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  • lifelessons14 15h

    Little difference...

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    Don't be careless,
    But care less.......

  • lifelessons14 16h

    Sometimes truth hurts...

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    Maybe love is complex,
    that you didn't understand it.
    What about me ?
    Am I that complex ?

  • lifelessons14 16h

    Maybe, you might have understood me,
    But not the concept of love yet !!!

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    " I didn't understand "
    Know !
    This was the only thing
    Which separated us.
    I'm the concept,
    You don't understand
    Right from the beginning,
    This maybe the reason behind
    Our separation !
    (Like we won't learn the concept
    We don't understand...till end)
    What hurts is...
    You don't even try to
    understand concept !!!

  • lifelessons14 16h

    Understanding...differs from person to person....

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    You can't understand anything,
    'Cus you're back after months,
    I would take time
    To get be taste back.
    But, know!
    No one is the same person
    Who you know,
    Not even me !!!

  • lifelessons14 1d


    Nothing is great,
    Without you...

  • lifelessons14 2d

    Can't accept reality....:’(

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    Back then,

    You won't
    Let my tears fall
    Even when I'm chopping onions....

    But Now,

    My eye tears
    Every day and night,
    Not because of onions,
    But because of you

  • lifelessons14 2d

    Ignoring hurts....

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    Don't kill me by ignoring me

  • lifelessons14 3d


    Perfection comes after doing
    thousand mistakes while learning, They why are you
    Expecting me to learn life
    Without doing any mistakes?

  • lifelessons14 4d


    Last hope....
    No more tries
    Sometimes it's good to let it go,
    Instead of checking time and again,
    But know,
    It's always hard to let things go...

  • lifelessons14 5d

    Night dreams , appears while sleeping,
    Not the one that I usually dreams...

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    Same old dreams...
    keeps on appearing,
    Is there anything that you wanna
    Let me know ? Answer me dreams ?
    Hey my subconscious mind ...
    At least you tell me
    What was it ?