Dipped in sadness and built in verses. :”)

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  • lost_forever 21m

    I don’t love rain. I obsess over it.

    Another one from drafts.


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    As I sat in the porch, reading a book, the sky darkened and drops of rain began to fall.

    I love rain. I know most people do. They like to run around in the rain, play and sometimes just take their bike and have a drenched ride.
    I like them too, but for me, rain is something I like to just watch. Watch as the clouds pour down from the sky, how they are too stubborn to fall straight down and instead create beautiful patterns that hypnotises everyone.

    I love how those pitter-pattering soothes my mind while I’ll be sitting there, having a good read.
    But this time I couldn’t help but close the book and watch the rain like I did when I was a kid; because this time, there was something different. The clouds darkened and rain poured down thickly as usual, but it sounded different.

    No matter how heavily the rain poured down, the usual slapping of those thick water droplets to the ground was not heard; instead they landed softly on the ground like the teasing kiss of a shy lover.

    My heart felt light; elated and happy, I was.
    My fingers itched for a pen, it craved for paper, but I was too enticed with the rain to even move an inch, afraid that I’ll miss the magic if I took my eyes off even for a moment.

    For the first time, I had the strong feeling to go out, to get drenched, to feel the cold drops flow through the length of my arms.
    It was a strong feeling indeed, for I felt that light kiss of the rain was meant for me, and it was me who should be out there, absorbing all the love.

    But it just lasted for a fleeting moment though, for again I was back in my shell, watching as those drops descended from heaven, sitting in pure bliss.

    //a rain unlike any other//

    -lost forever-

  • lost_forever 14h

    Just emptying out the drafts.

    Another old one.


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    And then, I saw the twilight
    Reflected on your eyes
    And formed the stars
    I searched for.

    //they led me through the night//


    -lost forever-

  • lost_forever 1d

    Wrote a long long long time back.

    So forgive me if it’s too cheesy.

    //a bit of nostalgia//


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    Whenever we say ‘I love you’ or simply when I feel such a strong love towards you, I can’t help but wonder, when did I start falling for you? What made the hope that was gone way before to rise again?

    So darling, this is my open letter for you.
    This is not the one where I make any confessions, but where I bare my inner self to your scrutiny. In simple words, as you always prefer, it just describes the things that runs through my mind when I think of you. And personally, I feel every lover deserves such a letter.

    You were a stranger to me. Not in the sense that all are born strangers, but you were absolutely a perfect stranger for me.
    Then one fine day, fate decided we should talk. And I don’t know about you, I felt you were an utterly irritating person. But, you can call this cheesy, something made me to keep talking to you.
    And then I realised, you weren’t irritating at all, it was me who just happened to be irritated.

    That’s when I started to enjoy our conversations, our small debates and fights, the names you call me..... to me you were a perfect brother I longed for.
    I still remember the day when I asked for your number and you were hesitant to give me. I couldn’t understand a word you said! The way you talked too fast, your accent, but still I never felt hanging up.

    Then I labelled your relation to me as ‘brother-cum-bestie-cum-boyfriend’.

    And then....... it clicked.
    I thought it was just an infatuation and kept my mouth shut. Then I even started OBSESSING over you. You gave me feelings no one had ever given me.

    Again call it cheesy, but that’s when I realised I had fell...... HARD.

    Still, I don’t know what made me fall for you, but I know that it ain’t fading away —and it’s scary.

    I just know now that I want you. I NEED you. And still, even now, after baring myself to you and showing you my worst, you give me butterflies.
    And for me, that’s damn special.

    Loads and loads still in mind,
    Your love.

    -lost forever-

  • lost_forever 4d


    //maybe my eyes are black so that it can’t darken anymore//

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    It has come to a point
    Where the heart that used to hurt at first
    And which turned numb soon after
    Now started to grey and decay

    And maybe it’s the staleness
    That reflects in my dead eyes
    That you said, had “lost it’s sparkle”

    //is that why you never look into my eyes anymore?//

    ||walking dead||

    -lost forever-

  • lost_forever 1w


    //I haven’t forgotten how to dream yet//

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    You always ask me
    Did I forget how to dream already?

