��A sky full of stars and   he was staring at her��

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  • louiis 11w

    She is

    Beautiful she is
    My attention she compels
    An exciting quest

    An untold secret she is
    Kept within a shell
    locked like a chest

    Treasure she is
    One day I'll get the key
    But for now I will enjoy

    Lovely she is
    She's ok with me
    Never annoyed

    Smart she is
    Knowing what comes first
    Never thinking twice

    Lucky I am
    For talking to her
    For being in my life.

  • louiis 16w


    I'm always happy
    when you're around

    You're my smile
    when I am down

    The life of the party
    Adoring your heart

    Those beautiful eyes
    And your funny remarks

    My feelings are true
    Love reserved for two

    Beautiful view,
    Beautiful you.


  • louiis 17w

    Love again

    You're beautiful like the waves of the sea
    So elegant but as strong as can be
    I've seen my mistakes
    I just wanna live
    Together its fate
    I have so much more to give
    Loving everyday
    You'd be mine and I'd be yours
    Till our dying days
    Or maybe even more

    We've been through storms
    We've been through pain
    In many forms
    Love drives us insane

    If you were cold
    I'd be your warmth
    If you were a rose
    I'll be your thorns
    You gave me your heart
    And I gave you mine
    New love, new start
    One day at a time.

  • louiis 30w

    Never too late

    When sadness knocks my door
    You answer and smile
    When it comes and knocks some more
    You stay for awhile
    Life is so much better when you're around
    Our love grows like a flower ascending from the ground
    You are my start, you are my ending
    Forever in my heart, emotions blending
    I will always be here
    Learning from my mistakes
    My mind has its fears
    But my heart says its never too late.

  • louiis 32w

    Addicted to heartbreak

    Is it my thirst for love?
    Or is it the inevitable?
    Craving the journey
    But it might be the end I seek
    I love the feeling
    But I know the outcome
    If I hate it so much
    Why do I always start again?
    First we become friends
    Then its too late
    Always meeting the end
    Addicted to heartbreak

  • louiis 34w

    As much

    As much as you smile
    As much as you cry
    The distance and miles
    The things that you hide
    I know that you're hurt
    The pain that's inside
    I'll be your warmth
    When you're alone and cold
    Through a storm
    I'll be someone to hold
    I will always listen
    When you need a friend
    The key to your prison
    The real to the pretend
    If you seem to fall
    And you dont know what to do
    Just give me a call
    And I'll fall right next to you.

  • louiis 36w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word one-liner on Spark

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    The fire that starts the show.

  • louiis 36w


    You're so lovely, yes you are
    Please fall into my arms
    Your smile makes my day
    You erase all my pain
    No matter how far away
    My love will be the same
    You make me feel alive
    My heart beats for you
    I'm in love with your eyes
    You're so beautiful, oh only if you knew...

  • louiis 36w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word one-liner on Struggle

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    Every scar is a puzzle, shown together showing my struggle.

  • louiis 49w

    The sight of you

    Eyes gazed upon her
    Souls intertwined
    Attracted to her essence
    So beautiful and defined
    I am trapped in her heart
    But I quite enjoy the stay
    Elegant as she walks
    Perfect like ballet
    Her smile is majestic
    Keeps me going through the day
    Truly blessed with her presence
    This love, you cant take away.