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  • lifeofshiv 2w

    I hear your voice in your texts
    I feel the distance and I be missing you always
    When I read your words I feel the depth
    But since we were kids we've been on our separate ways
    I don't need to go in depth
    I don't need to rephrase
    Used to talk on Sunday's
    Now it seems like we're going sideways
    Between our replies a bigger time phase

    Why did we come from the same parent
    And then had to part ways
    Why couldn't God be more transparent
    Whose seed did I inherent
    I don't even remember most of my birthday's
    The days I missed you were my worst days
    I messed up in the worst ways
    Only if you were there to help me not sway
    The area I landed in was grey

    All my life I've felt like a cigarette in an ashtray
    All my life I just wished you had stayed
    Instead at a young age we parted ways

    You'll always be my sister
    But I'm afraid we'll never be the same

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    Something you'll never see


  • lifeofshiv 2w

    Embrace, your fears
    You're Rome in the making.
    Wipe, your tears
    Life is just a challenge you are facing.
    Grab, your gear
    We'll never stop elevating.

    When in life your vision gets blurry
    I'll be here, to make it clear

    When you're drowning in your thoughts you shouldn't worry
    I'm the life gaurd in a boat here to save you in a hurry

    Grab my hand, have no fear
    I'll help you fight your battles on the frontier

    Since I met you it's been crystal clear
    With you I'd wanna disappear
    For you I'll become a mountaineer
    Without you everything becomes unclear
    Fathom that over the years
    That's just me being sincere

    #mirakee #ceesreposts #julietscorner #yasminireads #writersnetwork #readwriteunite

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  • lifeofshiv 3w

    Impregnable heart
    A little hesitant
    My story seems irrelevant
    My silent past hurts
    Like a nail under the foot of an elephant

    If I had done my due diligence
    In life I'd be somewhere different

    But what's the point of it all
    The money, the degree, the job
    That nice suit, that nice car
    Ain't going to the grave with you at all

    So that made me think deep,
    What do we take with us, if nothing at all?

    Over materialistic things,
    Why do we weep?
    Over materialistic things,
    Why do we loose sleep?

    My grave catching up to me
    In the ground I'm knees deep

    I don't have long left
    I'm scared of what comes next
    Thinking about afterlife is too complex
    I wish I could give God a text
    How I'm perplexed
    I've read all religious texts

    From life I feel withdrawn
    But the show must go on.

    #writingislove #ceesreposts #julietscorner #yasminireads

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    My due diligence


  • lifeofshiv 3w

    A woman,
    At times she has been called a burden
    At times she has been called a queen
    How ironic, how symbolic

    A woman gives life
    A man knows how to take it best
    Just look at most of the soldiers in an army

    A man comes home from work,
    To take a rest,
    She doesn't rest,
    Instead everyday she's put to the test

    Isn't it ironic
    That we look at a woman who's not ours,
    In the streets, In the clubs
    With an eye
    With which we wouldn't
    Look at our own woman in our own family

    Then we talk about politics
    what's wrong and what's right
    If you are a man that thinks like that
    I'm holding up the mirror
    You are the problem,
    Let them stay out late at night
    I wish they were just as strong
    So they could fight

    I hear screams up late at night,
    I see the pain in her eyes,
    The next day he's alright,
    But she's got scars for life

    God gave men two responsibilities
    Power, and how to use it
    But they abused it
    I haven't seen with my eyes
    Because I live overseas
    But words can paint a picture
    I can #visualise
    I don't like what I see
    I wish all the men that behave this way,
    Get left out at sea
    Then we'd see how they feel
    A change in their behaviour, guaranteed
    Or a bullet to the temple, if it's necessary
    Then we'd see how they feel

    #visualize @writersnetwork @mirakee #mirakee #writersnetwork @writerstolli @readwriteunite #ceesreposts

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    The irony


  • lifeofshiv 3w

    I think it'll be a while
    Till i can find the words to describe my current pain
    So let me just start with what's in my head

    Everybody has a little voice in there heads
    That tells them right from wrong
    But if the voice starts to be wrong
    Who do you go to if you're on your own

    It's easy to say but hard to follow
    Love your loved ones before they're gone
    Can't catch flights right now because of corona
    But we're always waiting to go

    It's a havoc for some, but it's peaceful for me right now
    I can really work on myself right now
    I think i need this time alone right now
    I'm facing issues i can't talk about right now, or maybe ever
    Some secrets i'll take to the grave,
    Only God can judge me
    But i think i'm being judged right now

    Just want to close my eyes,
    and pray the sun stops shining
    I wish the world was as dark as my heart

    I can't breathe, quite literally
    i wish i was free
    Life weighs heavy
    My eyes are drowsy
    Palms are sweaty
    My journey just started, but i can picture the ending
    May my words live forever, because my life is ending.


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    Pain weighs heavy,
    I'm dropping mine here for now.


  • lifeofshiv 3w

    Write what you feel
    Feel what you write
    Shine bright like a star in the late night

    All goes blank when my heart tries to feel,
    Aside from my heartbreak,
    Remember when we were accustomed to staying up late,
    Payed attention to our breathes when we slept on the phone,
    Ecstatic days before the coming of the earthquake

    We were amateurs in the pastime
    Nevertheless, I wanted you to acquire my surname
    Alongside you, my wish was to grow
    Regardless, you played me like a game

    Today we get left on seen
    Like you were just sampling
    My trustworthy heart was just a quick fling
    You'll be an eye-witness while i be transformed into a King

    Since you, I treated her, her and her like an agile thing
    Tough to love one, with a stone heart

    You should've confessed you wanted to isolate
    I sensed we were enroute to checkmate
    Incapable and helpless
    I couldn't feel regardless
    My heart turned out to be heartless

    I permanently let go
    I accepted growth
    I knocked out curve balls life chose to throw

    I seized the moment and the plough
    Sowed my seeds
    Welcome what I reap

    #thoughts #latenightposts #readwriteunite #ceesreposts @beautywithinyou

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    Write what you feel
    Feel what you write

  • lifeofshiv 4w

    The goal is not to be rich
    The goal is not to be royal

    The goal is to help the ones that fall
    The ones who cannot help themselves stand tall
    The goal is to have a family,
    But when it comes to the human race,
    The goal is to love them all

    Some may be greedy
    Some may lie and thieve you

    If there is God, then there is evil
    There will be people that deceive you
    There will be people who please you
    Just don't do evil,
    It doesn't suit you
    It comes back as karma and eats you

    #onastreak #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod

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  • lifeofshiv 4w

    Our love was like parallel lines
    We were close, but we could never end up together.

  • lifeofshiv 4w

    There is beauty in everything,
    You just need the right eyes to see

  • lifeofshiv 4w

    Path path path
    I'm on a path, of becoming great
    It's a trek, it's my fate
    Lost my heart, haven't found it till this day
    Used to think, I'm gonna make her pay
    But I cut her off, I'm not gonna stay

    Worth worth worth
    My self worth, elevate
    My net worth, elevate
    My heart rate, steady straight
    If I'm dead, my soul elevate

    Lessons lessons lessons
    I learned the hard way

    Love love love
    The way her body move
    Raise my heart rate
    We met because, it was fate
    But i left because, it was fake

    Diamonds diamonds diamonds
    Pressure always on me
    I don't care about money
    Put your respect on me

    #somethingdifferent #thoughts #commentsoverlikes
    Bit random but I must say I love making friends on Mirakee! Met some amazing people on here, peace and love ����#mirakee #writersnetwork

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    Elevate, elevate, elevate