    Breakups are funny I tell you.

    One moment, you are crazy about each other, going places, doing everything together.

    You wake up, your phone has a text " Good morning love. " It says.

    You text her back with a smile, roll over and miss her for a while.

    You talk for hours at a stretch; YouTube links, favorite shows, forget the rest.

    The secrets haven't run out, the sound of her voice is still your favourite song. Your friends complain coz you're on the phone all day long.

    Everyone is so happy for you two, and you're happy for yourselves.
    You judge other couples. You two are the best.

    Dates every week, pictures by the scores. She can't sleep at night without seeing you, you find it cute when she snores.

    You have your little inside jokes, stupid secret names you call each other.

    Over everyone else, she's your priority, she talks a lot about a future together.

    Then the secrets run out, the longings become routine.

    You talk a lot less these days, you both have different last seens.

    The blue skies disappear. It starts to rain.

    The fights become frequent. But love is worth the pain. .

    There's some crying, there's a lot of makeup sex.
    You try to hold on coz it's tougher to forget.

    It is usually out of the blue, that the road hits a wall.
    Something big happens and the sky starts to fall.

    You try your best to bend the ways.
    Compromise , sacrifice, " oh please won't you stay ?" .

    Who gave up first, who moved on first, is always a debate.
    Strangers become strangers again,
    ' a perfect chapter laid to rest. '