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  • lismar91 12w

    I stand up

    The rough waves will not drag me to shore if I still have the strength to rise up against them.

  • lismar91 12w

    Falling for you

    Our eyes met and I was lost.
    Lost in your blue sky.
    I tried to close myself up
    But your open arms bared my soul.
    You knew me from before I found myself.
    You left my guard down and occupied my mind.
    Why are you stealing my thoughts?
    I dared not to find the answer.
    Cause before I knew the reason
    I've already fallen for you.

  • lismar91 12w


    I am a bird From birthday
    I opened up my wings and flew
    I opened my eyes and saw
    What I could do away from you.
    Farewell I bid to my hunter.
    I'm not your prisoner anymore.
    My eyes won't sweat
    And I will not ever "cry you a river".

  • lismar91 12w

    Care me not

    Who I am is not important if you aren't taking the time to know me.
    I won't belittle you if you decide not to.
    But care me not if I turn my face from your sole presence if you turn my noble thoughts
    Don't ever think for a lifetime that you are greater than me.
    I value myself more than anything in my entire world.
    And you and me are not the only beings in this vast and colorful universe.
    So care me not if by our next next meeting..I turn you down.

  • lismar91 12w

    I will prevail

    Not even Poseidon could soothe my rage
    I will overcome the almighty GOD
    my past will not define whom I decide to become in my future.
    I will descend victorious as immortal hero whose live hasn't being decide nor foreseen yet.

  • lismar91 48w

    Fly up

    This feeling of being alone
    Among so many people never goes away.
    Hearing voices that are not my own
    Undressing my being, leaving me empty
    I face my fears but 
    Resolution has never been my bestfriend .
    Afraid to walk down this hall
    Because, fear me not, 
    I'm going straight down to my hangman.
    No one seems to care
    But everyone knows. 
    Why should they care?
    If is not their flesh
    That's being devoured by these beastly 
    Animals wearing soft skin.
    I shut up my grief,
    Swallow my tears.
    They won't be able to 
    Bring me down my knees. 
    I shall be reborn
    As mighty Fenix.
    I will rise up and recover my will.
    I will fly up and above
    On my way to success.

  • lismar91 48w


    I'm tired of pretending 
    Tired of walking down the same streets 
    Watching over all these faceless people
    Hearing them talk about me
    behind my back.
    I'm tired of society
    Dictating whom shall I be
    Guiding me to make decisions 
    That are not my own.
    What should I dress
    How should I talk 
    How to behave if I'm not alone.
    Why be ashamed of my curly hair?
    Why my skin color should bring me shame?
    I have let go of others' thoughts 
    I choose myself and what I represent.