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  • looser1814 20w

    It's better to cry than to be angry because anger hurts others while tears flow silently through the soul and cleanses the anger ..

  • looser1814 20w

    Every tear , every word .
    Never seen , never heard .
    Silent cries , silent screams .
    Broken heart , broken dreams .

  • looser1814 20w

    Death is the only adventure
    I have patience for

  • looser1814 20w

    Lonliness, is a fire ,
    Which I hold close to my skin ,
    To see how much pain I can stand ,
    Before running to the water...

  • looser1814 20w


    When two souls fall in love, there is nothing else but the yearning to be close to the other. The presence that is felt through a hand held, a voice heard, or a smile seen .

    Souls so not have calendars or clock, nor do they understand the notion of time or distance. They only know it feels to be with one another.

    This is the reason why you miss someone so much when they are not there, even if they are only in the very next room. your souls only feels their absence . It doesn't realize the separation is temporary.

  • looser1814 21w

    I miss u
    in ways
    that not even words
    Can understand ..

  • looser1814 22w

    Never forget how far you have come. Everything you have gotten through.all the times you have pushed on even when you felt you couldn't.all the mornings you got out of bed no matter how hard it was.all the times you wanted to give up but you got through another day.never forget how much strength you have developed along the way ....

  • looser1814 23w


    Insaan ki khamoshi se naraz
    mat hua karo ...
    Kyunki aksar toote hue log
    Khamosh raha karte hain...

  • looser1814 28w

    The bond between you and me is something special , something different ,can't be explained in words.
    I am more me when I am with you,
    I am less me when I am not with you .

  • looser1814 31w

    Don't be afraid
    I will sit with you in the dark
    And wait until the light comes..