I'm that song you skipped, but found out later that it was fire. previously joannacaryn

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  • liveinthesunshine 3d

    Thank you .
    Thats all we can say.


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    While people were celebrating valentines day with red roses,
    Miles away, CRPF jawans ,
    were battling with red blood for their love, Bharat Mata.

  • liveinthesunshine 2w

    Just foodie stuff

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    I think about you more that than i think about food.
    So thats a thing!

  • liveinthesunshine 3w

    Answering all the people in the world who ask me why I m so aloof to everything they do, why I m always ready to fight and never ready to show my vulnerability or even my feelings.

    Also from the other point of view , this is the story of every girl in our society , who has to give up her freedom, her choices , her life just so that she can stay safe... #life #thoughts #poetry #nature

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    I can call myself a rose.
    I protect myself using thorns.
    Cause I know if I dont,
    I ll be plucked and left bruised, once again.

  • liveinthesunshine 3w

    Roses arent always red,
    Violets arent always blue,
    There are days when you wish you were dead,
    And some days when you have no clue.

    Smiles arent always happy ,
    And frowns arent always upset,
    People judge too quickly,
    And about our feelings they forget.

    Right now the roses are red
    And the violets are blue,
    But if anything goes wrong,
    I swear I ll stick by you.

  • liveinthesunshine 3w

    Rip kobe

  • liveinthesunshine 3w

    Parents notice your fake friends before you do

  • liveinthesunshine 5w

    Because he lives,
    I can face tommorow .

  • liveinthesunshine 6w

    Sorry if this offends anyone, its not to be taken that way.

    We wont be silent,
    You cant keep us quiet,
    Wont tremble when you try it. #life #inspiration #thoughts

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    You can try to silence us as much as you want,
    But in the end we wont be speechless.

    India is our family,
    Our home ,
    India is a right ,
    We wont give up.

    This country,
    Which was in chains,
    Was not fought for , only by your so called "majority",
    It's our forefathers blood that flows along with yours.

    Minorities are oppressed,
    Those who speak out are oppressed.
    Only puppets ,
    Those whom you can play with you strings,
    Are cherished.

    One thing,
    You can be sure,
    Just like Nelson Mandela said,
    It requires depths of oppression , to create heights of character.

    So dear Mr . oppressor,
    When you try to tear us apart ,
    Because of our faiths,
    You bring us closer.
    Closer to great heights.

    When you suppress young leaders,
    You only inspire many more to rise up.
    When you brutally ,
    Break down places where "only minorities"worship,
    You are only causing many more to be built.

    When you oppress us,
    You are only plotting against yourself.


  • liveinthesunshine 6w

    By ignoring her, your teaching her how to live without you.

  • liveinthesunshine 11w

    Earth has no sorrow heaven cant cure.