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  • luciferbrave 2d

    That's y he saparated us��

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    My god feel jealous of
    Seeing the caringness of you
    on me

  • luciferbrave 3w


    I hold onto the pain
    because it is all
    I have left of you

  • luciferbrave 3w

    Day dreamer..

    How strange to dream
    of you even when
    I am wide awake.

  • luciferbrave 4w


    I love you past the moon
    and miss you beyond
    the stars.

  • luciferbrave 6w


    Be the stars in my dark shades
    And Sun in my day time,
    But plss always stay with mee....

  • luciferbrave 17w

    My Galaxy

    " Stars Fallen from your Smile,make my sky beautiful!
    Keep shinning as my Moon and I will be your Sun"

    - lucifer brave(Edited by kohhinoor)

  • luciferbrave 18w


    while i am in the way of admiring your beauty,
    it reminds me the beauty of
    picasso's art

  • luciferbrave 18w

    Absent Presence

    My soul will be vanished if you're presence is not under my vision

  • luciferbrave 24w

    Art by Lucifer..

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    You changed

    before texting me
    'you changed'
    cheak out youself
    that i am admired you

  • luciferbrave 25w

    Sleeping soul

    The presence of you in my life,
    Wake ups my sleeping soul