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  • lindseybeth 14w

    Sometimes I miss you
    Sometimes I want you
    Sometimes I need you

    Then there’s sometimes when my heart physically stops beating and I can’t breathe, so I sit there numb hoping, praying, believing our last kiss won’t be our last kiss.

  • lindseybeth 14w

    how thrilling
    when life
    surprises you
    and suddenly
    you meet
    the very person
    you longed for
    and dreamed of
    in your sleep

  • lindseybeth 15w

    I used to notice who
    walked by me
    if they were
    cute or
    all at once I met “you”
    now I notice
    I don’t notice
    when I walk by
    at all

  • lindseybeth 17w

    you will forever be
    my always
    I will forever be
    yours too
    forever seems
    like many days
    but forever
    with you

  • lindseybeth 17w

    If you wonder
    what I’m doing
    where I’m roaming
    If I’m home

    If you wonder
    who I’m seeing
    If I’m with friends
    or all alone

    If you wonder
    what I’m dreaming
    how I’m breathing
    If I miss you

    If you wonder
    what I’m feeling
    If I wish that I
    could kiss you

    If you wonder
    what I’m thinking
    how I’m spending
    all my time

    babe the truth is
    in every moment
    I have YOU
    on my

  • lindseybeth 17w

    I can’t say I didn’t see it coming
    because I wrote it down

  • lindseybeth 17w

    Honestly ?
    I’m a realist
    it’s true
    I’ve never believed
    in magic
    or soulmates
    or fate
    until you.
    You looked at me
    and I felt
    the magic.
    We connected
    as if we’d known
    each other before,
    as if we were
    meant to meet,
    as if we were
    The real veracity is
    there is no other word
    that could explain
    the serendipity
    of our paths
    if not

  • lindseybeth 18w

    Dear God,
    this depth of love I’ve never felt
    Thank you...
    He’s everything I envisioned
    and more

  • lindseybeth 18w

    I didn’t want to give away
    My body just for fun

    So I hid away my innocence
    until I would find the one

    Many different beaus approached
    but I never craved their touch

    I wanted to feel like I couldn’t resist
    a “desire to love” that much

    I had to trust him with my heart
    before I’d give away my soul

    So I decided I would wait
    until it was out of my control

    I knew it faster than I thought
    when he came to me one day

    because for the first time in my life
    I craved to give myself away

    to think of his bare chest on mine
    made me wish for him to know

    my body I’d give so passionately
    and let him forever keep my soul

  • lindseybeth 18w

    No he’s not on my mind always
    I sometimes think about food