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  • lost24948 6h

    "I don’t want to hold us as a poetry which I forget easily.
    I rather want to keep you as a story in my mind where I would know how we started and how we ended."

  • lost24948 6h

    "And then I stopped being excited about rain, and so about you, with time."

  • lost24948 2d

    "Let me bring some smile to you. Let me dress it on your heart instead of your face, and lace it tightly this time."

  • lost24948 2d

    "Drink to people who have moved out of your lives. Skoal to sweet-bitter memories that are in our heads now. Pray for their well being too"🙃

  • lost24948 9w

    "I’m croaking every single mantra to make u come back.
    You’re just a human, yet you made a atheist chant like a believer.
    Look what you’ve done!"

  • lost24948 9w

    "Every poem has suffered a situation to become worth written by a poet!"

  • lost24948 9w

    "One day I laughed alone. Not with anyone, I just sat with me, shared a few moments with me and tried to know myself better. We shared our griefs and good days. We both laughed and realised we could stay happy with ourselves!!"

  • lost24948 9w

    "The world is a maniac for the quality skin!
    How much the heart is black instead of red, we don’t count anymore!
    Vision is getting more terrible!!"

  • lost24948 10w

    "When everyone will be busy to acknowledge the beauty of dark mountains, meet me by the blue seashore."
    The place will be empty and the sand cold!!"

  • lost24948 16w

    "Sometimes, your lust doesn’t allow me to be a human. Nah, no more!
    But your voice! Yeah, your voice!
    Your voice during the late-night goes low slow, makes me fall till the dawn."