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  • lost4u 5h

    Why its useless to go in a relationship between the age 15-25?

    People between the age of 15-25 are still growing and they are not mature enough to think about whats right or whats wrong.
    They have never met them selves in reality how can they even meet you.Its an age where people actually grow and become mature and know what you actually need in life.We ain't ready for marriage and how can we be ready for love.
    We ain't ready for ourselves how can we be ready for someone else.
    We tend to leave something good for something better and get nothing.

  • lost4u 5h

    Stay away

    You know you should stay away from those people who are hollow from inside.They are always the one seeking attention they are the ones who need constant attention because they are unable to fill the void inside them.
    You can make people happy if you are happy on your own but these kind of people always depend for their happiness on others.
    And if a person is unable to keep himself or herself happy He or she will never be able to make a person happy.
    Those are the ones who are toxic

  • lost4u 5h


    Someone Asked me how are you so calm and peaceful?
    I answered
    I am not attached to anything or anyone at this point in my life because I know that I don't stand anywhere in life.I am not attached to my victories and defeats because they are a part of my life.I am not attached to people bcz Ik that they are temporary and the permanent ones are hard to find and hard to keep.No matter what happens in my life I'm at peace with myself no amount of pain can ever drive me to self destruction and self harm.
    People always go in pursuit of materialistic things but they get nothing in return bcz chase of these kind of things make you lonely.
    Peace is what is needed in life at the end.

  • lost4u 5w

    Why its useless to go in a relationship between the age 15-25?

    People between the age of 15-25 are still growing and they are not mature enough to think about whats right or whats wrong.
    They have never met them selves in reality how can they even meet you.Its an age where people actually grow and become mature.They make mistakes they realize things.They get back up and they start walking.

  • lost4u 13w

    Jis rishte ko anjaam tak na leja pao
    Usko ek haseen modh deke chodh doh

  • lost4u 13w

    How to choose a good partner for a good and long term relationship?

    First of all everyone wants a good partner and for that you need to be a good partner yourself.

    1-)Love yourself first because if you can't love yourself you can't love someone else.
    2-)Set one standard for yourself(boys and girls) that if you aren't ready for marriage,you aren't ready for dating or anything.Being ready for marriage means being established in your career.
    3-)Have patience the right one won't be easy.
    4-)Leave all your emotional baggage behind and heal yourself to the fullest.
    5-)See for what's common between you and the person(career,hobbies,music etc).
    6-)No one is perfect but efforts are priceless.
    7-)Relationship works on give and take there is no such thing as unconditional love or selfless love.
    8-)This is 21 century here love doesn't mean how serious you are for her/him.In this era how you make yourself the best option for someone really matters.
    9-)See that your partner wants a long term relationship with you.
    10-)Don't fall for words Fall for efforts.
    11-)Don't fall for looks,Fall for mindsets.
    12-)Don't choose a person who is messed up,emotionally immature.
    13-)Choose a person who is healed up.

  • lost4u 14w


    Being emotionally immature can cost you alot in this era you might end up fucking a good relationship because you are so scared of this freakin shitty word.
    But you know there are two types of Cheating your partner can commit.
    First is the one where you get caught red handed:
    It means thats you were never invested in the relationship and you were only playing the fool out.You never gave anything to the relationship.You are not losing anything in that relationship.You never respected your partner,you weren't honest with them.You never emotionally invested yourself in that person.Inshort you never cared fr that person.You don't give a fuck if he/she is in your life or not.
    Second case is the one where you yourself own up to the shit.
    It is the case where you might have invested yourself completely in that relationship.You gave constant efforts,had plans and stuff.You loved that person completely but due to some reason you cheated and realized your mistake and you go upto that person and commit your sin.It shows your honesty,sincerity and you fear that if he/she comes to know abt it from somewhere else you might lose that person.
    So you own up,you make extra efforts to make them stay in your life.You cross your limits to make them stay in your life.
    You don't just say sorry you make that sorry meaningful.And if you lose that person, you lose yourself with it.That show that yes you made a mistake but you actually loved them.
    And in this case its ok with whatever happened.
    You'll miss the part of yourself which you lost with them.In this case letting go won't be easy at all in comparison to other cases.

    Its ok to make mistakes but sometimes you just have to push yourself for that special person to stay in yourlife.

  • lost4u 15w

    Watching her grow and grow apart.

    It seems as if it was yesterday
    When I saw a 15 year old coming to make me feel human.
    When I saw you for the first time those specs,those braces,those blue jeans,that white Tshirt of yours,those brown sandles.
    Perfect straight hairs.
    The smile which you wore on yourself.
    Watching you grow was like watching a baby girl grow infront of my eyes.I thought it was forever until recently I came to know that No it wasn't meant to be.Bidding farewell was the most difficult part bcz I never got a chance to say goodbye to you.But watching you grow and grow apart was quite hell of a journey.
    I loved you madly but I forgot that loving someone madly doesn't mean that you have the right to hurt them but its ok I know I was wrong.
    But even you should know that bidding you farewell was extremely painful,letting you go was painful,not able to see that 15 year old girl again will be painful but I had to let go for your happiness and I know you are happy somewhere or the other And seeing that I am satisfied.
    You taught me the most important lesson of my life
    and that too with alot of love and affection
    I know I hurted you but believe me Watching you go and not able to stop you was hurting too.
    For me you were the most beautiful girl and you'll always be like that in my mind.
    No matter where we go,where destiny takes us you'll always be there in my memories.
    And you'll be happy to know that I have dedicated the next few years of my life to love myself because I never actually loved myself.
    I was busy living upto people's expectations I was disappointing them and disappointing myself.
    I still have that ring with me
    I still have those things which you gave me.
    I know you are going to hate me but its ok I know I never deserved you but I'll not regret anything because believe me Watching you go was the extremist pain I could imagine.
    Not having you in mylife is the biggest punishment ever.
    But its ok I am going to be the man you always wanted me to be and believe me You waited for this change for so long and giving it to someone else just like that is painful.
    I am glad that I had you in my life.
    I am glad that now I am satisfied with the change You wanted me to make.
    I still have a void inside me which no one else can fill other than me.

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  • lost4u 15w

    Someone asked her why did you Leave him?

    Can you please tell me why did you leave that guy??
    Eyes red as blood
    It all started when I was in class 10th I was in love with a guy,He was my world the guy every girl could possibly imagine of until one day when he chose someone else over me.
    I use to cry myself to sleep every night thinking where things went wrong.I use to blame myself for everything.I was fill with self doubt and insecurities.Depression,anxiety,stress and anxiousness was a daily episode.
    But I went on the wrong track after that now I used hatred as my only weapon.I was filled with void and selflessness.
    After 3 years I met him,The guy who turned my world upside down,We started as strangers and we eventually became friends and after a while we came in a relationship.To be honest I couldn't come over my past for what my ex did to me and he never apologized for it.I had trust issues and insecurities towards this guy but he handled it with care and constant reassurance.
    He loved me in a way which made me feel special.After a few years I was hit by deep insecurities.I couldn't bear the love he gave me. I thought I was cheating him by not giving back the same love he gave me.So one day I decided to leave and live for myself and his memories.
    He made me believe in love and I will always be sorry to leave him like this but I can't be with him anymore and I am not cheating him with someone else I want to live for my self.