    I still dream for a life
    Where I’m not afraid of anything
    And my memories wiped out
    Flown to a far-away city

    I still dream for a life
    Where my heart never beats wild anymore
    Where my breaths ain’t shallow anymore
    And my palms don’t sweat frequently anymore

    I still dream for a life
    Where I don’t have blackouts
    Where anxiety and depression
    Is from a faraway world

    I still dream for a life
    Where pain is a lost lover
    Where my wounds are healed
    And my scars are faded

    I still dream.
    I still do.


    -lost forever-

  • lost_forever 1w

    No captions.

    Forgive me if any mistakes, one stretch writing is not at all my strength.


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    Mirrors disgust me.

    Each day when the sun comes up
    And I open my eyes
    I paste a smile quickly
    Before the arrival of peeking eyes

    As the seconds turn to minutes
    And hours to the night
    I take care not to let
    My smile fade away

    I give a polite nod to those
    “Oh you have put on weight”s and
    “Oh your skin turned dull”s
    And take all the advices put up for free

    When I reach the comfort of home
    I tick off another day survived
    Till now 125 days,
    The gashes on my thighs said.

    And when the last drop of evidence
    Of weakness dropped from my eyes
    I get to my bed, ready for the next day
    Barely noticing a lack of mirror adorning the walls.

    Mirrors disgust me.

    I disgust me.


    -lost forever-

  • lost_forever 1w


    //maybe we fell in love with the darkness too early//

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    When I just wanted someone to love
    You came up and gave me a hand
    Your eyes had the sparkle of
    A thousand wishes unfulfilled

    We danced across galaxies
    To a tune of our own symphony
    Waving at every passing world
    Winking at every teasing star

    And I still wonder where you lost a step
    Or was it me who was tone deaf?
    For we were soon a swirling mess
    Of flying debris and dead stars

    I wish I could see
    Through the darkness we let ourselves in
    But all we thought of is
    How those tiny beautiful dots twinkle

    And it took us a millennium
    To find out they didn’t shine at all

    They burned.

    //Perhaps, you’re the one forbidden star
    That I shouldn’t have wished upon //


    -lost forever-

  • lost_forever 2w


    //don’t we all have those nights?//

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    And praying for a sunshine I opened my eyes,
    Eyes, that bore the stories of the nights with her.
    Her, the shadow that never lets me sleep.
    Sleep, the lover that left me for good.
    Good, now nothing scares me, the darkness is just another blanket.
    Blanket, the safe house that keeps away the monsters.
    Monsters, are my new constants after you.
    You, who left me with sleepless nights.
    Nights, the time when I pour out my heart.
    Heart, half of which you have yet to give back.

    Back. Just come back.


    -lost forever-

  • lost_forever 2w

    Inspired from “Awaiting the hopes” by @allenanil

    Hope I have done justice to that wonderful piece. One stretch writing isn’t actually my strength :”)



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    I’m in the seventh life of mine,
    Still waiting for your smile.
    I remember the day you crossed my path,
    Heartbeats and slow breaths, you left me with all that.

    I promised myself to earn a smile from you,
    Or even a glance, that does it too.
    I traveled across the multiverses
    Just to find us worlds apart.

    //If I had a star for every sigh,
    I would make a constellation for you//

    ||and we could shine through every world||

    -lost forever-

  • lost_forever 3w

    It’s been hours and I’m laying here
    My eyes closed surrounded by loved ones
    I hear them crying, bawling over me
    Oh how do I tell them, I can hear them alright

    Death is a lonely thing, to stay frozen and mute
    The sounds of whispers and cries
    And ofcourse the age old funeral lies

    I’m loved
    I’m missed
    I’m remembered
    So goes the lies
    Of the beloved to the departed

    Now I remember how someone wondered
    “The colour of loneliness must be blue”
    But all I see is the colour black
    After all, it must be the darkest of all the hues.

    //or maybe it’s just the midnight blue,
    where both dead and alive are true//

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    “...I’m loved
    I’m missed
    I’m remembered
    So goes the lies
    Of the beloved to the departed...”


    -lost forever-