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  • live_withinspirit 1d

    Kabhi kabhi zindagi ke kuch pal woh nahi sikhate jo hume nahi chahiye balki yeh sikhate hai jo kabhi mayyeene bhi nahi rakhte

  • live_withinspirit 5w


    Silence on violence road
    Taken into the world of wilderness
    Got fire to the desires
    Locked inside the smoke of heart
    Killed the will of battle
    Pulled out the skull of angerness
    Being blind with mind and body
    Cooled with full of disappointment
    Fed up with dead words from own
    Frightened with brighten ideas
    Folded with bold arms in front of accused
    Memories of old harasses will make you gold
    Told by world who sold to affaulter
    Crime committed by submission of wilders


  • live_withinspirit 7w

    As much as wanna ride on unicorn to see the rainbow paradise
    Boundary by the roots of havoc pull me
    Taking me deep in the well of shadows
    The fragrance of suffocation and pollution of frustration kill me

  • live_withinspirit 11w

    Yeh aise firaq ke jakhm hai jo
    Tanhaiyon mai bhi khoob tarsate hai

  • live_withinspirit 11w

    Zindagi haseen sa
    Kuch hi lafzon mai bayan kar le
    Magar ishka safar tajub hai!!!

  • live_withinspirit 11w

    Live the life with the time not at the time
    Exploit all the despairs and poisons
    Give a rays of tranquility
    In the garden of your cringes
    Dangle your lunatic
    Mourn in raucous with all cozy nights

  • live_withinspirit 11w

    Gazing upon galaxy at arabesque of stars
    Making an approval of your majesty
    Apprehending insolent of gestures
    Appraising your tranquil of looks
    In the twilight creating an arbour near you

  • live_withinspirit 12w

    Humein ish baat se koi shikayat nahi tha ki tum humse baat nahi karte they ,magar ish baat ka afshosh reh gaya ki baat naa karne ki wajah kya thi..

  • live_withinspirit 12w

    Your capability is beyond your limits
    Don't turn back to your past
    Don't hearken to the taunts
    Just make your desire metamorphose into personality

    Defend and betray with your " fears" not with "yourself"

  • live_withinspirit 12w

    Splendid gestures

    Waving my hand to you
    Turning back to see you again
    Your sounds make me insane
    Your waves and breezes reprimand me
    Staring at reflection of moonlit insists me to
    Stay with you more
    All my silences appreciated
    Giving me a touch with your ripple
    Encouraging me to live with shadows of beauty
    Shedding tears for you
    Slauntering deep inside you
    Make me a moment of fortunate
    Mesmerising your sparkles of gesture