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  • lord_sheks 23w

    What Bugs the Heart

    Is Life fair?
    Life is Unfair
    No life is just
    What kind of justice is that?
    Pure envy is what it is
    How are you so sure?
    These questions fucks the heart.

    The timeline of our lives wants and desires
    Too much
    The heart can't keep up
    So it breaks
    And leaves the mind
    With a disarray of questions
    And talks of badluck

    Wow, He got a good job and a car
    And all i want is a job that help me survive
    She's been married for 3 years
    I can't even attract a guy
    Dude got a promotion
    But I bring better results than he does
    She has two kids already
    And i have none despite the chastity

    We are in a world whose rules seems paradoxical
    You do good, you get bad
    And those who do worse, get paid in good kind
    What kind of life do I have?
    The real question is
    What do we do to make sense out of all of it?
    The answer
    Nobody knows, Every one tries
    Some suceed, some do not
    But then, that's life.
    And Life fucks us all over
    Probably Sitting in a corner
    Laughing off man's struggles

  • lord_sheks 23w

    Life and Death

    Life and death
    Entry and exit
    Beginning and End
    We came naked
    We left with clothes
    We came for ambition
    We left with questions
    Silent tears welcomed us
    Loud wailings escorts us
    Loud wishes and blessings at birth
    Silent curses and grievances at death
    Birth gives time to parents marriage and plans
    Death takes the time of everybody
    Beginning and End
    Entry and Exit
    Time's running out

  • lord_sheks 23w

    No More

    You have gotten to the part
    To where you care no more
    To where their voices
    sounds like crowd murmurs
    To a point where their words
    Is nothing but shells
    And all you hear is noise
    Intangible, Unsavory
    Irritating, Spoken noise

    All you have
    All you listen to
    All what makes content to you, Freré
    Is the complex end product
    Of the company
    That operates below your hair


  • lord_sheks 23w


    So fuck I'm in a zone of nothingness
    With no job to fall back upon
    A place of peace i can't even find
    It's so fucking bad man

    So these days I'm losing my senses a lot
    Losing appetite so much
    Losing strength so quick
    All that makes me sane
    Is nina simone's voice
    With her voice in my mental lane
    Only then, can my brain make a choice

    Too many troubles
    From how can i get to the interview
    To how can i get money
    How can i buy new clothes
    Cause i'm stuck in tatters
    Tatters soaked in dust
    With footwear blooming to take flight
    I walk these streets
    Where people see me as a mad man
    Who lost his faculties in phases
    Really, I'm not sure if i am not mad
    Cause i do not care or think about those i used to think about
    Or is it circumstances or the situation

    Nah, I'm sure I'm losing
    The only safety ticket before i get mad
    Is to get a job
    Or to fuck off to insanity
    While i still have a little part of my senses available
    With Nina's voice maintaining their validity
    The only thing i can do is enjoy the moment or like they say
    Enjoy the moment
    And watch everybody like statistics
    The way a computer does
    Cause i do not trust human anymore
    Myself including
    Cause if trust meant anything to it
    I would have gotten something

    If it looks like nonsense
    Then it's clear
    I have gotten to the first stage
    Trying to resist it
    But failing partially
    Like fighting a evil that has consumed me
    But then, can what i do be called fighting
    Rather, it should be called rebelling
    Because the madness consuming me
    Is normality.

  • lord_sheks 89w

    Night of the Young

    Live through the dusk
    Leave worries for the dawn.
    The day shortens our time
    As work swallows up our life
    Heavy legs, strained eyes, limp body
    Becomes our companion
    Oceans of perspiration
    Cling upon us like a tapeworm's hook.

    Throw away the buzz of the morn
    Embrace the solemnity of the night.
    Listen to the soundless noise of dusk.
    They say the best time to live
    Is when you are young
    But they didn't say.
    The best moment to feel life is the night
    When we knock off the day's stress
    When we can talk over nice things

    The turn up places
    Are our haven, our safe space
    Our Eden.
    Where total strangers share feelings
    Where we open our hearts
    Where we solve our problems
    The place that gives the young
    Mental swords and shields
    To face the torrid dawn

    But before morning arrives
    Let us dwell
    On this beautiful night
    Illuminated by the moon


  • lord_sheks 92w

    Yesterday, I heard silence ring aloud like a bell

    Lord Sheks

  • lord_sheks 121w


    To get high is to get a strange feeling
    Dangerous but wonderful
    All the same, Highness is a bastard.
    It sets slow and deep into the system
    Sending the body into another dimension
    A place where the head feels so light
    A place where the eye is clouded with multiple visions
    A point where the tongue refuses the brains orders
    And recklessly divulges the mind's content

    Upon the careless mind and the cloudy eyes
    The brain kept control at other ends
    Securing the whole body from drunkenness
    The warning signal was sent
    Loud and clear

    Drink Responsibly!!!

    Lord Sheks

  • lord_sheks 124w


    They say we must be patient
    They say we should be calm
    They say patience solves everything
    But Alas, time waits for no man

    Time will tell, it is said
    And mans not getting younger
    The future looks bleak
    Like a dark tunnel with no end

    They say we should have hope
    And wait for the light at the tunnel's end
    But this tunnel has no end
    Hope's time has lapsed
    And the time to act is now

    Lord Sheks