break up inspire me to write so being with someone is not my Choice but breaking up with someone is definitely good for my writing

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  • lostpen27 5w

    No boundaries

    Thousand things in my mind
    But you seems important now
    Feeling that makes us bind
    Have come to an end somehow

    Hope you ll do well in life
    Praying that we never meet
    Not even afterlife
    The things that we have planned ." Let's delete"!!

    Love between us will never survive
    Holding many thing's in memories
    I am letting go your vibe.
    Letting go made me realize I should know the boundaries

    Read somewhere in life
    Love knows no boundaries
    Near future this will bring strife
    Don't worry, I ll keep you as my secret in diaries

    Lastly, this is the last poetry from me
    You stay happy
    To be or not to be
    Lol I know those lines are still crappy.

  • lostpen27 8w

    There Delilah

    They both are opposite poles
    One is North another is South
    Completely a very different souls
    But love was there, no doubt

    Sometimes they don't understand
    What is between them
    And where they stand
    Distance is the only thing to be blame

    Both promise to stay true
    Nothing to do with future
    Past ,they both bid adieu
    About present, it's full of adventure

    No matter what she will be his side
    And he will do the same
    Keeping their difference aside
    They both are in love without any shame

    As the sun goes down
    And the cricket began to sing
    Thinking about one another from a different town .
    Singing their favourite song while playing the string

    Hey There Delilah.
    Hey there Delilah.

  • lostpen27 8w

    #hindi poetry

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    Ise tum bhi samhal laetae

    Phir pyar ho gaya na insaan sae
    Jo nahi hona chahiye tha, wohi hogaya
    Galtiyaan toh tum hee karta ho
    Dil ka toh koi kusoor nahi
    Phir kyun dard daetae ho?
    Achha hai tum mera sath nahi
    Phir tum bhi rolaetae
    Mera dil ka dard dekhkae.
    Gussa nahi hai tumse
    Par tumhe pyaar hokar galti ho gayi humse
    Dil toh nadan hai
    Isee toh tum bhi samhal laetae..

  • lostpen27 8w

    Broken heart again

    Dear heart I am sorry for the pain
    That you have go through this again
    I hope one day you will get love you deserve
    And before giving love, you will observe

    I know you are hurt now
    And you will fix somehow
    From now I won't allow anybody to touch
    I know I had promise this such

    It's not mine fault always
    Stupid , you fall for everyone in a way
    You believe too much in someone
    Knowing that he isn't the one

    It's won't hurt again " I promise " though
    Dear heart,Just read the lines below
    "I believe you are now tough
    You can take this as much as enough. "

  • lostpen27 9w

    Once again I am ready to break my heart and create something beautiful out of it..

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    I found my fairytale in you
    All of sudden , out of the blue
    You just came into my world
    Not forcefully but without a hurled
    Somewhere in between I lost myself
    But in you I have found my true self
    Thank god we both swiped right
    For that I am hugging you tight
    Destiny plays her best
    Better than the rest
    I hope this poetry rhymed well
    Beating your heart like a bell
    Once again I found my Fairytale in you
    All of a sudden , out of the blue

  • lostpen27 9w

    Tangled thought

    Thoughts tangled
    Don't know where it begins
    And where it ends
    Webbed in own mind

    Just leave it there
    When everyone said
    I tried my best
    But still isolated again

    Hold up for a little while
    A little bit more
    Oh wait!! I could not take that
    Collapsing every bit of me

  • lostpen27 10w


    What are we?
    A human Or a demon?
    Or demon disguise in human.
    It's pretty much confusing.

    Do we deserve to be one?
    A question arises
    As an answer surprises
    "We're human being".

    Huh !! What !! human being??
    Isn't that ironic?
    Creator might be in chronic
    For seeing his creation this way

    Many examples we see
    From own kind we are not safe
    Isn't this a chafe?
    Listening things about US

    Yes! Human are demon in disguise
    Proof we see here
    They raped and burnt her
    Her ashes cries again

    Are we humans?
    I question this to me again.
    Those Cries will go in vain
    All we need to be is human enough

    Please don't cry
    But try to be human enough
    It is not that tough
    Lastly try to be" Human enough "..

  • lostpen27 10w

    Another break up..

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    Break up

    Feelings are rumbling inside
    Some of them are for you
    Keeping all things side by side
    This would be a perfect view

    You just light a hope in me
    Which was lost somewhere between
    Now you just destroyed this thing , you see
    Devastating very deep but very keen

    You were a lighthouse to my ship
    Giving light to my way
    But I realized you are a storm that destroy the ship
    And everything come on its way

    I believe after this stormy night
    There will be a calm morning in view
    Sunshine will hug me tight
    Helping me to bid adieu

    Farewell to you my love
    Farewell to that feelings
    Farewell to the all things above
    Lastly farewell to everything that I was dealing

  • lostpen27 10w


    Under the darkness above
    I stand staring at the doomed below
    Where do I belong??
    As I question myself.
    No one answers indeed
    Made my life a better place to live
    Don't feel like home for self , now
    Trying to keep that smile up
    Lost my real smile though
    Chaotic heart and bizarre mind
    And me in between
    Insanity have crossed it limits
    As I look at the darkness above
    I see myself standing at the edge of my own thought's..

  • lostpen27 10w


    (Dil toh hai sesae ki,
    toth hI jati hai ) *2
    A Kambakht na joro enhae,
    Jor kar bhi kya ukhar logae