Who am I? All of these poems are thoughts that go through my head

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  • lucielollypops 2w


    You are a flaw,
    You stab me senseless with your sharp claw.
    When you are used, all I feel is anger.
    Each time I am kind,
    Nothing good comes from it and anger is all I can find.
    I am done messing with you.
    I am throwing you away,
    And I wish away is where you will stay.
    People just take advantage of me,
    Kindness is a useless part of me.
    I am shutting it off.
    I’m done with you.
    All you have caused is betrayal and pain.
    I am done with feeling this.
    I am done with being kind.

  • lucielollypops 3w

    My bby

    His love is so tender and patient,
    He accepts me for all that I have to offer.
    He makes me laugh when I am sad,
    He calms me down when I am mad.
    I wouldn’t change a thing,
    His touch is so gentle,
    As if I were being touched my a dove,
    He is my everlasting love.
    He maybe far away in distance,
    But that doesn’t matter because he is always in my heart.
    He is my one true love

  • lucielollypops 5w

    I know everything has been hard.
    I know it seems as if it will never end,
    You want happiness and joy but no one has any to send.
    You feel helpless, depressed, and sad,
    But just remember it is still good to be glad.
    The light will show through this never ending darkness,
    You may feel like you are drowning, but you just need to suffer long enough,
    Then you will learn to swim.
    Take my advice, it does get better even if it doesn’t feel like it.

  • lucielollypops 5w

    This is just a little thing I have been thinking about

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    The Witch

    Please stop your wicked deed!
    It is spreading just like an infectious weed,
    Even though you may think what your doing is for the best,
    It is just a thorn in our sides, like a big pest.
    We all used to be one,
    But now we are split up and now the one has become none.
    Each time we all lost some trust,
    And that right there is a must.
    Your spell has ruined the people of the village.
    At this point there is nothing that can fix the damage that has been done,
    And no one found it any fun.
    We all left without a trace,
    We all left without a smile on our face.
    This deed you put on yourself.
    It cannot be reversed.
    Nothing will change the past,
    But it sunk in like a stitch, it sunk in very fast.
    All I can say is, the damage is done, there is no going back,
    What has been done is done.
    There is no stopping the wicked deed.

  • lucielollypops 6w


  • lucielollypops 8w

    Lost Soul Looking For Love

    I am floating alone in space,
    I am a lonely soul looking for love.
    Love has been hard to find, it is like a transparent dove.
    Will love ever find me?
    When will the right person truly see?
    Only the right person will want me for who I am,
    Only the right person will stay by my side.
    Will that person ever come?

  • lucielollypops 8w

    My friends mean so much to me,
    All of my friends are like family, as far as I can see.
    I feel so honored to be a part of their lives,
    I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
    I will always be by their side,
    Through all of the ups and downs,
    I know at times we can get on each others nerves,
    But in the end It doesn’t matter because we still have each other.
    I just wanted to say that all of my friends mean so much to me.
    Being able to see them everyday at school makes me happy!
    They are all unique, and I love them for who they are!

  • lucielollypops 8w

    A Letter to My Bestfriend

    You were the first person that I met when I came to SLS,
    After we met, we were inseparable, always talking, laughing, and joking around!
    We became instant best friends,
    As high school started we stuck by each other’s side.
    You are my best friend,
    I love you,
    Thank you so much for being my friend,

  • lucielollypops 8w

    My tiktok- lucielollypops

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    Let’s me express my feelings through the songs I love,
    When I make content, I feel as free as a dove.
    As I do each popular dance, I feel confident in myself, I have so much fun,
    But when it is done,
    I laugh at myself.
    Every influencer on there is a big inspiration to me!
    I strive to make my content look the best it can.
    Tiktok is a platform where I can be loose and fully me,
    Without the worry of all the judging eyes that see.

  • lucielollypops 9w

    Someone tell me:

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    Where do I Fit in?