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  • lifeofshiv 8h

    An introvert looking to convert
    I had my heart taken and buried in the dirt

    Without a care she smiled and walked away
    Evil spell had me in her control had me swayed
    A sucker for love that's all I ever craved

    My eyes couldn't see she was taking advantage
    So I left
    Picked myself up had my own back
    And said I can manage
    Walking on this planet hurt and damaged

    Time passed you thought I wasn't coming back
    But my comeback always greater than the setback

    I'm emotionally intelligent
    You are now irrelevant
    I don't need to vent
    All I needed was a paper and a pen

    You're replaceable
    Worth less than gravel

    When I walk I step on you
    You're so down below me I can't even look at you
    You're invisible
    You're no longer critical
    I'm way ahead of you

    I was gonna murder you
    But I got these bars to slaughter you
    My pen sting like a cobra when it's aimed at you

    #bars #lyrics

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  • lifeofshiv 8h

    Lying down facing up
    It's been a long day I'm resting up

    Breathing in fresh air
    Living life without a care

    Let the shade sooth my soul
    Let the present moment take control

    #nature #mirakee #writersnetwork @writersnetwork #pod #readwriteunite #myphotography

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    Nature is beautiful


  • lifeofshiv 14h

    Everybody becomes a poet at least once in their life


  • lifeofshiv 20h

    Poetry prevents chaos


  • lifeofshiv 20h

    Poetry can reach depth deeper than oceans


  • lifeofshiv 21h

    Makes you feel like a man
    When you put money in your mamas hand

    Not trying to repay my debt
    Because nobody can

    She gave me life
    Least I could do is show respect

    She carried me like she was a vessel
    Protected me till I could think for myself

    She always wished good upon my health
    She never cared about my wealth
    Always watching me from the shadows moving stealth

    But her blessings, I always felt

    She saw me go from baby steps
    To a man with big checks

    Man got a beard
    But to her i'll always be her little kid

    I don't get mad,
    I know ill understand one day
    When my child grabs my finger with his whole hand one day
    It'll make me realize, it's true what ma used to say

    #mirakee #writersnetwork @writersnetwork #readwriteunite #ma #ily

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    Ma used to say


  • lifeofshiv 22h

    When you have pain locked away in your heart,
    One should never sleep on it.

    Write about it
    Talk about it
    Cry about it
    Punch a wall or scream about it

    Whatever feels right to channel it out, one should take that path as long as it doesn't involve inflicting pain on another person, as it would bring you more pain and guilt in the future.

    Carrying that emotion on repeat through hours of sleep, hurts your mind & soul.
    Drop by drop, second by second, the pain multiplies.
    Eventually becoming too heavy, for your delicate shoulders to carry.

    With the help of time, mere drops can fill up an ocean.

    #peaceout #mirakee #writersnetwork @writersnetwork #readwriteunite

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    A drop in the ocean of emotion


  • lifeofshiv 2d

    Put your ego on the shelf
    And love yourself


  • lifeofshiv 2d

    If you stare long enough at any madness, you see logic


  • lifeofshiv 2d

    I'm sick of this cycle
    Making me go psycho
    Where did the hype go
    You came back into my life and landed a low blow
    Should've just stayed out and made out with my best friend again yo

    My whole life I've known pain
    But I've been jotting down names
    My hit list is insane
    You better stay in your lane
    I'll kamikaze you with my Japanese plane

    Lately my life's been lame
    I just need a target I've got the aim

    Like a sniper
    When you see me don't dirty your diaper
    Don't tell me about how I used to be nicer
    I'll put pepper in your eyes like Peter piper

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    The comeback