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  • lizzielizzy 9w


    I wish to be the reason that you smile
    but then I don't want you to have only one reason to be happy
    This strikes me and I lift my hands and I pray
    I pray for your happiness
    Regretting my sin, asking God not to forgive me

  • lizzielizzy 9w

    Me Vs You

    Life makes me want to sleep for eternity as I open my eyes in morning
    World makes me want to vanish into thin air by noon
    By evening I'm a beast that you tame
    After exhaustion of working all day long, you endure with me
    And make me want to live happily
    And I feel bad for you, so I let you go to bed
    Since, you give me hope I sleep peacefully
    And then morning happens again

  • lizzielizzy 11w


    People that we need
    And people that we want are different
    Given that
    People that we laugh with
    And people that we love are different
    Only if we could 'want' the one's that we 'need'

  • lizzielizzy 13w

    A tale of peace

    Peace that doesn't have trace of lie, deceive, repentance, resentment is what I prefer not the peace that is throned on unjust, chaos, lies, secrets, I would rather choose battle to fight that throne.

  • lizzielizzy 15w

    Nostalgia of worry-free-ness

    That chases me
    That feeling of completeness in the moment of void
    In that silence I had laid down on roof of my house
    Under the stars embedded in the universe's vastness
    On lap of beautiful childhood skys
    That peace, giggles, glitters, knowing I'm safe and loved
    Not knowing the real world of wicked
    In that casket of love and affection and cares
    That moment of merrily shares
    Childhood in bed of jasmines and roses
    Oh but no thorns just roses
    Cheerily, merrily, lovingly all good things at once
    Heaven, yes I visited once
    That I left just few miles back
    Yet, never can travel back

  • lizzielizzy 15w

    It takes Certainty and plans for us to reach goals
    It's only uncertainty that can take us beyond

  • lizzielizzy 16w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word micro-tale on Intense

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    Your eyes, sunset, sunrise, tulip, music, books, traveling and poetry

  • lizzielizzy 16w


    Black lives matter
    But all the Muslims are terrorists
    Stop Fat Shaming
    But Skinny shaming? Well, we are encouraging you to 'Eat more'
    You can't look down at someone for not knowing Second language
    Smart shaming? They deserve it for making us insecure
    Of course! We don't have Gender disparity here
    Cause we are aware that Household chores is 'Girl's job' everywhere

  • lizzielizzy 16w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short tale on Triumph

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    I kept letting you win.

  • lizzielizzy 17w


    Roosts singing your memories rife
    On this gloomy rive of life
    Rippling memories, lively Ruth
    Gonna someday be just stale and blur?