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  • logophile_diwa 5d

    Hi My Lovlies,
    Umm...Ok so I don't know how to say this still I've tried my best.
    So I'm leaving Mirakee for few days (months)... *teary eyes*
    This is quite tough for me but it is necessary too.
    Thank you to all my genuine readers. Thanks a lot for your honest reviews and the love you shower on me (It's too much for me to handle).
    This place has taught me and given me a lot.
    This is where I found my best(est) friend and my lovelies.

    Vanshika...You sweetie, such a lovely soul you're. Thank you for being here for me.
    Zoya Di...The strongest person, I've ever seen. Di you're such a beautiful soul. And yes bohot seh liya and now it's time to live your life.
    Esin...My Inspiration, Darl I admire you for your boldness. And Thank you for encouraging me.
    Alara...I love you sweetie, you have magic in your hands. And your command over languages leaves me speechless.
    Sadiah...My love, You what do I say? Such a caring and loving person you're. Thank you for always supporting me. Come back soon *there*. I have something to tell you *sobs*.
    Sanam...Thank you sweets...For your honest reviews and being very kind all the time.
    Muskan...Thank you for never failing to bring smile on my face.
    Jufi...You lil one, Thank you for your love dearie.
    ********....My bestest friend, I miss your presence here.
    Thank you for (everything) bearing me and being the cutest person in this world.

    I'm sorry if I forget to mention someone (I'm bad at remembering names).
    I'm going to miss this place and you all a lot.
    Trust me I had so many things to say but I'm not able to....


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  • logophile_diwa 5d


    They are soulful and captivating
    Something that held me
    when I was falling
    I can see that spark in em'
    Which enlivens me in depth
    It attests the brightness of moon,
    that coruscates in the dark night
    And fills me with solitude,
    submerging the chaos inside
    I can feel the twinkling of stars,
    I so wanted to see
    It's glimpse seems like
    the sunlight filtering through trees.


    It seems like the sound of rustling leaves
    That touches my heart,
    flowing through my veins
    It's sweetness has mesmerized my soul
    And it's now hard for me to control
    The softness in it makes me
    feel like floating on the mormoris
    That it fracts the frigus
    within me as a bliss
    It's serenity sounds like
    the melody consigning from heaven
    Throbbing my heart to
    dance on it's beats forever.

    #musingsofAfi @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Your every feature is so arcane,
    Ohh I wish, I could reach your heart!"

  • logophile_diwa 1w

    A letter to....*ink runs out*

    I wish we could
    talk like before.
    I wish we could
    together walk a little more.

    I wish we could
    ascend the moon.
    I wish we could
    sway in the pool.

    I wish we could
    dance and sing.
    I wish we could
    flabbergast each other with our winks.

    I wish we could
    adore each other.
    I wish we could
    waft high with love feathers.

    I wish we could
    get bit more closer.
    I wish we could
    hug a lil more tighter.

    I wish we could
    slumber in each other's arms.
    I wish we could
    feel each other's warmth.

    I wish we could
    together count the stars.
    I wish we could
    kiss each other's scars.

    I wish we could
    make an aita of flowers
    I wish we could
    caper together for hours.

    I wish we could
    talk like before.
    I wish we could
    walk a little more.

    #musingsofAfi @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    //I have always dreamed of a love like this, it's the only one worth of living//

  • logophile_diwa 2w

    Quodlibet way I pass durch,
    this is solely confered.
    Moon an wen we call,
    is your virage.
    Ensuingly in your forum,
    I will coruscate like
    hanukkah candles.
    I'm breathing in a terrific way.
    Since when the gaurds
    have been on my breath.
    Aeons will pass still,
    I won't be able to replenish,
    The melancholy of
    your fidelity,
    that is so fathomless.
    Are the moments
    of cessation,
    on the verge of cease?
    Whose fragrance is
    appetizing the locus heute.

    #musingsofAfi #lame #temp @mellifluous_soul @the_frozenn_heart @scarletheart_moonlovers @atticoftheheart @syaahiii

    Ps: Forgive me for not reading you all.

