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  • lost_in 17w

    I've crossed the stage of infatuation and affection. If you ask me if I would like to walk with you, I'll ask you for how long? I am done with everything temporary. iIf you want to stay, stay forever or leave. thanks.

  • lost_in 32w

    I am a beautiful broken mirror.
    they saw me and fell in love,
    they touched me and started bleeding.


  • lost_in 42w

    ... And all this while I kept thinking we were having a conversation only to realise you were just replying.

  • lost_in 43w


    kuch baten hui,
    kuch sailaab dubara aae,

    ankh firse bhari,
    ansu dubara aae.

    kuch dard anjani,
    kuch gham dubara aae.

    hum tootey dubara,
    par ab ladna sikh lia
    In takleefon ke upar,
    humne sabr karna sikh liya.

  • lost_in 44w

    mai sarey tukrey jod bhi loon, sarey tukre mere pas nahin.
    dil jud jaye shayad dubara, par firse ishq ka mohtaj nahin.

  • lost_in 47w

    tu kar dega apni zindagi mere naam,
    is ummid me ek or raat jee lungi....
    ek raat hi to guzaarni hai,
    chalo ek kash or pi lungi...

  • lost_in 47w

    ज़िन्दगी में नहीं हो माना,
    ज़िंदा हो,
    यही काफी है||

  • lost_in 47w

    इश्क़ है तो शक कैसा
    नहीं है तो हक़ कैसा||

  • lost_in 49w

    हम कोई वक़्त नहीं है हमदम,
    जब बुलाओगे चले आएंगे ||

  • lost_in 49w

    Day after day, I kept deleting our memories.
    little by little, one by one, segment by segment.
    dealing with the heartbreak, accepting the wrongs, knowing the failures, accepting the faults..
    And today after finishing a year, when I look back, I Realize how empty I feel.
    because in the process of leaving a part of you, i kept loosing a part of me.