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  • louisarchy 2w

    When we smiles, when we know nothing
    Keep yearning for the lights , with an effort .
    Just by hiking, I got to realise
    It just to drop yours shame
    And to walk away to grow.
    Once you found your ways
    Be the endless summer there we smiles
    And if you want , to find wisdom
    Just be part of your journey there by smiles just be it , by wearing your smiles
    It just that , it been a different
    To become a gentleman

  • louisarchy 2w

    By having quality of being artistic is different not as same as others because they see world as once we imagine and putting so much effort to remain in the people heart as heart of life is newer a lies

  • louisarchy 3w

    Happy New Years .

    Heart of life , rise from nowhere
    Just by the end of days,remember
    Those ,the days we been lived.
    Let walk along with counting days
    By pouring yourself a modes of happiness ?
    A smells of teen Where the heart of life .
    A chance to be a better men! Bruh

  • louisarchy 3w

    The who is happy has luxuries of fame and power
    And the one who is finding that luxury,as once you feel spiritual
    There no way back .
    Either you will awoke or fall between two world fantasy and reality.....

  • louisarchy 4w

    Praise yourself sometime

    Behold your breath, as if you speak
    As if you are telling stories
    The life with your blended eyes
    Longing for happiness
    Shedding tear under this beautiful sky
    By thousand of cold wishes
    Through this pain, to be better men
    Once we used to be!
    That is victory
    But if your soul feels shame
    That is lost .

  • louisarchy 5w

    Be a responsible Tibetan !

    Moan of rushes , moan by people
    Integrity where it stands a worthless
    an urge of unity but in lack of sense
    Stand with your conscience
    If you can’t bear to say truth
    Newer be word of unsure
    Where the fact of news
    And the impact lies under the one word
    Like as devil slept underneath Valhalla .

  • louisarchy 5w

    Political stand with your conscience !

  • louisarchy 5w

    Friends along there by
    Through this year a rages of pandemic , panic and fearful
    By pray god by standing strong
    The ‘land of other ‘I say as
    To heal through this pain
    Lord as to say we are doing good
    Relaxing there soul in mid of chaos
    I urge to be free by my album

  • louisarchy 7w

    You are so important to yourself.

  • louisarchy 7w

    Sem Gye sang wang

    Behold my breath , as I speak
    As if I told my story
    Her gaze and my blended eyes
    Craving her, this beautiful lady
    By such, thousand of cold wishes
    Remain in my heart
    As always yearning for to be loved!