I am never alone with myself cause I love being alone.

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  • loveblack_1422 4w


    Everytime on new year day, I take up a resolution that doesn't seem so hard. Yet, I let go. I don't hold on to my word. I keep telling everyone that I do stick to my word and I do. But just not to the promises I make to myself. What does this imply? What does it say about me? I don't know. Half the time I keep degrading myself. Half the time I keep blaming life for all the troubles. I know that people go through a lot more and still embrace life. But sometimes it becomes hard not to crumble under the pressure. How many times can I possibly fool myself that I am strong enough? I don't know. But I do know I will keep doing it until I beleive it. Most of the nights I fall asleep thinking negetive thoughts. I read books that are really depressing just to assure myself that things could have been worse. Pathetic? I know. I am not usually the type that talks. I stay quiet most of the time. I keep giving fake smiles and try to keep up short conversations. Maybe, just maybe I should start standing up for myself to show my mind that I too can be strong. These thoughts are fine but executing them? It is hard. I want out. But I know I can't. I'm stuck. Perhaps, this is just a phase of life. People say many things that sound easy like, 'It's our choice' or 'Life is not a bed of roses.' When it comes down to yourself it doesn't sound easy anymore.

    This year, I am going to take a resolution that I can hopefully keep. I am going to promise myself not to give fake assurance to myself about anything. See it as it is. It is hard, but I will try. For me. Because when you are in an actual struggle, all you have is you.


  • loveblack_1422 8w

    Won't Give Up

    No matter how hard it is,
    I will not succumb.
    With determination,
    I will overcome.

    Will give it my all,
    Put everything in.
    Won't let myself fall,
    Battle is mine to win.

    Put that thought to
    Give up aside.
    Being myself too,
    Won't be the one that cried.

    Will challenge life,
    To do it's best.
    To make me feel strife,
    Confident, I will win the contest.

  • loveblack_1422 8w

    Peaceful Imagination.....

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    One beautiful night I see,
    Many waves flowing in the sea.
    The moment I tried to catch,
    In my memories to attach.

  • loveblack_1422 8w

    When we feel empty......

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    Sometimes I feel,
    Very hard to breathe.
    So much there is to heal,
    From the dark past.

  • loveblack_1422 18w

    Heart Broken

    That day when I confessed,
    You threw it away like it meant nothing.
    I felt you were always correct,
    But I came to know that I was wrong about this thing.

    I cried until my eyes dried,
    Not knowing how to control myself.
    I had no more pride,
    All I had was myself.

    Did everything for you,
    Even lost friends.
    Can't make new,
    Because now we're fiends.

    Now I am heart broken,
    Without a way to fix it.
    The words I have spoken,
    Have created a pit.

  • loveblack_1422 18w

    Today's Life

    Doing our stuff,
    No free time
    Has our life become mechanical?

  • loveblack_1422 18w


    Craving for something,
    Is called hunger.
    Makes us do many things,
    Sometimes leaving us wild and vulgar.

    It comes in many ways,
    Good and bad.
    Doesn't let us think straight,
    Whether adult or lad.

    Crave for unnecessary fame,
    Be it beauty, money or power.
    Diverts us from our initial aim,
    Also disturbing our peace.

    Hunger is also in a good form,
    Competing for better things in life.
    Hunger for a bright future,
    Is the thing for which we should strive.

    In the end it is our decision,
    To not fall prey.
    Be "HUNGRY" for betterment,
    To shine one day.

  • loveblack_1422 19w


    Round, big and bright.
    Illuminating our beautiful nights.
    Beaming and shining in the sky,
    While we go to sleep hearing lullaby.

    The reason for the beautiful Cerus to bloom,
    Is the breathtaking MOON.
    Being utilitarian by giving us medicinal herbs,
    To thank it we'll be short of words.

    People call it Cynthia and Luna,
    From which derived the word lunar.
    Being Earth's best friend,
    To admire which many astronauts we have sent.

  • loveblack_1422 19w

    Looking for JJ - Past

    Only one moment it took,
    For her to strike,
    Letting go, her whole body shook,
    Remembering her past.

    Assassinating her best friend,
    When she was ten,
    But in the end,
    It was only a mistake.

    From childhood, she had for craved for love.
    Slowly she had seen it,
    In her mother calling her 'love'.
    That was all she had wanted.

    She had been furious,
    When her friend insulted her,
    She had looked at her quiet serious,
    But never intended to murder.

    No one had heard her out,
    Her side of the story,
    With fear she had been bound,
    When her mother had abandoned her.

    After 6 years of imprisonment,
    Her advisors wanted her to start a new life,
    She felt it quite difficult,
    With the new identity given to her.

    No one knew her real side,
    Her history,
    She felt her old self die,
    For a new one to live.

    She had got it,
    Love from new friends and family.
    Her life had been lit,
    To start a new journey.

    But her past still haunted her,
    To this very moment,
    She asked herself;
    Did she deserve to live a happy life,
    After the thing she had done?

  • loveblack_1422 20w

    Missed flight

    Tears flowing from her eyes,
    For her mother .
    Despite all tries,
    Could not be saved.

    Booked a flight,
    To go for her cremation.
    Feeling her head get light,
    Fell asleep.

    Woke up in worry,
    To have missed her flight.
    Dressing up in a hurry,
    To try her luck.

    Despite her efforts,
    She couldn't make it.
    And with no one to comfort,
    She had lost her mother!

    Till today she remembers,
    How it happened.
    Life turned to ember,
    Because of missing her flight.