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  • lodayih 28w

    Demons on my shoulders,hanging outta nowhere
    Don't know where my soul lives
    All I know shit get real in the belly of the beast

    They want to worship and ravage my soul and body .
    They want to give me all I want for it,
    I'll keep teasing the devil leading him on
    Make him believe that I'll open up .
    make him do everything and more
    But it won't be enough to feel my aching soul
    Maybe I'm icarus flying too close to the sun
    Maybe I should take it down a notch

  • lodayih 31w

    It would be a slap on the face of the souls of all the wonderful creatives within me,
    To let pain Destroy instead of strengthen my resolve.
    Because pain is of the devil and he always comes with death knocking silently beckoning me,
    Tempting and begging me to take that step towards my own demise
    In all my darkness fears and regrets , through the anxiety and self doubt.
    I remember even if I have nothing to hold on to ,
    I have these not so few words of mine to uplift my spirit.
    In my solitude and silent meditation
    In my prayers and tears;
    I remember every single drop of sweat
    Every tear, shed by my mothers before me .
    Their struggles ,their pain their stories to tell
    And one more thing they never gave up.
    I've never felt deserving of anything and also felt like I deserved it all .
    Most of all I felt I needed to gather my true tribe no matter how little we may be .
    we deserve a spot on this earth!
    Where I would truly belong ,
    But to belong one must be strong
    And find the courage to keep moving on
    Not just strength.
    Cause any man can be strong but it takes courage to build strength.
    I can't leave cause I have too many things to do
    Too many souls to free ,
    How could I have forgotten; I am everything and nothing all at once.
    Aretha Franklin once said Before I would be a slave ,I'd be dead in my grave .
    This is the universe's reminder ,I must still discover this heaven on earth not for myself but them.
    And I try
    Try to not stray off the forrest path .
    For the beast always lurks,
    Trying to take it all.

  • lodayih 34w

    Creation story

    the mother was dipped in the milky way
    She drunk and felt the beautiful waters of the universe
    Submerging her pores , raising the hairs on her skin
    She was touched by God and took a piece of heaven down with her
    He clinged to her shoulder for support and cried out as if in shock
    But he dived deep deeper in her oceans she wanted to show him a world with her in it
    And that night he saw
    soon the mother conceived
    Once ,twice two or more times she touched the skies
    In a few years she gathered her children Little planets in this big Galaxy
    their souls bright and burning stars
    She held them in her bossom for a while
    Then let them into the night ,to cast their light


  • lodayih 34w

    Lucky ones

    It's a quater past four
    we were side my side
    Our skins intertwined
    Finally in your arms
    Tussling sheets and feels
    Your weight untop of me
    My arms wrapped tight around you
    Afraid that this moment might end
    Pure ,raw desire ,We perspire
    I was lucky to look into your eyes
    And I saw that soul I recognized

  • lodayih 34w

    Flower Child

    I'm rare in my way
    I love to sit and wonder about the touch nature gives
    I want to know about more things
    I drink wine and inhale for aromatherapy
    I am happy
    It's what I tell myself
    But my brief moments of sadness and loneliness
    Reminds me no one can have it all
    So at these moments when I usually wallowed in pain
    I decided to spend it to pray in my own way
    Be my therapist and soothe my pain even if it won't heal today
    This journey to growth greatness will lead me to.the gates
    Of kingdoms , realms and heaven one day
    I shall ascend to return yet again..

  • lodayih 34w

    The thing about muses are they appear perfect to Then point of godly importance on your creative psyche
    They could just be normal humans till when you see beyond the fissage.
    I'm afraid If we meet and I told end everything you would see me as unworthy.
    Or I'd see you as worse and yes I am selfish for wanting to keep that image to myself

  • lodayih 35w

    By unknown writer

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  • lodayih 35w



  • lodayih 35w

    Salvation or salve
    Which do you prefer
    Salvation for your soul ?
    Or Salve for Heart
    Which do prefer
    To ache less

  • lodayih 35w


    Confronting the in-depth causes of my misery
    Would be too much to withstand
    But this negligence and frighteness
    Is a locked gateway to happiness

    Insomnia lurks around
    Binding me in reoccurring Moments I could have done right by myself
    Putting my selfishness first,
    Enraged with not just anger but a form of bitterness

    I said to myself , you let rage control and win before
    Would you let it again ?
    And so i abstain