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  • loving_beyond 2w

    If your heart is not yearning for me;
    The way my heart yearns for you to come.
    Then how can you ever love me?

    I just realized how vague my one sided love was.

  • loving_beyond 4w

    We were chasing something completely different never letting the thoughts of aftermath come in between.... And now the consequences are far more severe and damaging!

  • loving_beyond 14w

    Tearing with a terrifying agnosia.
    And the other times,
    Creating an alluring utopia.

    In between this certain mystery,
    There exists a mirage of dreams.


  • loving_beyond 15w

    Help me?

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    I jumped into a riverine of thoughts;
    Drenching relinquished dark secrets,
    Lost myself in the midst of cryptic waves.
    My adrift emotions kept on swimming,
    Until I found myself drowning in that cascade of dismay.

  • loving_beyond 17w

    बहूत कुछ होते हुए भी कुछ ना होना,
    बहूत पास होकर भी दूर कहीं खोना।

    इसे प्यार कहे या साजिश?


  • loving_beyond 19w

    This unusual feeling fosters with the strings of attachment;
    And strangely,
    It feels like we are entangled to each other in this baffling puzzle of love.


  • loving_beyond 28w

    Can you promise me that this tonight will never end;
    That tonight is just a fair paraphrase of forever;
    That you will never ever forget me;
    That we are meant to be together?

    Can you?

  • loving_beyond 37w

    In the harshest of situation, I will exist.


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    Even though, my scars are raw,
    I do not fear to flaunt my flaws.
    For,I dare to rise and desire to exist;
    To bring an end to injustice,
    Demons like you are forced to exit.


  • loving_beyond 40w

    Embrace silence,
    Hide within them.
    Play with those unsung verses.
    For silence is the perfect song,
    You can sing along ;
    When words lose their meanings
    And love fails.


  • loving_beyond 41w

    I want to disappear;
    where our distant memories