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  • lovethatneverfades 19h

    Our submission to the picture prompt by daadi
    With the guy who never fails to put a smile on others face @kehta_hai_joker ❤️ and a fabulous writer, now a sister @fleeing_fossil��

    We wrote a piece on a aging wife's insecurity about not being good enough for her husband,
    a husband who's still deep in love with her...
    And Love itself commenting how the couple became evergreen.

    Thank you for the heart @writersnetwork ❤️❤️

    @kehta_hai_joker AS THE WIFE

    You put your lips gently on my forehead
    Bless my being with a comforting peck
    My wrinkled face fits perfectly in your palm
    It lights up a spark, still make my tempest calm
    While I've grown old, you've grown charming
    My walls are creeping,my dreams and reality colliding
    Our lives have been spent together, but is that enough
    My supple skin has now turned rough
    Do you still remember our vows like I do
    Darling I'm still on for forever, are you too
    Am I staring down an unavoidable slippery slope
    Has My fantasy ended as my heart still sings songs of hope.

    @fleeing_fossil AS THE HUSBAND

    Every dawn as you wake me up, I experience a sense of euphoria just as the mist on fresh foliage does as it is skimmed by the first ray of soaring sun. That sweet voice of yours lacquers my skies with honey hues. The veracious warmth in your eyes holds an apricity like a sweater that keeps me cozy not just in the winters. Your scented breath is a soothing zephyr to my forehead drizzled with mild sweat. Your pulchritudinous smile has mastered the art of re-painting my daily blues with rainbows. That delicious sunny marmalade you spread on my bread finely parallels with our sour and sweet memories. Your essence has nurtured orchards of love in my heart that would never learn the meaning of mortality.

    In the nights, I see you writing your diary, to be honest, I read it. Not merely once or twice instead everyday. Each nuance you jot is wholly the truth except for the fact that it's not your diary but my biography.

    //And you ask me why I love you?//

    I ain't a poet but let me tell you.

    Doesn't your favorite author say, "if being a kid is about learning how to live then being an adult is about learning how to die.."

    And my theory is a bit related too ..

    //- if being an adult is about learning to die for you, then being geriatric is about craving to die with you. (clasped in each others' arms.)//

    - Forever isn't a myth darling, but we should nurture and protect it as the mother bird does its eggs, and I would do it till my last breath.

    @lovethatneverfades AS LOVE

    I became the idyllic radiance, her eyes emitted everytime she saw him, and in silence he etched me as a unfading memory of hers splattered across the boundless horizon.
    They savoured me and gave me a eternal term which blooms but rarely resides for eternity in the depth of everyone's heart. But both of them, in their own manner personified me like a rare celestial connection. Like a mother longing for her child, clutching tight yet taken care with utmost affection and tenderness

    Grooving in their hearts under the avaitor sky
    Settling between their Unspoken words
    Lanconing behind their authentic smile.
    In silent prose, I swoon in their eyes
    I am the love, held between their breaths
    Forever and ever love, that never fades...

    #pod #mistc #daadisbae #writersnetwork #eyes #sings

    '' Lines in quotes are from Sir Stephen King's Christine. #booksc

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    I want to grow old with you
    I want to die lying in your arms
    I want to grow old with you
    I want to be looking in your eyes
    I want to be there for you, sharing everything you do
    I want to grow old with you
    - westlife

  • lovethatneverfades 2d

    List poetry

    Things inside my old Handbag ��

    As I slide my hand inside my old handbag, I come across:-

    A handkerchief, a intricately woven 'k' at the corner,
    never did I wash, still emitting fragnance of our journey.
    A coin, beaming with original energy which I denied to toss in the wishing well as it is marked as my first ever reward, harboured for the first honesty, I exhibited as a child
    An old diary, slightly torn folded edges, filled with blenched words of my voice and redolent of our memories.
    An earing, whose other pair is now lost(I know it's with you)
    A movie ticket, all crumpled yet reads 'A-25,' the corner seat we chose on that summer night, Where we just talked endlessly, unaware of the begining or the end
    A pen, my magic wand, with which I was always eager to explore the world around us. engraving each page with our sweet bitter memories that my mind might soon forget
    A pencil, to draw images of my whimsical reality, of the things locked inside my sombre heart, redrafting it with a clearer image, blurred by my tears
    A couple of tissues, nestled safely inside a waterproof pouch sealing my hopes and aspirations from getting shattered once again
    At the bottom, I try to find my innocence, which I lost in the waning of my life
    Yet, I dig my hand deeper in pursuit to live once again



    No idea wether it makes any sense. Open to suggestions.

