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  • lovely_aakhil 2w

    By unknown writer

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    Don't be sad when petals fall from the rose. Because sometimes something will fade before they can bloom again.❤

    Yes,Definitely she will smile at me one day like flower blooming.❤

  • lovely_aakhil 45w


    Love is like an holy book,
    It gives an thoughts to spread the love equally.,
    That holy book was partitioned by the name of
    Bagavat Geeta,
    Bible &


  • lovely_aakhil 45w


    Love is an beautiful poem,

    If you are an educated.,
    You will read it correctly by correct stress and pause,

    If you are an musician.,
    You will compose it lovely,

    If you are an magician.,
    You will make an miracle by adding some magical words,

    It will change your life into beautiful one.


    If you became uneducated by surroundings,

    You will read it wrongly,
    By unwanted punctuations like caste and religion,
    And destroy the beauty of the poem,

    It will not help to compose and make an miracle,
    To enjoy your beautiful life.

    So, don't spread the viruses like caste and religion,
    And Keep social Distancing with that persons...
    And make your life and your surroundings life healthy and beautifully
    By connecting Heart.❤️

    #Stayhome #Staysafe


  • lovely_aakhil 63w


    Food is like a language...
    For some it is easy to achieve it...
    For some there is lot of barriers before achieve it...

    So, Don't waste your food
    Don't waste FOOD


  • lovely_aakhil 79w


    Dear, photographers please capture all beautiful natures in the world,

    It will definitely helpful to show future generations,
    By teaching this is tree, it's an river, it's an mountain, etc...

    Happy world Photography Day ❤️


  • lovely_aakhil 79w


    Yes, this generation is having a problem of forget important memories,

    So, capture your every happy moments with all,
    And recollect all colorful memories one day by seeing picture taken by you,

    It will definitely a heaven on that time.

    Happy world Photography day ❤️


  • lovely_aakhil 79w


    Change is the only thing which doesn't change,
    But using every chance is only thing to change your life,

    Extend a chance to reach what you like,
    By using nano chance you get.


  • lovely_aakhil 79w

    Mom's Magic

    It's tempting me to eat another round,
    When i seeing my mom's cooking.


  • lovely_aakhil 81w

    True Love

    By knowing there is no more of water,
    Plants committed suicide.

    But what can we do,
    human having a character of separate a love,
    So, only we wasting water.
    i think!!!

    Save Water


  • lovely_aakhil 81w

    All the world's a stage

    All the world's a stage like bigg boss house,
    And all the men and women are contestants.

    All our life is scripted by god,
    Which we doesn't know.

    And we eliminate from this earth by god
    Before the age 100.

    When we do wrong to anyone,
    We get nominated.

    Sometimes it works later,
    But definitely one day we will eliminate by god.

    But for someone god give another chance
    like secret room in the way of accident or something.

    So, be happy create happiness to your surroundings,
    And be the winner of your life by others praising.❤️