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  • lily_love 1h

    @sanyaaaa it's showing like this����

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  • lily_love 19h

    Handle me with care, embrace my scars with love.
    I'm a moon perfectly carved.

    And you treat me like a Rock?

  • lily_love 22h

    I'm lying deep under the Hibernation
    Of numbness,
    You're the magic spell to wake me up.


  • lily_love 2d

    Never thought my last post would be on you.

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    I'm breathing,
    I'm dead
    Numb as a corpse.

    You see me, i see you.
    Wearing a plastic smile.
    Yea I'm still breathing.

    I'm no more human,
    The feeling you left me with,
    Kills me !!



  • lily_love 2d

    @sanguinity :") miss you the most ❤

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    I don't miss the one i assumed as love,
    Maybe that wasn't love.

    The bond which i had/have with you is
    Beyond love, and purest form of love.
    It's something related to soul's ❤
    Which I can't explain, but you'll understand :')

  • lily_love 2d

    Never search the person you love in others.
    I repeat, never.

  • lily_love 2d

    Loving you wasn't my fate,
    I had a choice.
    But sadly you were my priority.

  • lily_love 3d

    At least once i wanna have
    a peaceful sleep,
    No nightmares of memories,

    Just once..
    Is that something soo much to ask?


  • lily_love 4d

    In the wonderland of love,
    Dreaming as day's go by.
    Lingering in the sky passing star's
    and foam of cloud's
    Flowing around obstacles
    Like water,
    Watching you drifting away slowly

    Oh my dear love,
    What is it but a dream?


  • lily_love 5d

    At the end only priorities matter