    #writersnetwork #mcop_cwc #pod #genuine_readers #daadigotyourback

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    ENTRY NO - 27

  • lovethatneverfades 5d

    Neither do I share a bond of blood
    Nor have seen you out of this magical hut
    Yet, have a relation so strong
    One can just imagine among

    Few days that just knitted us all
    Are the memories I would cherish until my fall
    The relation so raw, so pure
    For every birth, i would Encore!

    Happy Birthday to my brother
    A brother from another mother !!


    Love you loads bhai!

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    Except this fights
    I do not miss any of the sight
    Talking to you is a sheer delight
    I long to recite with every cite

  • lovethatneverfades 1w

    Thanks for the heart @writersnetwork

    Self Worth

    There was tinge of sadness in her voice as she went ahead talking about her story

    " Books and toys, friends of mine
    Parents and sibling, were my spine
    Degree and venture, my career upright
    Then why did he feel I am oblidged to him
    Like it's his birthright ? "

    Her question made me ponder out of curiosity
    She stumbled as she narrated her story

    Stepping into the corporate world
    Was a quest i started with
    Life was taking its shape
    Exactly how I had framed it
    Aced my schooling
    And topped my college
    A bright student in making
    With mind so promising
    Filled with Kindness and humility
    A girl, everyone believed in her integrity.
    Determination and hardwork
    I achieved all of it
    There i was ..
    Stepping into the corporate, my dream world
    The six digit salary
    And the formal attire
    Feeling proud and gay
    I worked with zeal and fire
    Matching the deadlines
    Marking milestones
    Achieved satisfaction.
    Boss turned happy
    With the praises
    That flowed in.
    Staying late nights
    Meeting my commitments
    life was taken for granted
    And things changed overnight
    Taking advantage of his position
    He demanded more than my might.
    My morals
    Money and fame
    Was all at a gunpoint on that night
    Complained and questioned
    But " learn to set your own boundaries"
    Was the only answer obtained
    Sell yourself or walk off the door
    Were the only two options left in this fight
    The peers, once my own colleagues
    Turned their back
    As if never cared, never spoke
    As if never knew my name.
    With a saturnine heart, and a casuous smile
    I resigned my dream job,
    A job all I had worked for
    I took my bag and slam the door
    Sadness and tears engulfed my mind
    But walked out with grace and sheer pride

    " Money, does not
    My worth
    Which I have earned all my life"

    With the tinge of sadness in her voice
    Pride and ambitious filled eyes
    Self-worth and dignity, maintained with pride
    And once again she dreamt of reaching the vast blue skies.

    #mirakee #pskyc #pod #writersnetwork #daadigotyourback
    #genuine_reader #sadness

    It's on corporate harassment which is easily shunned down because of the powerful individuals, their post and position. Rather than giving in to their desires
    To voice up is necessary

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    Your perverted eyes
    Cannot jeopardize
    my 'self-worth'


  • lovethatneverfades 1w

    You are the star, I see from here
    Above the lands of seas, away from this dawning year
    Nestled between the world that opens its magical doors
    Above the shrine, away from this noisy shores

    Drowning into the whirlpool of your enigmated space
    Sinking further, deeper into your celestial embrace
    Your magnetic force further pulls me in gravity of bliss
    Awaiting your strong arms to unfold, to save me from falling into abyss

    Piercing silence courses inside, brings forth the missing
    Awakens my soul, despise me sleeping
    The riverie of tears, starts trickling
    Soaking my pillow, my eyes percolating

    No, I am not weak. Don't you be sorry
    These tears are my earnest plea of hurry
    To paint my fate filled with your hues of colour
    To take this abandoned ship to its fated Harbor

    For, I know we will soon meet
    So reserve me a place in god's sweet retreat
    Together, we will build a solitude palace
    Painting each star with our whites and solace


    #writersbay #writersnetwork #pod #pskyc #daadigotyourback

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    To the star, I miss..!



  • lovethatneverfades 1w

    #pod #mondaymantras

    Thanks for the heart @writersnetwork❤️

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    Poetry to me is

    the very music of my heart
    reverberating swiftly
    through the consciousness of my soul


  • lovethatneverfades 1w


    A budding writer. He writes beautifully.
    Please do support him for his works

    #writersbay #findamirakeean

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  • lovethatneverfades 1w

    A poem begins as the passion overheated with turbulent tides of emotions whirling inside, recording and rewinding swatches captured in that nano seconds glimpse of time, inscribed in dim ink using adjectives and metaphors

  • lovethatneverfades 1w

    Isn't it ironical?

    Some people find happiness in being 'Rich'
    Whereas, some find their happiness in 'Blissful Death'


  • lovethatneverfades 1w


    A fanatic who weaves every imaginary thought into unequivocal metaphors