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    //Jis taraf nikal jaoon bas isi ka charcha hai,
    Chaand jisko kehte hain, aap hi ka chehra hai//

  • logophile_diwa 2w

    You'll snivel, reminiscing me,
    the moment you'll get
    the cypri on your metacarpus.
    Cascades and Ravines will
    pay visit to the scenes,
    the snags will escort me now
    as I've cropped up to saunter.
    It's not so facile to
    fall to bits from propinquity
    as the butterflies flutter
    at the florets that blooms.
    Shafts, Shells or Ashes
    be there or not,
    the rhythmic lightening is ceaseless
    on the branches.
    "Ohh thee nameless shelters!"
    "Now douse your lamps,
    as there are frotuities of an orage."
    In it's intirety,
    the Birds of Expectations
    would fly away,
    when the safran des indes
    will blow in carrying
    the berichten in it.
    "Ohh dear wreatched soul! "
    "This assumption is not slighter,
    that the letter bar and colloquies would come."

  • logophile_diwa 3w

    Give a glance around to see what is happening. All around we see life. There are flora and fauna and the Homo sapiens. All these we see living and dying. The question is, 'what happens to each of these after death?' The cortex of trees, the carcasses of the animals and the cadavers of humans get rotten and become a part of the terra firma. What happens to the spirit, the soul on life? All of us are sure that the humans at least have a soul which does not die. If it does not die, it continues to live. So there must be a life after death.

    In this world we observed that there are some people who perpetually savour life. There are others who continue to suffer and struggle. There are people who are ferocious, adroit and nefarious. The world has also mortals who are pious, virtuous and altruistic. The wicked seem to enjoy life while the angelics seem to suffer. If there is no morality in this world, there must be a place where the nobles are guerdoned and the wicked are punished. Hence it is necessary to have a life after death.

    Since our salad days we all have been taught about a life after death. We have been affirmed that death is not the end of the whole ball of wax but the outset of new life for the person.

    If death mere to be the end of everything, then life would naturally be purposeless. It would only encourage sins, exploitation and lechery. There would be no need to live a virtuous life. This certainly cannot be the case.

    Beliefs might differ but all believe in some kind of life after death. Some believe in rebirth. Each rebirth is determined by the merits and demerits of the precious life. Some believe in transmigration of the soul. Here again the body changes by the soul depends on the precious life. Some believe in Heaven for the good and Hell for the wicked. We have to accept that life has a purpose - that of preparing for the next life.

    Ps: Inspired by the posts of @ikshitij
    I've never written something like this before •__•

    Thank you WN for the like, it was quite unexpected.

    @hafeezhmha @fromwitchpen @qalm_e_afrah @kin_jo @_still_in_mess

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  • logophile_diwa 5w

    You're the terminus to
    this dwaling soul.
    You're the star to
    this disciple of sabaism.
    You're the tulips to
    these blue roses.
    You're the echt light to
    this solvigant moon.
    You're an Anam Cara to
    this geheimhouder.
    You're a trouvaille to
    this zwerver.
    You're a komrebi to
    this obscurité.
    You're a camhanaich to
    this caliginosity.
    You're the apricity to
    this shivering diwa.
    You're a sirmiri to
    this barren island.

    Your carnations have
    always made me Gladiolos.
    Your lavender roses have
    always mesmerised
    my Pink ones.
    Your words have always
    showered the Sunflowers
    and Daisies.
    Your avyanma writes have
    always been ataraxia
    to me.
    Your oenomel nature has
    always felicitated me.

    My most kind Hoooman ... lucky to have you.
    You are always filled with lots of positivity and sweetness.
    You are the most adorable person over here.
    You carry Asters and Amaryllis within you.
    You spread positive vibes wherever you go.
    You make people smile with your kind and sweet gestures.
    You are so ineffable so it's better for me to shut my mouth.
    Be the same you and stay blessed.

