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  • lisacoutinho 19w

    The only way to get rid of the deepest darkest moments in our lives is to face them.

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    Hallway to memories.

    I stood at the hallway, surrounded by doors.
    Behind each door, lied a memory of my past.
    Some tranquilizing, some traumatizing.
    I managed to open a few doors.
    Reliving each memory, I went through a rollercoaster of emotions.

    At the end of the hallway, I noticed a certain red door.
    As I touched the knob to open it, I could already fell the burns.
    Maybe it would be best if some memories remained undisturbed I told myself.
    The instant I went away, a nauseating stench filled the hallway.

    Attempting to escape, I tried opening a few other doors,
    But i realized they were all locked now.
    Instantly, the red door opened and I felt immobilized.
    I noticed it was in flames.

    With the help of the fire extinguisher lying just outside it, I put out the fire.
    As I entered the room, I noticed a vestibule.
    My the passage to freedom.

    However, i realized, to get there I had to go through that particular decaying, agonizing memory.
    I made my way through, feeling immense pain and trauma.
    Like a sword piecing my soul, any moment shredding it to pieces.

    With the vestibule staring at me, I clung on to hope a little longer and endured the torment.
    Fighting the memory I moved forth, towards freedom.


  • lisacoutinho 24w

    A superhero in disguise was he.
    Unknown to the world, maybe.
    But to this tiny little girl,
    No less than an avenger was he.

    Holding her hand he led her,
    For when she fell, he picked her.
    A tear in her eyes would break his heart,
    For she was his princess, no one dare hurt her!

    Readily he sacrificed all he had,
    For the warm smile on her face made him glad.
    On the seventh heavens was he,
    The first time she called him "Dad".

    The bitter truths of life he taught her,
    Watching her grow, oh how he adored her!
    Overwhelming tears of joy he cried each time she brought home a trophy,
    He felt he held his whole world in his arms, each time he carried her.

    His arms were her safe place,
    Happy were they in each other's embrace.
    She alone had the power to change that stoic, cold face,
    Just one look at her would make his pain efface.

    Amidst all the different love stories I've heard,
    The one between a daughter and her father surpasses then all.
    The purest and simplest,
    Unconditional, without deceive.

    However, unlike other love stories,
    That between a father and his daughter never ends
    Even when she was staring at his lifeless body one day,
    As she tried her heart out,
    She missed him,
    All the memories came crushing forth,
    The memories of her Dad, her superhero.
    She would always love him.
    Always and forever.


  • lisacoutinho 29w

    Beauty, who are you I ask?
    Is possessing you a really difficult task?
    The inquisitiveness within persuaded me to carry on the quest,
    Venturing out in the society to find you, oh how I tried my best!

    I was told "36-24-36" was all I needed to have you,
    But the fries inside my belly, drove me even further away from you.

    Then I came across this beautiful outfit.
    Trusting in the process of osmosis, I tried wearing it.
    But the moment I tried it on, I found out that osmosis here worked the other way round.
    My strong determination of finding you wouldn't stop till you were found.

    I tried therapies for having a sleak, clear skin,
    Waxing my body, I felt maybe now I would fit in.
    The notion of having a fairer complexion was ingrained in my mind,
    So I recoursed to makeup and surgeries, but it only rendered me blind.

    In this thirst for beauty, I ended up making friends with depression and insecurity.
    While trying to make the external perfect, I ended up ruining my internal self.

    Then I realised, beauty was my companion all along,
    It was present within my soul,
    It was present when I bandaged the injured puppy.
    It was present when I forgave my boyfriend when he broke my heart.
    It was present when I helped my friend vent out.
    It was present when I stood for myself.
    It was present within me all along.
    Then i realized, beauty is me.
    I am beautiful.

  • lisacoutinho 31w

    Those memories we reminisce,
    Of you by our side.
    Our pillar, our strength, our support.
    Our helper, our confidant, our guide.
    Though a world without you, seems unbearable to live in,
    We know you are here with us, in spirit, in our hearts, deep within.

  • lisacoutinho 31w

    Who am I, you ask?
    Figuring it out is a really difficult task.
    I wish I knew it myself,
    I wish I knew myself.
    I wish I knew why i feel the way I do.
    I wish I knew why things disturb me so often.
    I wish I knew what changed me.
    I wish I knew what made me so distant and closed off.
    I wish I knew what my future holds.
    I wish I knew where my destiny lies.

    All these unanswered questions in my mind, and a hope in my heart keeps me going.
    Hope, yes, someday I'll find all my answers.
    Maybe in another lifetime.

    Maybe that's what life is made up of,
    Finding our true selves.
    The moment we stop this quest, the moment we lose the thirst for finding ourselves, that's when life ends.

  • lisacoutinho 32w

    I wish you waited a little longer,
    A little more of me to see.
    How excited you were, earnestly anticipating the auspicious day to arrive.
    But you pulled away so quickly?
    Leaving me all alone there, was this your plan all along?
    Or was it just fate?

  • lisacoutinho 33w

    Those memories i reminisce.
    When you used to bring me a rose and a dairy milk on every joyful occasion.
    Monotonous it felt then,
    But nostalgia fills my heart right now.
    My heart grows fonder,
    And the whole memory of you leaving without saying goodbye replays in my head.
    The void grows deeper.
    And the masquerade falls off.
    Exposing the vulnerable side,
    I stand there reminiscing every memory.

  • lisacoutinho 34w

    His princess he called her.
    After promising her the whole world, he left her forever.
    Little did he know that he was her world.

  • lisacoutinho 34w

    You say you are fine, but are u really?

  • lisacoutinho 35w

    She was in search of her light,
    But was buried further, deep into darkness.
    The darkness kept crippling her, tormenting her.
    She searched for her light all night long,
    But to no avail.
    The darkness was eating her up.
    It pierced her soul.
    She could feel the excruciating pain.
    She cried out for help, but to no avail.
    Is there a light out there?
    A light that could give her a new hope.
    A light that could comfort her.
    A light that could show her the right path.
    A light that could console her.