Scratching and Scribbling sharing my demons with you so that i can set them free

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    Black till Blue and Dead all Over

    Life's making it's mistaking unsure
    Main cables, caved under pressure
    I chose to wrong, so I could feel right
    In my vein attempts to prolong the night

    I fell to the nights, that lasted days
    Dealing with feeling in chemical ways
    Trusting the science of the dumb and corrupt
    that feeds you to your self destruct

    Lessons are taught, but cannot be learned
    The soul's grown cold, forever burned
    Moulton fire takes flight and arms turn to wings
    But this only prolongs all the worst things.

    One day I will handle it, one day I will deal
    Soon I'll have no choice, but to face the real

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    Springtime Suicide

    A long haired saviour lost in time
    He helped the world embrace their grime
    He gave us everything he had
    From his life of pain and sad
    He helped us up
    With his left hand
    He learned to walk
    To take a stand
    His prickled chin
    And golden heart
    With too much love
    Right from the start
    So wood in hand he faced them all
    As they brought about his fall
    But still they shined their eyes on him
    Their freshest scar, their newest sin.


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    This is the last chapter of my book-in-progress ALIS. I don't really need to set anything up I don't think. It's about the Creator of a revolution​ and getting swept away by her own mental problems and permanent damage from a life of drug abuse. I lover of life and love, settling for a different version of those two things than she's used to. If you have the attention span to read it, give me an honest appraisal.
    #Alis #finalchapter #aboutagirl #love #drugs #revolution #alcohol #mirakeetwist #writersnetwork

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    Somehow the years had started departing even faster they arrived.  By now Alis had seen the leaves change color more times than she could even remember, but it still helped to calm the voices in her head. She sat in her garden, perched atop her throne of broken bricks staring at the foliage. She gazed through the leaves for a thousand years until finally a familiar voice pulled her back, through miles of tunnels, back into her own head.
      "Alis, love.. Are you alright?"  Lyle approached her from behind.
      "Come on babe, let's go inside."  Without saying a word, Alis followed Lyle into their home.

    ‘Home’ was a small moss covered brick oven hidden away in the corner of nowhere, USA. The magic of the outdoors fell away instantly to the cold and seemingly sterile indoors. Alis went to the kitchen and poured them each a drink, then slumped down on the couch next to Lyle in the living room. She made sure to sit as far away from her husband as she physically could.

      Lyle softly began to speak, so Alis sat quietly listening as he told stories of his life passed, for what seemed like the millionth time to her.  She took a sip of her drink, losing herself, drowning,  trapped floating between the three cubes of ice,  now half their original size.

      **When will he shut up!? When will this idiot just die!?**

      With that thought electricity shot up through her spine, finally hitting her brain.

      **What the hell am I doing here? I used to be so strong…**

      Alis took another sip, the ice hitting her upper lip as she finished her drink. Then all at once, her thoughts of freedom and independence faded away once again.  She had grown tired.  She needed help now, whether she liked to admit it or not, and Lyle seemed to love taking care of her. Besides, she had had an eventful life and she just didn't have the energy to start over again.  She noticed Lyle had finished rattling on, so she gave her usual smile and nod,  acknowledging the end of his syndicated tale. It wasn't his fault, she just couldn't stand listening to him anymore. His stupid stories and his ugly voice, everything about him irritated her.

      “My drink is gone.” Lyle complained,  not noticing Alis had finished hers minutes before.  

      “I'll go get us a couple more.” Alis stated flatly. She took the empty cup from his hand and started to the kitchen.

      “Make mine a double!” Lyle yelled after her.  Alis smiled in acknowledgment, working to conceal her contempt.

      She reached the kitchen, and dropped a few new ice cubes in the glasses. She then opened the cupboard above their ancient little coal stove, retrieved a bottle and filled the two small glasses with bottom shelf scotch.  Alis hated scotch but Lyle insisted that it was what people of class and sophistication drank, so they always had to be stocked with scotch.  
      Just then Alis silently began to cry.  It was only the second time in her 39 years of life that she was ever brought to tears.

     ** Is this really where my story ends? **

    Alis asked herself quietly.  She threw her attention to Lyle through the arched door way leading to the living room. She felt her tears start to boil into an anger, rising through her body. She downed both scotches to soothe the fire.  

      “You coming dear?” Lyle bellowed.   She poured the drinks again,  this time pouring Lyle’s drink into her mouth first and swishing it around before spitting it into his glass.

      “Sure thing sweetie.”  Alis cheerfully forced out of her mouth, as she began her journey back to the living room.

      All of a sudden Alis felt tired again.  She could tell, this really was to be her life’s final journey. There were no more surprises.  there were more parties, no more bands, no more revolutions that she would even bear witness to, little lone bring about. She knew there were no new loves coming and thanks to her health, no more drugs. This was a period of Alis’ life she would not-so-lovingly refer to as ‘ with apathy ever after.’ and this chapter would last all the way until,

    ‘THE END’

    “I don't love you, and I always will!”


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    ~past tense~

    You left my lips with no words

    Off throwing seeds to dirty birds

    Then once you told me how I felt

    Our frozen times would start to melt

    Our warming glow had turned so cold

    Our excuses had just grown so old

    You're just a fake that felt so real

    And I'm not sure that I'll ever heal

    But you made me who I am today

    And we taught each other how to play

    And I know I'll never find a better

    The dirt at our feet kept getting wetter

    And I've seen the cops too many times

    We just commit too many crimes

    We lived for the moment, we loved too hard

    Our selfish obsessions had left us marred

    And now when I think of moments with you

    I smile, but all the pain’s still there too.


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    As the skin melts off our bones
    Behind the veil, will-fully grown
    Under the sea, Inside her shell
    We wade into the cold dark hell

    So you entice
    The breathing ash
    It turns to ice
    And melts the glass

    N so, soggened crisps, you and I...
    We take each other places we have never been, that we've never known. Looking through, talking about what we'll be like when we're alone there together..


    We grow, and grow, and grow, and grow
    We come untied, intentions show
    Beyond the clouds, beneath the snow
    Inside your head I grow and grow

    You build me up, to tear me down
    From rosy pink, we fade to brown
    Your salty king, is eating ground
    How did we let the fire drown?

    Then Blues give way to greys,

    And shapes take on new forms,

    Just focus on the shade

    White and black replace your norms

    How does it shine in a place like this?
    At least anymore.
    How does it feel to see who I really am?;


    So go
    And glow
    Hit lights
    Now show

    I know you'll find your fairy tell
    As one by one they're drug to hell
    Out in the cold, with eyes on you,
    I just hope you can see him too.

    Eyes missed
    you lost
    I scream
    you’re tossed
    and though
    I'm free
    eye still
    can't see.


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    is merely


    for adults.


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    True Love

    can be such a volitile and fragile thing.

    Maybe true love, by it's very nature and definition, is a love that simply can't last forever.


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    My teeth have fallen out.
    Someone quick, come bite my tongue.


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    Watching their eyes,
    their fears and cries.
    They use the weak
    to feed their lies.

    They keep you scared,
    and ignorant,
    to feed their God's

    So called ‘Creators’,
    judging their own.
    They withhold the rites
    you've left alone.

    Paint a portrait,
    throw it out
    Begrudge your mind
    For all it's doubt.

    And so our heroes lose their way.
    They're force fed time, and waste away.
    For now our time has run it's course,
    but still they carry no remorse.


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    You Know,

    if you met the devil, and knew her the way I do, you might just like her too.