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  • lifelust 8w



    गलतियाँ भी होंगी
    गलत भी समझा जाएगा
    ए जिंदगी है..
    यहाँ तारीफें भी होंगी
    और जलील भी किया जाएगा

  • lifelust 9w

    #याद #diary

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    याद तो अभी भी आती है तेरी
    बस अब तेरी ख्वाईश नही है

  • lifelust 12w


    Hum pathhar dil insaan ko bhagwan mante hai
    aur fir hume Bhagwan pathhar dil lagne lagte h

  • lifelust 12w

    #प्यार #love #diary #love #diary

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    उसने कभी मेरे भूत की परवाह नही की
    और मुझे उससे और भी मोहब्बत हो गयी
    पर अब पता चला••
    उसने कभी मेरी परवाह ही नही की थी

  • lifelust 14w


    Teri ankhon me fir se dub jau
    Teri bahon me so jau
    Teri sason me khud ko bhul jau
    Teri rooh ki khushboo me kho jau

    Aa aj ek bar fir tere ishq me fana ho jau


  • lifelust 15w


    He stopped the good night calls
    And I stopped slepping


  • lifelust 17w


    Kash mai tumhe bata pati ki tumse kitna pyar karti hun
    Kash tumhara hat firse haq se tham sakti
    Kash tumhari ankhon me firse kho sakti
    Kash khushboo me ek dafa aur kho sakti
    Kash tumhe firse hug kar sakti
    Kash hamara waqt kabhi khatm nai hota
    Kash tum mere hote aur
    Mai tumhari hoti

  • lifelust 17w


    Tumhe yad hai..mai hamesha kehti thi meri bas ek kamjori hai
    Mai tumhe pareshan nai dekh sakti
    Tum khush raho yahi koshish thi isikiye meri hamesha

    Par aaj tumhare otho ki ek hasi muze ghanto rula deti hai
    Kya karu ab..?
    Na dua mang sakti hun tumhare liye
    Aur nahi baddua
    kyunki Dil to akhir me mera hi tutega na

  • lifelust 17w

    U left and left

    When you left, I stood infront of your door for days, knocking,
    Even when you were the one who made me an option to your others ,leaving behind my pride,knowing that I kove you too much to live wothout you
    But I couldn't reach your heart..
    You closed the door so hard it never ever opened for me there after.
    I waited patiently..But You didn't hear me cause you didn't want to..But I could hear you, I could see you laughing with the others and

    That made me leave

  • lifelust 18w


    I was looking for what went wrong.Why are we not together?Why it bothers me only and not you?

    Now I realised that..

    We always talked about YOU
    We always talked about US
    But we never discussed ME

    I never had solemn existence in your story, when You meant the world to me.
    I can't be just a part of a US. U have to consider me as an individual and not just a part of your US,which you could have with anyone..And I dont want to be just anyone