    Thank you for understanding me.
    Thank you for always supporting me.
    Thank you for confronting me.
    Thank you for helping me.
    Thank you for all your advices.
    Thank you for your encouragement and beauteous cheers.
    Thank you for annoying me.
    Thank you for being childish.
    Thank you for all those kiddish talks.
    Thank you for making me realise the things.
    Thank you for making me love myself.
    Thank you for reminding me of my brother's presence in every essence.
    Thank you for all your care.
    Thank you for those shitty concepts.
    Thank you for being my family.
    Thank you for all your pranks.
    Thank you for being my sweet hooman.
    Thank you for everything.

    K - Kind
    S - Soulful
    I - Incomparable
    T - Thoughtful
    I - Incredible
    J - Joyous

    You weave wonders over here .. You express pain, happiness, love, darkness etc... Everything like a pro.
    You write pieces well embedded with magic and lots of perfection and beauty.
    You write the reality in such a way that one couldn't just stop agreeing with your words.
    Your profound and elysian pieces crafted with peony vocabulary, leave a spark in the readers' heart.
    You have the power to pen down the emotions with deep and fragile flow.
    Your words are a Bird of Paradise in itself.
    You script phenomenal chef d'ouvere with lots of carnations.
    You have the power to pen down the dysophoriatic emotions.
    Besides all this, you are a hooman with gold heart.
    You are the bestest, sweetest and the cutest.

    My sweet hooman
    My advisor
    Your birthday comes once in a year
    I will shout out a loud so
    that everyone could hear..

    May God shower blessings upon you.
    May you always stay happy and healthy.
    May you stay the same belle ame.
    May you become successful in your life.
    May your parents blessings and Navika's love always be with you.

    Ohh I pray to thee God ....
    May You learn cooking(ASAP)
    May you don't forget me ( I kn you won't forget)
    May you complete your death
    May you be the same you and always stay blessed and
    loved by all.

    I'm gonna make you cook so many mughlai parathas and other dishes too.
    We'll play basketball and do time-travelling. (If possible)
    We'll learn hacking(If she agrees to teach us)
    We'll do twinning with our favs B&W
    and smile like crazy souls.
    And what else?
    Tell me if I forgot something...

    OK so jokes apart and yes HAPPIEST BIRTHDAYYYYY ANAM CARA

    Huh..mee is so tired after writing this...I hope you love ittttt.... @ikshitij

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    Tulipe-et-flowers and
    it's allurance is rien,
    Devant de your smile
    my life is rien.

  • logophile_diwa 8w


    The term 'criticism' literally means fault-finding. The word may be accepted in a broader sense meaning looking at or discussing something critically. It is a kind of a review or analysis so as to find the good points as well as the bad ones so as to improve and to become better. Every one in this world is liable to be criticised. Those who do more are criticised more. Similar is the case with those who are in better or higher positions. Everyone of us indulge in this activity. We criticise everything and everyone. Many of us even criticise God.

    There are two types of criticism. These are constructive and destructive. Constructive criticism is healthy and is welcome, whereas destructive criticism is unhealthy and dangerous. Constructive criticism results from concern and love. It has the good of the individual as the motive. It helps to improve a person. Destructive criticism results from anger, hatred and jealousy. It does a lot of harm.

    No one is perfect in this world. Whatever one does can be improved upon, to be made more perfect. Constructive criticism points out the drawbacks, shortcomings and defects. It helps the individual to look into himself and to reduce the minuses as well as to increase the pluses. Such criticism should be accepted and welcomed. The greatness of a person lies in welcoming criticism. It shows his weaknesses by believing that there is always room for improvement.

    Whenever we do something, we should be prepared to be criticised. Everyone who criticises us should not be considered as our enemies. With an open heart and free mind we should accept these comments and allow them to be stepping stones to further success. It is often pride that prevents us from accepting criticism.

    We have too high opinion about ourselves and we feel that whatever we do is always right. This is what makes us consider everyone who criticises us as our enemies. Very often it is they who are our best friends for they want us to improve as they care for us.

    The tendency to criticise is to be used for the benefit of others. It should not be a fault-finding tendency. We should not train ourselves to see the good as well as the bad points. Before we criticise others for their defects, we must look into ourselves and correct them in ourselves. Then we should have the courage to tell others so that they can improve their drawbacks and become better men and women. The manner in which we point out these defects is also important. The other person should be made aware of our good intentions. It is to help them and not hurt them.

