The dark angel of poetry, the meaning of reality that awakens those who reads and feels them...

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  • lilgshadow_404 1w

    Puppet Master

    Strings among strings...stitch into the skin, a cursed of a bondage, left hanging in thin air, moved by corrupted hands, feed by stale old age energy, raised by a past,... but stuck in a frenzy, with fire in hand.. burnout the threads that bond me, string after string I burn them, took out my sharp dagger, stab the hands that hold them, more strings attached that pull me to misery, God cant not help me, cause his part of the scenery, want to be set free... physically and mentally... to regain my own mind... to replenish my soul... once had help... to detach all the strings,.. but all came up short... and more strings came in.. as the fire in my soul about to start extinguishing,

  • lilgshadow_404 2w


    Lingering purplish black flame aura, sent from hell but promoted pandora, giving by toxic stupidity of mankind ways, or decision of life that put you in a daze... built-In anger, sorrow, rage, even emptiness, replace other emotions in a maze.... never see the light nor days, cast away like a deposed uncaring way, staring heavily just to replenish it all,... many effects.... different feels... even death.... but sometimes severe,... many holes yet to fill... will you survive or will u live,... will help come... or will left alone... the vide you get a day at a time... can save a life, it just take just not easy.. it's always on the rise...

  • lilgshadow_404 3w

    Animatronic #2

    Build me up with the right tools, lift me up without all the bull, put my soul into the core, the remnants flowing let built some more, find more parts... to complete the pieces,... let not kill the innocents....program me to revenge the souls... with the path... to reach the goals.... to burn in flames... to rest in peace... to be revive from unless distressed, to get more pieces to detach, from old memories that kept me bond, to rest my soul.... just let me die.... tired of confusing.. tired misfortune... tired of corruption... tired of munfuctions, tired of no change, tired new functions, tired of holding in rage, when the mainframe is killing the old age of ways... parts being broken and replace in many other different ways,just to deal with the bull that growing in life everyday, my spirit on shit, spread on in other animatronic to deal with in their way, just to show I'm me but still attack without no delay, no show to preform, no warning to look for,... I am my built body...attack the corrupted... not sorry...

  • lilgshadow_404 4w


    Darken days of roaming demons, feeding on energy well needed, with holly shells of wombed dispels that simplify to find a way, the path of joy is just a toy to doom them once again... to become fully healed and concealed to rebuild again, adapted to earth to feel less hurt, we must bend in this hellish grounds... to be yourself or to be someone your never seize the pain of all the shame we fight for our pride... sometimes i just wish that i will finally lay down... and die..

  • lilgshadow_404 5w

    True love (old poem)

    u need a person that can show u love, like an angel from above
    someone that can ask u how ur day was, and probably say things like i love u
    something like ur family when they show u, truth love is what u get, its what u need stop pretending, love is like a mission u lose one person and find a bettter person,
    u dont have worry, u dont have be sorry all have to do is choose and u dont have to be so blurry, but life on the edge, just quickly understand, a truth person is a person that have u hand to hand, never disband, never misunderstand, kiss on the lips, dont diss for a new chick, hold ur girl tight, make sure she alright, be there by her side even when there a storm outside, sometimes when its over its over and if things dont work out then its best to let it go away and slowly ease ur shoulders, and i no for a fact that loved and never regret, i always have faith, love and respect, they call me doctor LilG cause i can solve all ur problems, its like taking stress pills when u see the pain is stronger, just talk to a person like me and u dont have to full of sorrow, it could be the best talk about ur stress and learn from the best, im not saying im all that perfect but i can make things better, easy like cheddar, u cut a nice slice, eat and u be alright, passion in my heart is all i ever was taught, just being myself and love is all i got, now let me take ur hands and show u what i got

  • lilgshadow_404 6w

    Stone Heart

    Maturity develops due to current situations, it takes patience and skill to kill off the stupidity, nonsense unjust, ungratefulness building up, kick them aside and place a wall up, common sense come in a few, and a few is kinda durable, but when full of f#$k up crap, that must likely make you be miserable,you already mess the mind up, make you want to throw up, whooping people ass just to show them to shut up, just might pollute the vide up, and we are humans, we sin all too differently, the problems really lies in mental ability, if you cant deal with problems or do not know how to resolve them, then the tables wont turn it's just pushing to coners,

  • lilgshadow_404 7w


    In the end of time, we just want to find our way, these creatures block our path, either in the night or day, screaming endlessly just to come out and play.., what if we can stop these feelings..., these chaotic ways... what if we become their........ nightmare.. our rage are in the air!!!, Look in our eyes we glare,(ohyeah..)will be the last that we care!!, our heart are a cold as stone, we feel the drastic blows, we see the empathy, we see the gates of hell, falling from underneath, give us the strength we need to be fully free

  • lilgshadow_404 10w

    Restless (true story)

    When the heart gets heavy.. my words gets deathly... I hold my breathe, to shield the unbearing, hold my rage, too hold the insanity, my poems be the same as my heart ripped out slowly with the pain, vision be clear, but fear made it blurry.. live life for a day or let it kill me slowly...feel it in my soul, tired and worry..

  • lilgshadow_404 10w


    Blood running my veins, going insane, memories just blowing my brain, reality untamed, confused mission sustain, mutated into a mechanic being with locks and chains, booted with the gift of frame, screaming my name the brain is saying " your crazy, can you save me?, who made me, do you come here daily? or always full of cupids( love), if so tell me how you do it" behind crime scenes trying to live a dream, that be haunting me within reality... its crazy... that club cloud nine is what i need to a tamed, while my soul suffering again,

  • lilgshadow_404 10w


    That give of ammunition, its tradition, it official, its fundamental, gift to the trigger finger with a reason to blow that whistle, give the word and i will use it, your words is ammo for me to do it, you want the truth, it set you free, with these words will put you to your knees, if your pure with a good conscious, these bullets won't stuck your hearts, if you smart reload with a new clip and zip, use your senses all around you, your ears as your recorder, the brain as storages, hands like defenders, eyes as monitors, the rest will follow ya, and put an end of all the nonsense and attack with it, ©lilgshadow_404