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  • lifeandverses 1h

    I've been quietening this voice in my head
    but today it screams
    who are you?
    where are you?
    do you even exist?
    I wonder the questions
    I've been asking myself
    ever since the day
    they told me about lovers.

    I wish I didn't know what love is,
    I wish I was unaware of this affection,
    I wish nobody would have told me about its warmth,
    for today I wouldn't have craved it so much.

    yearning love makes me feel guilty,
    the thought of it aches my heart,
    as if desiring it is a sin
    for I feel I'm betraying my future self
    by longing for a feeling I may never get.

    you want something when you know it exists,
    and for once I wish I were oblivious to the existence of love
    because I'm so tired of waiting for someone
    whose being isn't even certain.

    in this chilly winter night
    while I look at the moon
    I feel a little more lonely.
    a wave of desolation encircles me
    and I want to explode into a myriad of pieces.


  • lifeandverses 1w

    It is heart-wrenching to find solace in tears.


  • lifeandverses 1w

    Whenever someone used to shoot me with bullets of harshness, I used to look for you, for you always had an ointment for all the wounds that my heart had. But today what am I supposed to do when the one who used to be my savior is the reason behind my destruction? It's hard to believe that today I'm shattered because of someone who once was my healer. It's not easy to just accept that you thought of someone as your angel and then all of a sudden they are the reason behind all these demons in your head.


  • lifeandverses 1w

    Sometimes we forgive people not because they deserve to be forgiven but because we're too miserable without the way they make us feel. We forgive them for our own sake.


  • lifeandverses 1w

    The day you realise that everyone's got problems in their lives, that everyone is going through something you're not aware of, that you don't actually know what goes inside their heads, nobody would disappoint you that much. You just got to have an empathetic mind that if shit can go in your life, the same can happen with others. And if you want others to understand your situation, you've to do the same with them as well. So, don't expect too much from anybody because they also have got their own life to deal with, a life that you're not fully aware of. So, here, they're not the problem, your expectations from them are.


  • lifeandverses 1w

    There are people who understand us like nobody else does. They make us feel like nobody else would. So, our key to that particular feeling lies in their hands. Just for the sake of that feeling, we let them hurt us too. In order to get something, we've to deal with its downside as well. Basically we bear that pain for the sake of that pleasure.


  • lifeandverses 1w

    Amidst all the chaos around, my eyes made their way to her serene face, the same old smile plastered on her lips.

    With her pale skin embellished with scars, imperfect features, and the dark bags underneath her eyes, she wasn't physically attractive.

    But the inside of hers was too captivating, I couldn't help myself but be drawn towards her. She intrigued me in all the possible ways, and I yearned to learn every piece she was made up of.

    I could tell she had mastered the art of concealing turmoil beneath her calm demeanor. But when you look through the veil, definition of pain is scribbled all over her broken pieces.

    She had a face that mirrored sorrow, her features reflected suffering, misery shined through her spirit, every part of her screamed destruction.

    It seemed as if blue is all she inhales, and her soul radiates the scent of grey.

    When I glanced into her eyes, I saw melancholic odes dwelling, grief blooming, and agony surfacing within those two orbs.

    Even pain looked magnificent when embraced by her fragile heart.


  • lifeandverses 1w

    "is it possible to like two people at the same time?"
    "no" was my instant response
    until i found myself 
    admiring your scent
    and his as well.

    your calmness captivates me
    but his dark demeanor is equally intriguing.

    i adore the way you speak to me
    but his quietness fascinates me too.

    you are peace to my agony
    but I'm also drawn to the havoc he is.

    you give me confidence
    while he improves my perspective.

    you admire me for who i am
    while he prompts me to become better.

    you're my savior
    while i am his,
    and i equally like both the feelings.

    you feel like warm sunshine
    while he reminds me of the guiding moonlight.
    is it really my fault that i fancy both the moon and the sun?
    what if i crave both?
    what if i want to let go of neither of em?


  • lifeandverses 1w

    I see her from a distance,

    her skin glows with pure content
    when her orbs perceive the warm shades of sunset.

    immense affection gleams in her eyes
    as she turns her head up and greets the moon

    an astonishing smile adorns her lips
    while she seeks to fathom the ever-changing patterns of clouds.

    innocence wraps around her face
    when she caresses the leaves of her beloved plants.

    as the tender melody of colors
    makes its way towards her tensed skin,
    she forgets all her miseries for a while
    and the weight of gloom falls off.

    it that moment grace covers her entire soul,
    and she looks ethereal.

    but then she shuts her eyes,
    striving to not lose the memory of the magnificence that surrounds,
    as if attempting to paint this scenery in her head,
    as if struggling to keep that moment in her heart forever,
    as if making an effort to drown in it, savor it, and get engulfed in it.

    but she feels overwhelmed,
    melancholy and euphoria clash with each other,
    and her heart breaks a little,
    one second she feels everything, every emotion crashing
    but another, nothing at all, everything disappears.


  • lifeandverses 5w


    even from a distance, 
    I could still catch sight 
    of the silhouette of gloom 
    that was walking next to you,
    clutching your hand.
    I could decipher that
    she was troubling you
    when you refused to meet my eyes.
    so, let me have
    a conversation with her
    and ask her to loosen the grip.

    I know the words caged in your throat
    are wounding your heart,
    so, here I am
    patting the seat next to me,
    asking you to spill
    and liberate those harrowing thoughts.

    let those tears of sorrow
    fall through your eyes
    and let the ache subside,
    you've got my shoulder to lean on
    and I promise
    I'm not leaving your side.

    let's make this misery less severe,
    come engulf yourself in my embrace
    and let me silence
    the agony swirling within your chest.