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  • lifefromsky 16w

    Growth rarely happens in comfort

  • lifefromsky 17w

    If you're expecting anything more than fun and sheer suprises out of this life
    You're settling yourself up for disappointment

  • lifefromsky 18w

    I respect all that we had
    It was the most beautiful thing ever
    And I'll keep it in my heart till my dying breath She was a beautiful person
    In fact she was the most beautiful person I've ever met
    even though she has changed now
    I became vulnerable to her and she accepted me for all that i was
    And i respect that and I'm grateful for it
    Maybe forever wasn't written in our fate
    Neither marriage
    Or all the dreams that we saw together
    But i truly love her
    And she'll always hold a very very special place in my heart
    I would still take a bullet for her today with no regrets.

  • lifefromsky 19w


    They happen when you least expect them but still believe in them.

  • lifefromsky 23w

    You don't need a person beside you to love them
    You only need them beside you to tell them that you do

  • lifefromsky 24w

    There are two kinds of people in this world
    One who lives their dream and the other who doesn't
    None is better than the other
    But one is definably greater

  • lifefromsky 25w

    You are different
    You are divine
    You are a piece of mine
    That I cannot forego
    That I cannot lose
    Something that is magic
    Something that is unknown
    I really don't know what this feeling is
    But it feels like I've had this for you
    From ages ago
    It is in our darkest times that I've known
    That till the end of time
    I want it to be with you
    Always you
    Forever you

  • lifefromsky 26w