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  • lonethinker 1w

    Ps- Some Randomness


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  • lonethinker 3w

    I kept ignoring the mistakes,
    I have been committing,
    Knowing it is not right,
    Perhaps, I believed,
    Deep down in my heart
    I hoped
    The mistakes to prove me right-
    It Sounds absurd, Right
    But yeah, that's what I wish.

    What I found was that
    All my hopes
    And dreams laying shattered
    Hidden away from the reality
    Wearing an invisibility cloak.
    I was terrified
    For I caught myself spinning and
    Weaving a web of altered truths.

    I was trying to find the lost,
    The lost dignity
    Once abandoned and never dared to
    Looked back upon.
    All those forgotten feelings and memories.
    That lies buried
    Buried deep inside,
    My heart
    Then the heart of my heart
    Before cremated forever.


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    I kept ignoring the mistakes,
    I have been committing,
    Knowing it is not right,
    Perhaps, I believed,
    Deep down in my heart
    I hoped
    The mistakes to prove me right-
    It Sounds absurd, Right
    But yeah, that's what I wish.

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  • lonethinker 4w

    In my lonely heart, lies
    A longingness so deep
    Of scattered wishes,
    Which the mind misses.


  • lonethinker 9w

    Halfway past into November
    I am realising
    Nowadays I am missing out on things
    Many things are getting overlooked.
    Seems like me my thoughts are
    Being held in captive
    It is present, yet absent
    Not flowing into words.

    So many things are happening
    Mostly getting ignored,
    Either people are going away or
    I am moving away from them,
    Whatever it is,
    It is.

    What I am doing is nothing but watching.
    With no false hope to get high.
    The peace is missing
    Camouflaged and hiding
    behind the bushes,
    Whereas chaos is being offered
    In a delicious buffet.

    These days
    Backspace is working with
    More efficaciously than anything
    Like a real 100% efficient machine
    As defined in the Physics Book,
    Read in the high school

    I write, I delete
    Stuck in thoughts
    Even if the heart feels a ravel rushing a
    Thousand feelings
    But nothing settles in between the lines
    Or in life
    Just vacuum everywhere.
    Debabrata Tarai

    **Not that good,
    But It is, what it is.**

    #thesedays #HalfwayNovember
    #AtrocityofNovember #mirakee

    #pic Credit- Unsplash

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    The Atrocity of November

  • lonethinker 11w

    October left,
    Paving a way for November
    Taking away leftover tranquillity
    That stayed all through the month
    Leaving me perplexed
    Every moment.

    I do not know
    What is happening?
    I just cannot explain it.
    When in these times
    The lies are in the air,
    The truth and honesty
    Comes in waves,
    Some hit the shore
    Some just do not
    And loyalty seems lost
    Drowned somewhere
    In-between the ocean.

    It is happening.
    Though it seems good at times
    I am unsure of it,
    I do not know how to handle this
    A dilemma it is

    This is something
    I am not able to understand
    For October was not like this
    I was happy,
    Okay, may not be happy,
    It was okay at least.


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    November is here

  • lonethinker 12w

    Maybe someday
    Somewhere, I will find the old me
    The carefree one,
    Those old memories
    To feel that delight.
    Maybe at a whole new place.

    The new part in my life is
    Something no one knows,
    How I cry every second
    without letting my tears drop
    Holding a smile on my face
    For just no specific reasons.

  • lonethinker 14w

    I have always been living
    A life in between
    Somewhere it's between
    Uncertain and certain
    Buoyant and bleak
    Maybe with some direction
    Yet unknown.

    In this in between life
    I have experienced the feelings
    Weird maybe
    A weird state it is
    Not exactly happy,
    Not exactly sad
    Somewhere in between them,
    Not knowing whether to express
    Or suppress
    I am just enmeshed.

    Sometimes the emotions flow,
    Through my veins
    Without any essence
    I don't know how to explain
    Sometimes I feel like a hyphen
    We used to join two words together
    I feel like I am stuck in between two worlds
    Just like a hyphen
    Simply Meaningless.

    Sometimes it's just frustrating
    To be in this state
    The state of in between,
    Being like a bridge
    Connecting two worlds
    Longing to be on both
    But belong to none.


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    In between


  • lonethinker 15w

    Those silent lanes
    Speaks a thousand words,
    Watching the raindrops falling
    I stand there
    I watch my memories moistened
    In a shallow puddle
    A sludge of wind whispering to them
    In a snuggly cuddle.


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  • lonethinker 15w

    When it pains
    you just feel that
    Nothing else seems to matter anymore
    your soul is being lost to sight.
    you just can't focus on
    anything else,
    anymore, but the pain.

    It slowly devours everything,
    weighing you down,
    It hurts more than any burn,
    You weep, you cry
    You plead, you try
    until you can't move.
    But it doesn't heal, instead
    It slowly fades away.


  • lonethinker 16w

    Through the streets of life
    We all are moving,
    to the end, which is a dead-end.
    Nobody takes the same route or lane,
    We tend to stay for a while at some point
    visiting some places
    the places, which we can call
    life's phase.
    Something we give,
    Something we receive
    We need to live and enjoy every place,
    while we are moving forward,
    As no road will lead us back to the point
    where we started.


    #life #streetoflife #mirakee

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