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  • lifediariesndreams 5w

    Kahi dur

    Teri yaad se bhi lagta hai daar,
    Hai mujh pe Kuch aisa asar,
    Kahi pahadon Mein gum hai tu
    Kahi Jameen pe hu mein
    Ye soch ke Bas Khush hai hum
    Jahan bhi hai ek ehsaas hai
    Duriyan chahe jitni ho
    Dil Phir bhi paas hai!!!


  • lifediariesndreams 8w


    I miss the mountains
    I miss the sea
    My heart aches a little
    For the Vagabond in me!!!


  • lifediariesndreams 9w

    An ode to the elephant who was killed ruthlessly!!!

    I was hungry
    All I wanted was some food
    Came in search of the same
    And fell for your cruel game!!!
    I saw what was offered
    And accepted it
    My heart filled with gratitude
    And love
    Deep within I blessed you
    Seemed like an angel from above!!!
    What you didn't know was
    You were feeding two lives and how
    For I was carrying within me
    A little bundle of joy now!!!
    As soon as I bit into the fruit,
    Thud came a sound
    Before I could even realize,
    An explosion happened on the ground!!!
    I was in pain but what hurt me more,
    The fact that I trusted you
    Without a blink before!!!
    I kept running around
    For the pain was unbearable
    All I could think of
    Was to somehow
    Protect my unborn!!
    But no matter how hard I tried
    The pain wouldn't stop
    And I fled towards the water
    Seeking solace inside!!!
    And while I could bear no more
    I could see the angel of death
    To my unborn I said
    Your mamma tried hard till the end
    Didn't give up on you with my head held high
    But in my last moments of life
    I thought of where did I really go wrong,
    All I did was trust...
    Following my heart along!!!

  • lifediariesndreams 10w

    June Already!!

    Looking at the calander,
    Sitting on the bay,
    Hey its June already today!!!
    Six months down the lane,
    2020 is a mix of pain and gain,
    Monsoon is here
    Bringing the bloom
    Waking up the nature
    Time to spring clean!!!
    The birds are chirping
    And the trees dancing with glory
    Bringing a wave of joy,
    No time to think of the gloom!!
    Enjoy the shower of happiness
    Let it wash over you
    Flash your best smile
    Cribbing.. No time for you!!!
    Learn from the little flowers
    Who spread fragrance all over
    They don't care about what they recieve
    Just do what they believe!!
    Hang in there now
    Enjoy the uncertainty
    Embrace the surprises
    With love and dignity!!!


  • lifediariesndreams 23w


    Music is beautiful in so many ways,
    It can make you happy when low,
    It compels you to stop and listen,
    Reminding you to sometimes go slow!!!
    It becomes a companion some day,
    A traffic bearing solution while on the way!!!
    Brings back old memories,
    Inspires you to make new ones,
    After a long long day,
    Helps your mind relax and get undone!!!
    So many forms, different sounds
    When together, a melody is born
    Give me a book, put on some music,
    That's all I need to hang around!!!

  • lifediariesndreams 23w

    Kabhi lagta hai...

    Kabhi lagta hai muh mod lu,
    Jab Pata hai dil tutna hi hai,
    Kyun us raha chalna,
    Jab Pata hai saath chootna hi hai!!!
    Phir bhi Har bar ruk jaati hu,
    Thoda seham ke, thoda Dar ke,
    Phir Woh khoya hua pal dhundti hoon!!!
    Sochti hu aisi bhi Kya zid,
    Kya Jo hai Woh Kafi nahi,
    Kya Jo nahi hai itna jaroori hai,
    Itne saare sawaal,
    Jinka Koi jawaab nahi,
    Itni saari baatein,
    Jinka Koi hisab nahi!!
    Is baar nahi moodongi Mein,
    Bas aage hi badte jaana hai,
    Zindagi Itni pyaari hai,
    Use un logon pe lutana hai,
    Joh mere Har pal ke kadardaan hai,
    Jinhone Meri muskaan pe pai apni muskaan hai,
    Wahi hai saccha saathi,
    Rab mujpe meherbaan hai!!!

  • lifediariesndreams 24w

    Wake Up

    Wake up to the sunshine,
    With beautiful thoughts coming your way,
    Let the doubts and negatives,
    Sit afar at the bay!!!
    The little birds chirp and say
    Take the first step today,
    Enjoy the journey on your way!!!
    The dawn teaches you to focus
    On your goals everyday
    Things may not always be perfect
    But don't let your mind go astray!!!
    The trees standing tall,
    Whisper through their leaves
    The whisper tell you to SMILE,
    Even after a fall!!!

  • lifediariesndreams 45w

    Unrequited Love... Maybe

    Met you after a decade,
    Finally we did
    Was looking forward to it..
    Why did it end in tears?
    I have often thought
    What would it be like meeting you?
    Would the feelings be same too?
    But when I saw you that day
    And we exchanged a warm hug
    The warmth I felt
    At my heart it did tug!!!
    We met exactly for ten minutes
    Which passes in a blur
    I didn't know what to expect
    But I wished there was more!!!
    I wanted to sit and talk
    Maybe spend more time
    Sort out what was left unsaid
    And feelings which never did rhyme!!!
    Perhaps not touching these emotions
    Made perfect sense,
    Coz it is a never ending maze
    With an unknown piece!!!
    I didn't know what to say
    Or what to feel either
    But when you looked at me with those eyes
    Was I reading too much
    With my heart taking me for a ride!!!
    I have someone who I love
    Who I know is perfect for me
    And there is nothing more that I value
    I feel as blessed as I can be!!!
    The more I think about it
    The more I believe in my part
    Maybe I feel guilty of unknowingly
    Breaking your heart!!!
    I only wish you happiness
    And all the love you deserve,
    Where as this unknown path
    Should be left to heavens above!!!

  • lifediariesndreams 54w

    Let the light from within empower you until you seek no more...

  • lifediariesndreams 54w

    You have been assigned the mountain to show others that it can be moved and how...