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  • liron_ginsberg 4w

    As the universe falls into her fingertips, she lights the stars with her cherry lips.


  • liron_ginsberg 4w

    Amidst a nonexistent notion of remorse, none whatsoever, her love burns now and forever.


  • liron_ginsberg 4w


    Yearn I do, for none other

    or another but you

    From cloud nine

    let those light beams shine

    For are we too late

    to realise this fate?

    Heartbreak, oh heartache

    How I envisaged the daybreak

    Shipwrecked at your shore

    this heart was never at war


  • liron_ginsberg 4w


    Amid the hot raging fire

    a dream I'd like to call desire

    Melts this heart to the core

    For the burning seduction, I adore


  • liron_ginsberg 4w

    Thou a fire in this burning sky, my broken heart still yearns to fly.


  • liron_ginsberg 5w

    Shadows of Conflict

    Submersed in sentiments so wild so free

    out of these storms, I long to be

    When nothing seems right

    the blues flow in the shadow of the night

    The fire that once felt so pure

    now feels so certainly unsure

    Will the girl ever see

    how love hurts me

    With emotions so raw

    I suppose all is fair in love and war


  • liron_ginsberg 5w

    In cosmic delight, on a magical moonlit night, her electricity saturates the air tonight.


  • liron_ginsberg 5w

    Head In The Clouds

    Will these sentiments fly to the sky

    In clouds of gas, still sinking am I

    Empty arms, did I surrender to the high's of her charms?

    Burn the tears, all those lost years

    let you down from the sky

    I think not, till I die

    So I hang, on her heartbeat, mm yeah!

  • liron_ginsberg 6w

    Break Free

    Fall into the arms of grace consumed

    by the stellar hues of her face

    Succumbing to the surreal

    This dynamo girl feels so real

    Bordered between fences

    Did love close my senses?

    What have I created, what have I done

    What will it take for two to become one

  • liron_ginsberg 6w

    Emerald Sun

    With the sunrise in her eyes

    The girl with a flair in her hair 

    shines so brightly far out there

    Lost in space am I

    For a gem so rare

    immerses my crazy everywhere