I will paint the destiny of my life

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  • lostgems 37w

    "We are different from humans.But we also feel pain.
    The pain we all feel is mixed but mine is the loss of love like a rose without a colour or a dog without an owner".
    _________the dark lord kaname kuran.

  • lostgems 38w

    Earth is just a little fragment of this entire universe like the pain of our life.

  • lostgems 39w

    'present is the reflection of past'

  • lostgems 51w


    সেই একটি চুমুতে রক্তে মেশে
    উম্নাদনার গোলাপ
    ভগ্ন হৃদয়ে বসন্ত সারে
    সকল আদুরে আলাপ।

    প্রেমহীন বদ্ধ মনের দৃঢ় শিকল
    ভাঙলো এক লহমায়
    যেন শুস্ক মরুর বুক ভিজে,
    যায় মুষল বর্ষায়।

    এক চুমুতেই দিন শেষ হয়
    ওঠে রাত জেগে,
    মৃত শরীরের নাড়ি ছিড়ে
    ওঠে প্রেমবিপ্লব জেগে।

  • lostgems 53w

    Sitting on the edge of problems
    I look to the open end of life
    And inhale free will and freedom.

  • lostgems 54w

    # fairytale

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    Out of fairytale

    Once upon a time.......There was a flower blossoming inside me with all it's beauty.
    Suddenly one day a fierce Storm called 'love' came and uprooted that flower mercilessly.
    And l was thrown away into a realm called maturity to live all by myself with never ending darkness and a cactus replacing the flower.That's how the fairytale ends.

  • lostgems 54w

    Passing through the vicissitudes of life
    A surge for self renewal hits me
    Then a journey starts, an uphill journey.
    When my breath will cross the finish line, the journey will end and I will be welcomed in that peaceful castle called ' Heaven'.

  • lostgems 54w

    Even guilty hand can make amendments.

  • lostgems 54w

    You walk through the green paths of life
    In search of the garden of happiness.
    Happiness transforms into reality
    When you touch the buds of dream with extreme keenness.

  • lostgems 55w


    Between the paths of duty and desire
    Which one will you follow???
    Fog of dilemma will be cleared by heart,
    Pleasure and pain of path would be easy to swallow.