    Criticism helps the one who is criticised as well as the one who criticises. The former is informed of certain defects, rectification of which helps him to become better. The latter gets a chance for introspection and consequent improvement. Both need courage and humility to accept and to give good advice.

    Improvement and progress would be impossible without criticism. The world has progressed only because of the sincere and courageous criticism of everyone and everything.

    //Accept both compliments and criticism;
    It takes both sun and rain for a flower to grow.//

    "The better the work is, the more it attracts criticism; it is like the fleas who rush to jump on white linens."
    ~Gustave Flaubert

    Ps: Please tell me if there's any typo.

    #musingsofAfi #criticism #pod @mirakee @writersnetwork @amulyafreelancerr @ikshitij

    @/meloden This is for you as you wanted me to write on this topic

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    //True humility is being able to accept criticism as graciously as we accept compliments//
    ©Sabrina Newby

  • logophile_diwa 8w


    One of the major aims of education is to train citizens for the country. Different countries have different philosophies and different forms of government. China is communist country. Most countries of the world are democratic. Educational policies are dependent on the philosophy of the country. India is a democratic country with a socialistic outlook as described in the constitution. The term 'socialist' was added to the Permeable to the Constitution by the 42nd Constitutional Amendment in 1976.

    The term 'socialist' reflects the desire of most of India's modern statesmen to make India a welfare state in which government plays a dynamic role in economic activities. Socialism is the political and economic theory of social organisation advoca- ting and commercial activities.

    The typical features of a socialistic pattern of society are : (i)economic planning so as to bring means of production, distribution, etc. under state control and (ii) a more equitable distribution of national wealth.

    Indian education is meant to train citizens for India. Having a socialistic identity, the country needs citizens who have the same attitude and frame of mind. Consequently, education will be directed towards achievement of this aim.

    Each one of us is to be trained to become a good Indian citizen. Therefore it is necessary for us to know the socialistic principles. The most important principle is that of equality. It calls for removal of all should be no discrimination of caste, colour or creed. All should be treated as equals with equal opportunity to develop the abilities.

    The desire to promote the welfare and the well-being of all must be inculcated. It calls for special attention to the weaker sections like the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes who had been denied all opportunities for a long time.

    Women deserve to be given equal status with men. They were kept subdued and denied opportunities of education and development. A socialistic pattern of society calls for their emancipation and development.

    There are many social evils which are stumbling blocks in the path of social progress. The dowry system is one such evil. Young men have to rise up strongly oppose accepting dowry and young women should refuse all alliances where dowry is involved.

    Another important socialistic principle is fair distribution of wealth and material resources. This is to prevent concentration of wealth in the hands of a few people. This will reduce the gap between the haves and the have-nots. These are some of the basic socialistic principles which we should know practice so that we may become good citizens of our country.

    The first step is to know these principles and the next is to train ourselves to follow them. Though equality is not possible, we can try our best to remove all discrimination. Each one has certain abilities in different measure. Can each not be provided with equal opportunities to develop these abilities? Can we not learn to look at others as fellow beings without noticing their caste, colour or creed? Is it not possible for us to share what we have with those who don't have anything? After all what are we going to do with all national wealth that we amass? When we die, wo go empty-handed.

    What can be done against all the social evils which eat into the vitals of the Indian society? Should we ignore them or fight against them?

    Our country has a socialistic outlook and we are expected to develop a similar bent of mind. Now is the time to develop this attitude so that we may achieve the aim of education which is to train citizens for India. It will eventually help our country to prosper and ensure a happier life for us and for our fellow Indians.
    ~ Afira

    Ps: Pardon me please, if there's any mistake.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #musingsofAfi #pod #socialism

    Inspired by posts of @/caria_eila__ and @/colourfulgreys My Inspiration

    @diaryticko @hafeezhmha @zikra_ @veloc1ty_

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  • logophile_diwa 12w

    //Lala-o-gul aur uski
    dilkashi kuch bhi nahi
    Muskura den aap to
    ye zindagi kuch bhi nahi//


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