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  • loving_beyond 3w


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    A labyrinth of reflection
    finding a way into past
    the crumbled artefacts
    remains the same.
    Museum it be
    of our caged memories.

  • loving_beyond 7w


    The string of friendship between you and me is as precious as you are.
    The things we know and the familiarity we share fits perfectly.
    And this is all because of Mirakee.
    I got you! My dearie ❤️

    I can't write.
    It's been months. I'm dealing with it rightly by not dealing with it. This was of no help and this is my problem (or say fault). But this person kept on pushing me to write and to not quit!
    I am thankful to Mirakee for gifting me this friend in my life.

    I'm happy that I've good people around myself.
    Till then keeping up my hopes.
    Trying my best!

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    The stars above and the lights below stands still;
    As in between this space,
    We face each other in the vastness of our realities.


  • loving_beyond 12w

    The obvious answer to that one question was known to us:

    We chose to revolve around other questions,
    Letting the truth to never be known.


  • loving_beyond 14w

    If your heart is not yearning for me;
    The way my heart yearns for you to come.
    Then how can you ever love me?

    I just realized how vague my one sided love was.

  • loving_beyond 16w

    We were chasing something completely different never letting the thoughts of aftermath come in between.... And now the consequences are far more severe and damaging!

  • loving_beyond 27w

    Tearing with a terrifying agnosia.
    And the other times,
    Creating an alluring utopia.

    In between this certain mystery,
    There exists a mirage of dreams.


  • loving_beyond 28w

    Help me?

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    I jumped into a riverine of thoughts;
    Drenching relinquished dark secrets,
    Lost myself in the midst of cryptic waves.
    My adrift emotions kept on swimming,
    Until I found myself drowning in that cascade of dismay.

  • loving_beyond 30w

    बहूत कुछ होते हुए भी कुछ ना होना,
    बहूत पास होकर भी दूर कहीं खोना।

    इसे प्यार कहे या साजिश?


  • loving_beyond 31w

    This unusual feeling fosters with the strings of attachment;
    And strangely,
    It feels like we are entangled to each other in this baffling puzzle of love.


  • loving_beyond 41w

    Can you promise me that this tonight will never end;
    That tonight is just a fair paraphrase of forever;
    That you will never ever forget me;
    That we are meant to be together?

    Can you?