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  • lovelysai 14w


    In this great century .....
    Acting people are leaving with
    remaining Courageous!!!!!
    Truthtellers are thrown far from
    That is Why???
    Our Ancients told that.....
    Truthtellers are the world's Largest enemies!!!!!!!

  • lovelysai 14w

    Talent !!!

    A person can only express their feeling by many arts!!!
    Bt a happiness or sad can be exactly expressed by one & only dance ....!!!

    "Dance ,the only language of Soul!!!!"

  • lovelysai 16w


    Real makeup a girl can wear .......
    "Truth"️ ==> lips.
    "Sympathy"==> eyes
    "Prayer"==> voice
    "Charity"️==> hands
    "$mile"==> face
    "Love"==> heart
    Use them correctly to make life beautiful

  • lovelysai 16w

    Life vs Time

    Both are know as....
    ___Best teacher's of the World.___
    Life teaches us "Good Use of Time" .....!!!
    Time teaches us "The Value of Life"....!!!


  • lovelysai 16w

    Mother Tree!!!

    Konwing that her children.....not going to stay with her long!!!
    Even though stop noone!!!

  • lovelysai 16w


    Rises in East ...
    Sets in West ....
    With a startegy of coming back
    Next Morning....!!!!
    Doesn't mean of going down to stay ...
    Bt , Raise back again!!!!

  • lovelysai 16w


    Everything in this world happens
    For a reason ,just follow HIM .
    Believe HIM ,he will be there with you....!!

  • lovelysai 17w

    Hello world...!!!

    A truth cannot be hidden ...!!! Bt can be shown