��The aches in my soul drifts my mind towards poetry��

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  • lovinme_aditi 12w

    See how I rise from the ashes
    And ruin your well gained fame
    See how I lace your blood
    With toxicating venom
    And make you suffer
    Just the way I did
    See how I demolish your kingdom
    And make you wander
    Like a lonely kid
    See how I convert your radiating aura
    Into the ashes of darkness
    See how I justice the each and every tear
    Leaked from the debris of my heart
    How all your devious was plans
    Are thrown into a hole of failure
    #love #poem #heart #heartbreak #suffer
    #lonely #cees_rise_chall


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    Rise and Shine

    See how I rise from the ashes

  • lovinme_aditi 12w

    I wish there was a certain luminosity evident
    When your tranquil orbs meet mine
    I wish I was the euphonious Serenade
    You sing in the euphoric Twilight
    I wish I was the lovely zephyr
    Who gets to ruffle your lucious hair
    I wish hatred was not an emotion
    Your joyous heart holded for me
    I wish the ephemeral moments were lifelong
    Which consumed a part of my detritus heart
    I wish I was the aesthetically pleasing beauty
    Your refulgent eyes lounged to see
    I wish my eyes could decipher
    The emotion concealed in your orbs
    I wish I was the one you loved
    #heart #love #poem #oneside @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersjoy @jeuzy3

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    I wish I was the one


  • lovinme_aditi 14w

    People say that heart always gives the best advice but what if it is itself broken into a milion tiny pieces which cannot be fixed.

  • lovinme_aditi 15w

    One day they will eventually take off their fake facade and then you will realise your mistake

  • lovinme_aditi 15w

    Hell is seeing you in my dreams and chasing you in my memories. I think you casted magic spell on my heart which makes me think about you everyday. I know you think I am a girl in your crowded eyes who likes you but it is not. You didn't give me your heart with the most intoxicating curse ever which tries to rip my heart away and conceal it in the debris of my sadness.

    I remember the prison of your memories and now I am drowning in pain. I am overwhelmed by the feelings consumed in this maniac heart but at the same time you are so elusive.

    I am lost in the meadows of your love
    Drowning in the tears of pain
    Cursed by the loneliness around
    Which kills me deeper and deeper everyday

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    Everyone you love is not destined with you forever

  • lovinme_aditi 18w

    Some people are only destined
    To be in your heart, not in your life

  • lovinme_aditi 19w

    Echoes of an unborn girl❤️

    My eyes shut in forever darkness
    Even before the gleams of light
    Could touch my skin
    My lungs suffocated ruthlessly
    Even before I could smell
    The outside world
    My limbs lost the desire to walk
    To the life which was ahead of me
    The echos of my voice fainted
    Even before the world
    could hear my laughter

    These people accused me of crimes
    I never committed
    Ma, is being a girl such a blameworthy mistake?
    These atrocious people disowned me
    Even before I could sense my mistake
    Because these people desired a flame
    Instead I become the mother's blame

    Ma, I want to become
    The reason of your laughter
    I want to illuminate the world
    With my presence
    But all the want is to
    Bury me in a coffin if dead
    Ma, is being a girl such an unforgivable mistake.?

    Even in the womb
    I heared you screaming on top of your lungs
    To save your angel from being dead
    But all they did was to threaten you.
    Ma, is the world so terrifying outside?

    I kicked you hard and you sensed my pain
    You drew comforting circles on your stomach
    As if you were stroking my head
    "Angel, the world is so terrifying outside.
    I am sorry, your life is so short inside"
    My heartbeat went shriller
    The echos of my voice fainted
    Ma, is being a girl such an inexpiable mistake.

    @writersnetwork @udit94 @queenofrealms
    #girl #girlchild #women #sad #mirakee #poem #poetry

    A poem after a long time❤️��

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    Echoes of an unborn girl


  • lovinme_aditi 21w

    Just look at the stars and
    she how they shine.
    Even if there are clouds, they shine when the clouds passes.
    After a storm subsides they shine. They always shine even if there are difficulties which are preventing them to shine.
    Just remember you are also one of that beautiful star you will also shine one day even more beautifully.

  • lovinme_aditi 21w

    I had an sudden urge to spill my anger somewhere while reading about Vedic Ages so I thought poem will be the best way.
    Sorry if I offended someone ����
    If this poem offends u all then I will delete it.


    Since this world came into existence
    Humans have not left a way to torture other
    Call it dharma or call it karma
    They relate people's value
    On the basis of their cast
    Or which religion they follow
    The divine brotherhood which everyone preaches
    Is not visible in the mentality of the people
    The priest predominant the life of the people
    Making them ignorant of the actual scriptures
    Like we had in the later vedic age

    In the cast hierarchy some people are considered unholy
    But what's their crime?
    It's because they belong to backward classes
    Aren't they just another human made by God
    Discriminating them will be discriminating Almighty.

    In India many girls are not given privileges.
    In later Vedic Age they were abandoned
    These atrocious people regarded son as
    The light to their clan
    And they consider girl as the mother's blame
    Now also many places like Haryana
    Practices female foeticide and infanticide
    Just because they think girls are inferior

    Humans also cause injustice to one another
    Many people become victims of wars
    And many innocents are confined to death.
    Is anything written in the holy scriptures
    About causing harm and injustice?

    We are the one who has made these rules
    And we do all kind of thing in the name of God
    God never told us to discriminate people
    God never told us girls are inferior
    God never told us to be racist
    God never told us to do injustice
    But then why we all do these things.??
    From where do these practices crept in the society??
    Anyone has an answer for this?

    Once again sorry if offended.
    But it's the truth of the Indian society. People say India is changing but there are some evil practice prevalent in distant parts of the country due to the lack of knowledge. We can only be advance country if we kill all the evils of the society.

    Thank you for reading��

    @writersnetwork @anshita_sitesh @queenofrealms @mirakee @udit94

    #society #wars #poem #poetry #discrimination #india #sadpoem #sad #truth

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    Glimpse of the India Society


  • lovinme_aditi 21w


    If I get a chance to rule the world.
    I would plant divine brotherhood
    Along the shores of the mighty oceans.

    I will establish an ideal place
    Where no discrimination and bigotry
    Will rule people's actions.

    I will plant an ideal place
    Where there will be no prejudice
    Where no white will rule black

    I will plant a kingdom of equality
    A kingdom where there will be
    Neither racism nor selfishness

    A country where people
    Will live peacefully without fear of war
    There will no human injustice
    No innocent confined to death.

    I will create a kingdom
    Where no girls will be discriminated
    A place where they will be
    Treated with love and respect

    If I get a chance to rule the world
    I will be the leader no one has ever seen
    A leader who can make decisions
    For the welfare of the people.
    A leader who can be the saviour of poor
    A leader on whom people will rely upon.
    @writersnetwork @carolyns_challenges @mirakee @queenofrealms
    @udit94 @anshita_sitesh

    #earth #poem #cees_rulers #poem #poetry #rule

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