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  • lone_warrior16 12w

    People are like that. They still think RAVAN as the evil. Truth is:

    ▪At once he was a great "KING".He turned himself unknowingly as evil just because of love towards his sister.

    ▪At once he was a great devotee to "SHIVA".

    ▪At once he's a great "SCHOLAR".

    ▪At once he was well versed in six "SASTRAS".

    After being so successful for his whole life, he had become an evil. I suppose it is our mistake to interpret person's whole life and character basing on one situation.


  • lone_warrior16 16w

    Be with the one who's worthy to have you.
    Not with the one who's worthy enough to pay your Bill's!!


  • lone_warrior16 17w

    People have their way of living (leaving).
    Some tells it directly.
    Some show in their actions
    And some stand in between both let's you suffer more.
    Finally the ignorance one's they won't tell you, wont act upon anything towards you. Ultimately the one which will be pinned deep down the heart!


  • lone_warrior16 19w

    He lost!!

    And for once he felt he's lost.
    Out of every good deed he does.
    Out of every caring act he made.
    Out of every moment that filled with happiness.
    Out of every sacrifice he made just to see her, just to keep her happy.

    He was comforted with words that he can't deny.
    Those were the words he needed.
    He fell for those words in the beginning and now again.
    It's like same movie on a repeat mode.

    He thought he lost, cuz what matters? even after you do so much, You be the same man again!


  • lone_warrior16 22w

    One who talk, can't act.
    One who act, can't talk.


  • lone_warrior16 32w

    Life won't leave you that easily.
    It fucks you in every possibility, where you won't be left with any opportunity other than staying calm and watching it.


  • lone_warrior16 33w

    Don't know where am i!
    Don't know what am i!
    People come and leave!
    At the end you'll be left by yourself, be prepared.
    People can dump you anytime. Any single time.
    Might be basing on their interpretation, basing on their situations, basing on nothing as well.
    They shower their love initially, once the day pass by people come out with their opinions to keep you put.
    They'll leave you a choice to stay or stay away.!


  • lone_warrior16 34w

    People take their chances.
    I've come to a point to not to discuss or share my opinion about it.
    Cuz they've already prepared themselves for something they wished.
    Something like, breaking a thing even after knowing it would break at some point. They let it reach it's extent and it breaks eventually.
    They let it because they know even if it break it won't leave them. Be that thing even if you break. Give them confidence you're there.


  • lone_warrior16 34w

    Lost in between worlds,
    There would always be a saying for every action you take. Elders are always up for those things.
    We don't choose to act, but we act according to situations. Might be good, bad or the worst.
    The good is you act, you mess up things and there's solution for it.
    The bad, you mess up things but there's someone to help you out with the solution.
    The worst? You mess up things and you don't have people around you to help you get through it.
    Yes, it is hard sometimes but as everyone say
    "Fake it to Make it".


  • lone_warrior16 37w

    You always don't need to be classy all the time. You sometimes need to change yourself into a beast and let your pain out.

    A pain that only one who don't have food that understands.
    A pain that only one without shelter understands.

    It may change you permanently, yet you'll be relieved with the pain!
    So accepting that is correct? Or wrong?