Imagining my way out of this confined little universe by taking in bit by bit of reality.

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  • littlewoman_jo 3h


    In the past I let my mind take all the decisions of my heart. So much so it had come to a point where I would drive off even the slightest of desire, believing it was wrong. I must compromise at all cost because that is what bravery is about - to keep fighting with your heart. It will all pay well in the end.

    But as I went on in my life I gathered there was no means to an end to this war I was having with myself. It went straight to hostile. Then there came another point, the tip of the iceberg, when it was all or nothing and I chose all - all of my heart. Since that time I've felt it in my bones I have been reborn.

    I have a purpose that I genuinely aim for. I work everyday without getting worked up. Prayers automatically form in my heart. I feel seamlessly and irrevocably happy. I have my moments still but I don't have to fight on a regular basis.

    P.S. - Look you can do it too if I can. You don't have to wait for some turning point like me. I am lucky that I am here but I could easily have not been.


  • littlewoman_jo 2d

    It's been 80 years now

    But our love still feels as new as morning dew,
    As warm as blanket on a chilly night.


  • littlewoman_jo 3d

    I feel like I am a clot
    Subsiding, hardening
    Not just around the edges
    But all through.
    I have developed layers
    In time like a rock sediments.
    Each layer having an era
    To dictate.

    One tells about the time
    When I was naked,
    Susceptible to the least damage.
    I needed quick coverage
    And I got them in the form
    That had always left me exhausted.
    It lies in my core.

    Then comes the layer
    That I am afraid will always be there.
    I dare not to visit
    But they're like a stamp on my brain
    Calling me at unexpected moments.
    And I sway, crashing into pointy objects causing myself to bleed again.

    Out of all the layers the most
    Unparalleled one is
    That has been recently baked.
    Luckily, it keeps unwanted things at bay.
    I love how I can take control
    Shape it the way I want.
    I get that some may not appreciate
    But that's none of my concern.
    I hope it stays.


  • littlewoman_jo 4d

    She is the one
    From an aetherial realm.
    Her visage changes as quickly
    as her surroundings,
    She is much aware
    Only a little scared.

    These transformations
    Takes her by surprise.
    She is half human
    so has her filial obligations.
    She's caught up in a tangle
    Wether to give up a part
    Or embrace all.

    Drenched in sadness
    She looks beyond the moon
    A hope for the sun
    To guide her way.
    But it seems so far away.
    In a Neverland.

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  • littlewoman_jo 5d

    Your talent is like a pack of incense stick. Whilst it burns the aroma must empower you. Left alone it's no use.


  • littlewoman_jo 1w

    I see Alice in Wonderland.

    But a lot has changed since the last time she checked.

    There wasn't a Mr. Rabbit to chase down the hole.

    Only she has coerced her brain from a living room sofa into a cresent-moon flower-bed.

    The walls and its accessories replaced with trees and shrubs.

    The carpet is mud.

    A tiara and a gown to match with the rest.

    Oh! Look how forlorn she is though, for she couldn't create her friends!

    Much of reality has consumed her senses.

    There is no space to cultivate her pretenses.

    But can you blame her? She's doing her best.



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  • littlewoman_jo 1w

    You must've been held atleast a dozen times to remember the feeling. But either I was too little to catch a memory or there wasn't any moment to recall. As a kid it is easy to recieve a bundle full of love. As you grow up you see there's a price tag involved. The more apparent the love the higher the price. But I've always lived apart from that sort of love. I craved from the deep. My view of love didn't change and it got me into believing I was the unlucky one. I couldn't go on begging for there wasn't anything they could accept from me in return.

    So I was left alone to pay my sum with an interest. And one day suddenly it stopped when I felt loved on my own accord. It was due a long time so only it grew and grew. Did that imply I needed no one? I did. I do. But maybe I am not the desperate kind anymore. I climbed up that abyss and found myself embracing admist a crowd hopelessly clutching onto one another. Guess what, it didn't slightly bother me.


  • littlewoman_jo 1w

    Tea for sure! Want some?

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    Imagine a pot of tea
    Brewing on a simmered flame.
    It's aroma capturing
    Your whole house immediately.
    Cardamom, ginger, clove
    Together at once.
    The lid vibrating with heat
    Waking everyone up.

    The leaves are drained.
    Last drop drips down
    Like a tickle in veins.
    Tea is being served.
    Magic little cups lifted and brought
    To their respective tongues.
    The sound of heavy likeness
    Pops up one by one.


  • littlewoman_jo 1w

    We cleave so we could get some space. If we cannot understand one another then it's better to go different ways.

    After all, nearness is not always defined by the mere distance in between. Sometimes hearts may bloom better in winters than spring.


  • littlewoman_jo 2w

    If I had a superpower
    It would be to turn all the trees into beings.
    So we can actually befriend them
    And develop a relationship in time of only give and take, not the abusive kind.